Fortnite community desperate for old Battle Pass skins — even if “ludicrously overpriced”

Some players just want the old skins they missed the first time around, but Fortnite unleashes a brand-new Battle Pass for every season filled with new skins and cosmetics for players to grab.

The new and returning items that can be bought from the Item Shop and Battle Pass are being criticized by an increasing number of Fortnite players, which is a growing trend. It’s been the same in Chapter 5 Season 2.

Many people were disappointed with the slurp-god version of Poseidon and the general direction Epic has taken their skins instead of buying this season’s Myths and Mortals Battle Pass.

This has caused a flood of posts on social media and player forums asking for the ability for players to buy skins and cosmetics from seasons they missed.

As their anger has grown, they have become more desperate. It was said by a popular player that you should be able to buy old Battle Pass skins, even if they’re way too expensive.

“Being locked out of iconic characters like Spider-Man just because you didn’t or couldn’t play the game at the time is crazy” has been the main reason for wanting the old skins to come back. Players want a similar system found in other games like “Halo,” where the BP doesn’t go away and you can work on past BPs.

But OG players who have been playing for years or even since the start have come to take pride in the exclusivity of their skins, and many of them don’t want them to return.

The opposite view, “They should be brought back, and they can stay mad about it,” has frequently sparked debate. Not an exclusivity competition, but a video game. According to some members of the community, if Epic keeps releasing bad skins, the player base will become even more desperate.

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