Hades 2 Releases New Update

A significant early access patch for Hades 2 has been released by Supergiant Games. It fixes a lot of bugs and improves the game’s quality of life.

In order to enhance the game play experience and in response to feedback from the community, this Hades 2 update also includes numerous changes.

On May 6, early access to Hades 2 was released. The story continues with Melinoe, Zagreus’s sister, as the main character in this follow-up to the well-reviewed Hades.

Using dark magic, players will fight the Titan of Time and explore a deeper mythical world. Even though it’s still being worked on, the early access version has more content than the original game.

There are big updates and community-driven improvements coming all year long.

This Hades 2 Early Access Patch increases the likelihood of finding an extra Boon or major reward while in Erebus and allows players to encounter up to one additional Olympian each night.

During intense battles, the duration of invulnerability after Hades 2’s Death Defiance effects have been lengthened, providing a little more breathing room.

Oceanus and the Rift of Thessaly now have better Ash and Psyche rewards, and players can now press and hold Crescent Pick Outcroppings to harvest them over and over Again.

Toula will also stay closer to players during encounters, especially in the Fields of Mourning, and Nemesis won’t sell Death Defiance items that aren’t needed.

Furthermore, the update changes the Nocturnal Arms in Hades 2 and how they work. Although the Omega Special is faster, the Witch’s Staff’s Special now pushes foes away.

Omega Attack from the Argent Skull does more damage and faster. In order to enhance their usability and strategic impact in battle, all of these weapons and others have undergone modifications.

The Moon Beam (Selene) update is now providing a bigger bonus to Path of Stars upgrades, which has also been updated.

Several upgrades to the Daedalus Hammer have been replaced with new, improved versions. The changes to these upgrades are intended to give players more flexible and potent choices.

Numerous changes to Hades 2’s enemies and encounters are also included in the update. Some changes have been made to Chronos to make battles more fair.

Eris’ grenade attacks no longer bounce all over the place, and some of Infernal Cerberus’s attack patterns have been slightly changed.

To balance game play, other enemies like Polyphemus and Goldwrath had their attack patterns and effectiveness changed.

In order to address problems with different game mechanics, story events, and performance, numerous bug fixes have been made.

Supergiant Games has improved the game play experience for all Hades 2 players with this latest update.

Hades 2 Early Access Patch Notes

General Gameplay

  • You now can encounter up to one additional Olympian each night (as in the previous game)
  • You now are likely to find one more Boon or other major reward while in Erebus
  • Increased invulnerability duration after your Death Defiance effects activate
  • Improved rewards of Ash and Psyche can now be found in Oceanus and the Rift of Thessaly
  • You now can press-and-hold to harvest repeatedly from Crescent Pick Outcroppings
  • Toula should now stay closer to you in Encounters, especially in the Fields of Mourning
  • Nemesis no longer offers Death Defiance items if you do not need to refill the effect
  • Reduced Gold cost of Selene’s Boon when available in Charon’s Shop
  • Minor adjustments to the order in which Olympians may first appear early on
  • Normalized chances of finding Fishing Points in various regions

Nocturnal Arms & Abilities

  • Witch’s Staff: Special knocks foes away, but is slightly slower; Omega Special is faster
  • Sister Blades: Special staggers standard foes longer; Attack visual FX better match the hitbox
  • Umbral Flames: Attacks are stronger and faster; Omega Attack channels faster and uses less magick; Special gives a speed boost, but has reduced damage; Omega Special can be channeled while moving
  • Moonstone Axe: reworked Special provides a lingering barrier; Omega Attack channels slightly faster; Omega Special channels faster
  • Argent Skull: Omega Attack channels faster and hits a larger area

Aspects of the Nocturnal Arms

  • Witch’s Staff (Circe): adjusted activation and duration of Serenity effect; Serenity now adds Omega bonus damage that scales with this Aspect’s rank
  • Witch’s Staff (Momus): reworked; each of your Omega Moves automatically fires several times in succession from where you use them
  • Sister Blades (Artemis): you will Block again if the effect recharges while you are channeling; Block now takes priority over Dodge and similar effects
  • Umbral Flames (Eos): reworked; Omega Attack now fires a slow shot that occasionally creates damage blasts and also copies your Specials
  • Moonstone Axe (Melinoë): reworked; now adds Power and Max Life
  • Moonstone Axe (Thanatos): reworked; faster Attack adds Critical chance to Omega moves
  • Argent Skull (Persephone): you now earn Glory much faster, but only by using your Omega Cast; improved control responsiveness during Omega Special


  • Moon Beam (Selene): increased bonus to Path of Stars upgrades

Daedalus Hammer Upgrades

  • Marauder Wallop (Staff): cut from game; replaced with…
  • Rapid Thrasher (Staff): new! All your Attacks become faster
  • Double Wallop (Staff): cut from game; replaced with…
  • Wicked Thrasher (Staff): new! All your Attacks gain bonus Power
  • Double Cataclysm (Staff): cut from game; replaced with…
  • Mirrored Thrasher (Staff): new! All your Attacks hit twice, but you take more damage
  • Rapid Moonshot (Staff): also affects Omega Special
  • Dual Moonshot (Staff): also affects Omega Special; reduced range; renamed from Double Moonshot
  • Shimmering Moonshot (Staff): also affects Omega Special
  • Aetheric Moonburst (Staff): increased Magick restoration from Power Shots
  • Concentrated Flurry (Blades): cut from game; replaced with…
  • Melting Dart (Blades): new! Your Special destroys a large percentage of a foe’s Armor
  • Flick Knives (Blades): new! Your Dash-Strike also fires several Special knives in a fan pattern
  • Rapid Onslaught (Blades): reworked to also affect Omega Attack; renamed from Marauder Slice
  • Hook Knives (Blades): slightly reduced speed of knives returning to you
  • Furious Fire (Flames): cut from game; replaced with…
  • Mega Spark (Flames): new! All your Attacks travel farther and deal more damage
  • Inverted Spark (Flames): new! Dash to make shots from Attacks reverse direction and hit foes again
  • Leaden Spark (Flames): new! Your Attacks knock foes away and have bonus Power
  • Sustained Spark (Flames): also increases move speed, instead of reducing; formerly Sustained Fire
  • Melting Coil (Flames): no longer fires straight; also affects Omega Special; formerly Melting Comet
  • Origin Coil (Flames): also affects Omega Special
  • Rapid Slash (Axe): reworked to also affect Omega Attack; renamed from Marauder Slash
  • Giga Cleaver (Axe): removed two-stage channeling (it always double-fires but uses more Magick)
  • Dashing Heave (Axe): removed damage bonus; instead, it now hits twice
  • Sidelong Crash (Skull): cut from game; replaced with…
  • Mega Driver (Skull): new! Your Specials travel farther and you take less damage while using them
  • Colossus Driver (Skull): also affects Omega Special

Hexes of Selene

  • Wolf Howl: reduced Magick-spend requirement
  • Twilight Curse: greatly reduced Magick-spend requirement; reduced foes afflicted; reduced cast time
  • Night Bloom: reduced Magick-spend requirement, effect duration, bonus damage, and cast time
  • Lunar Ray: greatly reduced Magick-spend requirement; reduced damage; reduced cast time
  • Moon Water: slightly increased Magick-spend requirement; slightly reduced healing
  • Dark Side: slightly increased Magick-spend requirement

Foes & Encounters

  • Chronos: various fixes and adjustments; there should be fewer cases where he’s patently unfair
  • Infernal Cerberus: minor adjustments to some attack patterns in the first phase
  • Eris: grenade attacks no longer wildly bounce around
  • Polyphemus: reduced effectiveness of Mutant Sheep
  • Goldwrath: reduced accuracy and tracking of beam attack
  • Queen Lamia: slightly increased Armor; increased speed; other minor changes
  • Reed-Stalker: increased projectile speed and target distance; reduced rotation speed
  • Mourner: slightly increased rotation speed; slightly increased speed while attacking
  • Lamia: slightly increased life and Elite armor
  • Dire Shambler: reduced tracking speed between attacks
  • Hippo: self-destruct area should more closely match the visuals

Level Design & Environments

  • Driftwood resources are more common in the Rift of Thessaly (a further increase since last patch)
  • Burning Oil Slicks in the Rift of Thessaly will extinguish after Encounters, though may be reignited
  • Adjusted Oil Slicks in some locations in the Rift of Thessaly
  • Minor fixes to several locations

Fated List of Minor Prophecies

  • Clearing Original Sins no longer requires choosing the very rare Barren curse from Chaos

Chaos Trials

  • Trial of Heartache: reduced difficulty and adjusted based on Aspect changes
  • Trial of Haste: reduced difficulty and adjusted based on Aspect changes

Oath of the Unseen

  • Vow of Forsaking: no longer helps ensure you quickly get Duo and Legendary Boons
  • Added many new UI icons for Keepsakes, Weapons, Well of Charon offerings, and more
  • Insight Into Offerings (Cauldron) now also lets you check each Olympian’s list of offerings in the Book of Shadows while choosing their Boons (or the equivalent with other characters)
  • With the prior change, adjusted default key binding for Rarify; some custom bindings have been reset
  • Added a warning when you are down to your last use of Death Defiance
  • Opening the Book of Shadows should show entries for nearby characters more reliably
  • Removed the Unused Grasp notification when exiting the Altar of Ashes while at a high Grasp limit
  • Updated Pitch-Black Stone screen to use Aspect-specific icons
  • Adjusted input action bar layout at the bottom of the Boon Screen and similar
  • Added borders to icons for Selene Hexes on the Gifts of the Moon screen
  • Added informational pop-up when using F10 to report bugs
  • Other minor changes

Art & Visual FX

  • Reduced some full-screen flashing or strobing, such as from time-slow effects

Music & SFX

  • Added SFX for when certain active abilities such as Serenity are ready to use
  • Updated placeholder SFX for various Keepsakes
  • Updated SFX for projectile collisions with Umbral Flames (Moros)

Voice & Narrative

  • Unique voice lines should play more reliably when certain incantations are revealed in the Cauldron
  • Added voice lines when using Phase Shift (Selene) vs. Chronos (or trying to…)
  • More voice lines should play when confiding in Frinos in certain contexts


  • While brooding over the family portrait in the Crossroads, you may now snap out of it sooner
  • You now can fully control the game using keyboard only if you rebind Attack and Special
  • All timers now pause while in the presence of Charon
  • An Anvil of Fates will no longer be offered in Tartarus if you have not found a Daedalus Hammer
  • In the Hades Flashback, adjusted timing of hint for players who don’t realize they are in control
  • Reduced requirements for the incantation Power to Pause and Reflect to be revealed
  • Melinoë now respawns in the center of her magick circle near her tent (she was a bit off before…)
  • Improved compatibility with more types of controllers
  • Updated text for various upgrades and abilities

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Double Up (Poseidon) sometimes doubling Mystery Boons; clarified description
  • Fixed Nightmare resources dropping unexpectedly in Chaos Trials
  • Fixed Omega moves occasionally becoming unresponsive after being chomped on by Polyphemus
  • Fixed deadliest attack of Chronos occasionally hitting when Melinoë was in a supposedly safe point
  • Fixed Umbral Flames Attack preventing Magick regeneration before channeling Omega Attack
  • Fixed The Queen and Judgment (Arcana) appearing active while no others Arcana are active
  • Fixed Hearth Gain (Hestia) no longer restoring Magick if chosen as a Sacrifice Boon
  • Fixed certain later Oath Testaments for the Sister Blades sometimes not appearing as expected
  • Fixed cases where you could go out of bounds using the Argent Skull in the battle vs. Chronos
  • Fixed more cases of some visual effects vs. Chronos lingering between phases or after the fight
  • Fixed Toula unceremoniously vanishing after you vanquish Chronos
  • Fixed additional issues with Sun Worshiper (Apollo)
  • Fixed additional issues with Dark Side (Selene)
  • Fixed additional issues with Twilight Curse (Selene)
  • Fixed a visual issue where Headmistress Hecate could appear to slide after snared by your Cast
  • Fixed Spark of Ixion (Charon) causing a Chaos Gate to appear in Asphodel?
  • Fixed Golden Boughs sometimes not marking all available rewards in the Fields of Mourning
  • Fixed several narrative events that could play out of sequence
  • Fixed Odysseus rather rudely walking away while in conversation with Nemesis
  • Fixed Heracles sometimes leaping away forever
  • Fixed Melinoë’s voice reverting during her return sequence despite certain Circe enchantments
  • Fixed incorrect Echo portrait in the Book of Shadows
  • Fixed incorrect music playing in some Chaos Trials, or not playing as intended in some instances
  • Fixed rare cases of a looping sound playing indefinitely
  • Fixed a rare instance when objectives in the Training Grounds could overlap
  • Fixed several minor issues on the Victory Screen that shows when you prevail
  • Fixed additional miscellaneous issues when playing in ultrawide resolutions
  • Fixed a rare crash in which the effect of Winter Harvest (Demeter) could repeat forever
  • Fixed various other rare crashes
  • Fixed several text errors
  • Other minor fixes

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