Rumor: May 31 Is Going to Be a Big Day for Racing Games Fans

The release date for F1 24 has been leaked online. A reliable source says that the game is scheduled to hit PC and consoles on May 31, after a short early access period. The 2023 F1 game’s first anniversary of release is in two weeks.

F1 is one of the most reliable sports series available right now in terms of annually updated sports series.

The franchise really hit its stride after Codemasters took over in 2010, even though its early 2000s period includes multiple classics.

Since then, the series has been growing in strength, with F1 23 from last year being hailed as one of the best Formula One games ever created.

F1 24 Announcement Is Reportedly on the Horizon

According to Billbil-kun of Dealabs, its sequel is now scheduled to hit the market on May 31.

The French insider, who has a perfect track record with retail scoops, says that EA Sports will once again offer a Champions Edition of the upcoming game.

This edition will come with a three-day early access period, among other benefits.

That is, people who buy the premium version, which is expected to cost $89.99, will be able to play F1 24 as early as May 28.

According to Bullbil-kun, the game will be officially announced in the next few weeks.

He says that February 27 is a “high probability” date for the reveal.

F1 24 Rumored Release Dates

f1 23 trailer Rumor: May 31 Is Going to Be a Big Day for Racing Games Fans

If the game comes out in late May, it will be another step in Codemasters’ ongoing efforts to time the release of F1 games with the Formula One seasons.

The UK studio never quite managed to pull off a FIFA or EA Sports FC by releasing a new franchise game before the season it’s based on, but it’s been getting closer over the years; after a number of installments that were released at the tail end of their respective seasons, the company has been putting out F1 games no later than July since 2019.

And even though F1 23 came out last year with a lot of new series features, it still managed to hit the market by the middle of June.

[The official F1 24 announcement] should take place within 15 days, with a high probability for February 27, 2024.

It doesn’t look like it would be easy to make a sequel 11 months later, especially since EA fired some Codemasters developers in December.

Although it’s not clear exactly when production on F1 24 began, it likely began before its predecessor was released.

Not only is it not clear if the game will be a cross-generational EA Sports title, but it’s also not clear if it will only be available on PC and the latest consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

Even though it was incompatible with the PS VR2, the 2023 entry did offer a VR mode for PlayStation.

F1 24 Is Likely Coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

It doesn’t matter if F1 24 comes out on PS4 and Xbox One; EA will almost certainly also add it to Xbox Game Pass at some point, as they have done with the last few games in the series.

F1 23 didn’t come out on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass until January, half a year after its initial release, so that probably won’t happen on the first day.

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