15 Games Like Dinkum

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James Bendon made Dinkum, a paid adventure, building, and crafting video game. This game requires the player to create a house on an island.

In this game, the player has to find their way through hot deserts, scrubland, and tropical eucalyptus. The player has to mine, fish, and hunt for valuable resources.

The player must also add street lamps, fences, windmills, flower beds, and fountains to his town to customize it. Additionally, the player can customize his character and make decorations and furniture.

The player must invite his friends who will help him build structures, go fishing, fight crocodiles, race emus, and shop while they are playing the game.

15. Hokko Life

Games Like Dinkum

Many people seem to compare Hokko Life to the independent version of Animal Crossing, which, while fitting at first, takes away from the beauty of this game that was only created by one person.

Even though Hokko Life follows the same trope of having your character meet a mysterious villager and be given the job of restoring the village to its former glory, what makes it great is how it simplifies many of the life sim elements.

Hokko Life encourages you to play at your own pace and whenever you see fit, regardless of the time of day or night, unlike Animal Crossing, which uses a real-time day/night cycle.

From harvesting to foraging to crafting to customizing your villager, everything in Hokko Life is about simplicity. The way community-created items are incorporated into the game is its most unique way to play, and this should keep the game popular for years to come.

14. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons 15 Games Like Dinkum

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a Nintendo-exclusive juggernaut that needs no introduction because it has become a staple for both gamers and non-gamers like.

For the uninitiated, New Horizons is an undeniably cozy and sort life simulation game with a wide range of activities from making friends to building up your island home to crafting new items to catching fish and bugs, and everything in between.

Real-time day/night cycles make New Horizons a game that should be played slowly, with each day bringing your island a little further along.

You are encouraged to create the paradise of your dreams in this game, where there is always something fun to do. Easily one of the best things about this game is how it uses rewards and seasonal events to keep you for a long time.

13. Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo 15 Games Like Dinkum

Make a world full of animals in Planet Zoo. For the most realistic gameplay, use the Zoo’s building and management tools. Build unique habitats and large landscapes, take care of your wild animals, and make important choices and decisions that will help you build the Zoo of your dreams.

Create a homelike environment for the animals in your zoo, take care of them, and learn about each species to help them thrive.

Every creative choice you make is connected to the zoo animals’ lives and the visitors’ experiences. Join a group on Steam Workshop and share your most creative habitats, landscapes, or even the whole Zoo. Find out about new content added by the Planet Zoo community every day.

12. Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster 15 Games Like Dinkum

A realistic 3D management and construction simulation game called Planet Coaster was made by Frontier Developments. As you create your dream park, experience joy, surprise, and trill.

You can customize rides, build scenery, and manage a living world one piece at a time in this amazing game. You can also design and build your own exciting coaster park.

You can change the shape of the ground beneath your feet, carve out caves, and even create islands in the sky. Make your favorite rides and experience the realistic response from the guests.

You have complete control over your park. The game is more realistic because each of your guests can think, feel, and look around the park and rides. You are famous in your park.

11. Prison Architect

Prison Architect 15 Games Like Dinkum

The ruthless prisoner can only be kept by the ruthless warden. To build and run a prison, Prison Architect is a top-down 2D game with both single-player and multiplayer modes.

To punish bad people, Prison Architect lets you plan and build your strong prison.

You can improve your compound by allocating resources, but you should never stop people from moving around; doing so will lead to fights, fires, or complete chaos.

Also, you should give applications for federal money to fight diseases, gang activities, lawsuits, and other things.

Professional and honest psychologists, doctors, armed guards, and informers should work in your prison to make sure it is safe.

In Escape Mode, you can try to escape your supermax prison for more fun, or you can use Sandbox Mode to build up your prison empire.

10. Sim City 2013

Sim City 2013 1 15 Games Like Dinkum

A 3D city-building simulation game called Sim City 2013 was made by Maxis Emeryville. Single-player and multiplayer modes are both available.

The game has clear visual effects that make issues like traffic, resources, pollution, and the economy stand out more. Commercial, residential, and industrial zones are included in zone type.

Regional networks like rail lines, highways, and waterways are used to connect cities. In charge of the money, resources, buildings, departments, institutes, and economy. Lets you enter advanced facilities, police stations, and health care centers.

9. Pocket City

Pocket City 1 15 Games Like Dinkum

Developer Codebrew Games made Pocket City, a free management and city-building game for mobile devices. As the Mayor of your ideal city, develop your strategy.

Block off residential, industrial, and commercial areas to start building your city from the ground up. Maintain a balance between your power and economic resources that help your city grow.

To make citizens happy and raise their standard of living, you also need to unlock many structures. These options are still only available after you’ve risen in rank by completing missions your citizens give you.

You have to play without making any in-app purchases, survive wild disasters, and level up to get rewards.

8. Theotown

Theotown 15 Games Like Dinkum

Developed by blueflower, Theotown is a free City Building Simulation game. In this game, you can create your own city, as well as roads and neighborhoods.

Attract people to live in your lovely city; once they do, you must give them access to water and electricity as well as other necessary services like a hospital, a fire station, a police station, and more.

Prior to starting the game, you can pick the map size and level of difficulty. Citizen demands a lot at higher levels of difficulty.

You can customize your city in TheoTown with a wide variety of features. Build anything you want in your city, including roads, town halls, high-rise apartments, fountains, factories, churches, police stations, health care facilities, and more.

7. Project Highrise

Project Highrise 15 Games Like Dinkum

As a paid 2D city building and management simulation game, Project Highrise was made by SomaSim. Create famous buildings in the world that are works of art and engineering by acting like an architect.

Plan your approach and pay close attention to how everything is put together, including every wall, apartment, wire, and office.

And since you own the building, you should make sure your tenants are happy and pay their rent on time. You are a smart developer, though, so you should put money into the future.

If you succeed, you’ll also get a prestigious title that makes everyone want to live and work with you.

If you fail, though, your reputation will be ruined, and people will leave your building to do business somewhere else.

6. Anno 1800

Anno1800 1 15 Games Like Dinkum

Here you are at the start of the industrial age, where you will make the world you want. Blue Byte made Anno 1800, a city-building and real-time strategy video game.

You are in charge of your own life and building your empire in the 1800s setting of the game. The 19th century was an age of industrialization, technological advancement, political intrigue, shifting allegiances, and unethical behavior.

In addition, Anno 1800 gives players a lot of chances to show off their skills as they build massive cities, populate a mysterious new continent, set up effective transportation systems, send expeditions all over the world, and defeat their rivals through war, trade, or diplomacy. You must select your winning strategy and board the Anno Union in Anno 1800, which introduces many new features for a new age.

5. Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital 1 15 Games Like Dinkum

There is a 2018 cartoony business simulation video game called Two Point Hospital. By creating the most functional and aesthetically pleasing medical facility in Two Point County, the game allows you to build your ideal hospital without creating a work of art.

Increase patient and financial flow by redesigning your hospital, arranging waiting areas, clearly delineating rooms, and extending the hospital.

To improve your hospital’s reputation, increase patient happiness, decrease boredom, and keep year-end awards going, have both functional and decorative items available.

4. Parkasaurus

Parkasaurus 1 15 Games Like Dinkum

In the dinosaur zoo Parkasaurus, you’ll manage each age, build the zoo, and use your strategy to care for all the dinosaurs.

Build well-designed exhibits, do research on unique technologies, and try to make this the ultimate dinosaur park bigger.

Use various materials, exhibits plants, and other things to create a park that suits each dinosaur habitat. Build a park with more than 80 buildable items and four different types of employees while using your resources wisely.

Care for and breed dinosaurs from an egg up to full size. Find over 24 dinosaurs, and many more will be added soon.

To become the ultimate dinosaur tycoon, you must complete missions that take you around the world. You can keep an eye on guests and manage staff.

3. Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars 1 15 Games Like Dinkum

Survival Mars is an open-world city-building simulation video game made by Haemimont Games. Choose a sponsoring nation, each with slightly different benefits and unique vehicles and buildings, and then use robotic rovers and drones to land on Mars.

The game takes place in red. Build a base on Mars for people that includes power and water systems, resource depots, domes, landing pads, and most importantly, oxygen.

With a limited amount of room for people and goods, the player must build a thriving colony on Mars. While unraveling the mystery of the Alien world, challenges will be faced. Practice your strategy to improve your chances of survival.

2. Cities Skylines

Cities Skylines 15 Games Like Dinkum

Cities Skylines is a single player, construction, and management simulation game with an open-ended play age. With the starting amount of money in the game, you will start with a plot of land and an interchange exit.

As Mayor, you can create and build your dream city and manage the economy and basic needs like education, health care, electricity, water, and more.

In addition, the citizens of your city respond to numerous game play scenarios with gravity and authenticity. The day and night cycle—construction or improvement of existing structures and maps—will allow you to experience the local and well-crafted traffic simulation and policies.

1. Urbek City Builder

Urbek City Builder 15 Games Like Dinkum

Originated by Estudios Kremlinois, Urbek City Builder is a paid simulation, building, and strategy video game. The player in this game must build a city and improve the population.

In addition to building a city, the player can make different neighborhoods, libraries, high-end shops, bars, parks, and more. Some of the things you can use to build these things are coal, skilled labor, food, and other resources.

Anytime during the game, the player can walk down any street to get a better feel for building a city.

Furthermore, the player is responsible for constructing all the buildings in a way that fits with the environment. To play the game alone, Urbek City Builder supports a single-player mode.

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