Honkai: Star Rail 2.1 Leak Reveals Helpful Quality-Of-Life Feature

A fresh Honkai: Star Rail leak reveals a useful feature that lets players switch between material synthesis and material rarity/tier.

Regarding features that make life better, it was said that Honkai: Star Rail version 2.1 would include a button that lets you claim all of your assignment rewards.

Players can use the button to claim rewards all at once and spend less time on tedious tasks, which is an important feature.

Players in Honkai: Star Rail must spend in-game credits on vending machines to unlock different characters. The game is a turn-based fantasy RPG with a gacha system.

The Stellar Warp is the game’s permanent banner, showing units and Light Cones (weapons). It’s like Senshin Impact’s Wanderlust Invocation.

Not only does Honkai: Star Rail have the Stellar Warp, but it also has event-only banners that give players a better chance to get characters and their signature Light Cones.

There was a recent leak that says Honkai: Star Rail version 2.1 will have a useful feature that lets players quickly switch between material rarity/tier and synthesis.

Players won’t have to move the cursor across half the screen thanks to this minor quality-of-life change, which is great for controller users in particular.

HoYoverse was praised by Star Rail players for adding a quality-of-life feature that makes the whole experience better. Some also said that this small tool would make the process of searching for and reviewing materials easier.

Honkai: Star Rail Still Needs Some Quality-Of-Life Features

Fans of Honkai: Star Rail have asked the developers to change the way the real-time combat viewer works.

They said that instead of showing a banner-wide image and other things that aren’t needed, the combat viewer should give more information about how characters are boosted or weakened.

It’s hard to say for sure if the developers will listen to their suggestions.

Honkai: Star Rail players will supposedly be able to use a selector in version 2.1 to get a four-star character as part of an event. One of the newest playable banners, Gallagher, will be in this event-only selector.

He is expected to make his debut in the first part of the update. In addition to Gallagher, the new tool will also have Misha, a normal Ice unit with AoE damage skills.

Players are very excited about leaks about Honkai: Star Rail version 2.1. One leak says that a Simulated Universe event will give players a free copy of Herta.

In the next update, there will be new story missions in both phases, as well as planar decorations and limited Light Cones.

Players should see the boss version of Aventurine in 2.1, though this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

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