15 Best Anime Goth Girl Characters

Today, We have created a list of anime goth girl characters for the goth fans. So if you love the dark side of the anime world then you are at the right place of the internet.

If you have a question like what exactly is goth ? well … the real definition will be very long and boring lets just say someone depressingly dark character for the sake of this article.

In anime world you may have seen some of the darkest and brooding characters, like Kirito from SAO or Yuki from Mirai Nikki but these are at the Cool side of the spectrum we don’t have them here we are just going to talk about some purple side of the goth girls.

So.. Lets have a look at 15 best Anime goth girl characters.

15. Hannah Annafellow From Black Butler

Hannah Annafellow  anime goth girl

Hannah is an anime goth girl introverted and withdrawn person; she often has her head tilted down as a way of avoiding eye contact with others.

Hannah appears to be terrified of her master, Alois Trancy, and is calm and reserved, except for the moments in which he is speaking to her. In these moments, she is brisk, nervous, and will even tremble with fear.

However, during her duel with Sebastian Michaelis, Hannah displays great confidence in herself and openly mocks Sebastian for taking the time to fix his clothes.

14. Misa Amane From Death Note

Misa Amane

Despite her typically cheerful personality, Misa has been mentally afflicted by seeing her parents murdered right before her eyes.

It is unclear how much the trauma has affected Misa psychologically, but in the films, Rem indicates that Misa went through a deep depression immediately after she discovered the murderer was acquitted of the crime.

After the murderer is later killed by Kira, Misa is and anime goth girl and incredibly grateful, and her intense appreciation and hero-worship initially fuels her actions as the Second Kira. After she becomes emotionally attached to Light, her behavior is strongly motivated by love.

13. Lust From Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

lust fullmetal alchemist

Notably more sadistic than her siblings and have a anime goth girl personality, Lust displayed distinct pleasure in torturing her opponents and making them suffer, such as during her fight with Roy Mustang and Jean Havoc in Research Laboratory 3.

Also separating her from her brethren, Lust did not display any personality traits based after her namesake. While Greed was greedy, and Gluttony was gluttonous, Lust herself was never shown as being particularly lascivious and instead serving as the object of other’s desires.

However, she did talk seductively to others and was well aware of her charm and used it to her advantage to set people against each other, trick them, or get information out of people.

12. Medusa Gorgon From Soul Eater

Medusa Gorgon

When acting as DWMA’s nurse, Medusa presents herself as a caring and supportive member of the staff, even to the point of comforting Maka Albarn when she displayed her insecurities as a Meister and showing “concern” for other students within the academy such as Soul Eater.

However, as Franken Stein pointed out, Medusa herself is “full of lies” and in actuality cares little for anyone but seemingly herself. Being a scientist, she also tends to views things like a researcher to the point of using actual individuals such as her own child, for experiments.

In addition, she can be viewed as irredeemable, willing to manipulate anyone for her goals and even abandon her own child after deeming them a “failure”.

11. Evangeline McDowell From UQ Holder

Evangeline McDowell

Evangeline speaks of a British accent and is the only Caucasian in the class. Evangeline’s birthday remains unknown. Although her body stopped aging at age 10, she is over 600 years old (born during The Hundred Years War) and thus has the habit of referring to herself as old.

A cold and devilish little anime goth girl, she is actually a hunted witch and vampire. She once had a six million dollar bounty on her head, with nicknames such as “Dark Evangel”, “Doll Master”, “Maga Nosferatu”, and others.

She rarely says much in class, and anything she says tends to lean towards being evil. 

10. Dalian From The Mystic Archives of Dantalian

dalian the mystic archives of dantalian

Dalian appears in both light novel/manga and anime adaptation as a young anime goth girl with long, black hair reaching her waist, and pale skin. She appears to be between 12 to 13 years old.

She has an unusual appearance; with the contrast between her hair and skin, and her style of dress, she is sometimes mistaken for a doll. As described in the light novel, Dalian wears an odd combination of dress and armor, which includes armored boots and tassets.

It usually surprises people who never seen her. Both versions sport a metallic ring around the neck and are often carrying or reading a book.

9. Kurumi Tokisaki From Date a Live

Kurumi Tokisaki (Date a Live)

Kurumi is a person whose character is difficult to read as anime goth girl. She possesses a dislike of humanity that borders on mistrust, which is something that she shares with most of the other Spirits in her debut.

She is a skilled actress as she is capable of putting on the facade of an innocent, curious young girl when she needs to. This skill of hers is shown when she registered as a student at Raizen High School and spoke in a polite manner.

However, under that mask lies a mad woman, prone to fits of insane laughter and possessing no regard for human life, viewing them as a food source to restore her own time, and thus, a disposable commodity.

8. Rory Mercury From Gate

Rory Mercury (Gate)

Rory is an anime goth girl and have a friendly personality as seen when she immediately became friends with Yōji Itami and started sitting on his lap. However, she shows no mercy to her enemies as seen when she slaughtered a gang of bandits without any remorse.

In battle, she is shown to have a violent, sadistic personality, however, she is not without a sense of justice, often targeting bandits and criminals, while generally friendly towards the common people.

After the two of them fight alongside each other at the Battle of Italica, Rory becomes friendly with Shino Kuribayashi, who shares a similar “warrior” mentality and high level of combat prowess with Rory.

7. Road Kamelot From D. Gray-man

Road Kamelot (D. Gray-man)

Road has an anime goth girls and have a colorful and erratic personality, ranging from playful and sweet to sadistic and secretive.

She does, however, always behave in a mock-childish manner, despite the fact that she is more than thirty-five years old.

She can be extremely affectionate, cherishing her family, particularly those of the Noah Family, above all else.

She has a childlike need to be entertained at all times, usually by the Millennium Earl or Lero and occasionally by Tyki Mikk as well. She maintains a deep fondness for Allen Walker, kissing him and comforting him.

6. Yomi Takanashi / Dead Master From Black★Rock Shooter

Yomi Takanashi / Dead Master (Black★Rock Shooter)

Yomi is a gentle, good-natured anime goth girls who speaks politely and calmly; she is very mature for her age. She is supposedly a member of a well-to-do family, staying for some time in Germany before moving to Mato’s neighborhood.

She also revealed that her frequent moving from one place to another has caused her to develop a sort of distant attitude towards others.

However, she is prone to having very dark feelings of loneliness and jealousy; she tends to keep these to herself. Yomi has ‘another self’ which is known as the Dead Master.

5. Shalltear Bloodfallen From Overlord

Shalltear Bloodfallen

Shalltear has an anime goth girls and very flirtatious personality and is open with her sexual preferences, often to her peers’ discomfort, including her master Ainz. So far, she has displayed a preference for necrophilia, sadomasochism, and bi-sexuality.

For that reason, Shalltear tends to make sexual advances towards undead like Yuri Alpha, who tries to avoid her as best as she can. However, she dislikes rotting corpses. Despite her apparent shamelessness and honesty, she can be quite innocent about certain things.

Shalltear also happens to be quite sensitive about her petite figure, which she attempts to cover up by using breast pads. Furthermore, she tends to easily misinterpret the old sayings of the 41 Supreme Beings and takes them out of context.

4. Celestia Ludenberg From Danganronpa

Celestia Ludenberg

As an experienced gambler and an anime goth girls, Celestia appears collected, cold, and cunning by nature. She possesses the ability to manipulate others to do her bidding and can lie with a straight face, this is shown when she is able to manipulate Hifumi to make her royal milk tea and further be her accomplice during Chapter 3.

She is shown to be fairly intelligent, referencing several aspects of game theory such as Prisoner’s Dilemma or Zero Sum Game, and her manipulative and coercion skills are shown in Chapter 3, being able to deceive the majority of the students, including Byakuya up until the class trial.

Her intelligence is also shown in previous cases in which she, alongside Kyoko, Byakuya, and Makoto are the ones to bring up crucial points and is also capable of keeping up with Byakuya and Kyoko’s train of thought during the trials as well.

3. Mato Kuroi From Black★Rock Shooter

Mato Kuroi

She is an innocent and naive first year anime goth girls student in middle school. Outwardly, she is outgoing and excitable, but she is very awkward around people she does not know. Internally, she is a sensitive and meek person, but eventually learns to gain courage.

She is fond of philosophical musings, and often will mutter about the world around her to no one in particular. Saya describes her as the kind of person who has, until now, never hated anyone or had anyone hate her.

2. Rinko Ogasawara From Shirobako

Rinko Ogasawara

When Rinko was offered to do character design for a video game adaptation, she received harsh criticism and her designs were rejected several times.

Tired and hurt, she realized that she could not keep saying “yes” to everything that was asked to her and decided to start wearing anime goth girls Lolita clothes, like the character she was trying to design at that time, in order to protect herself and become stronger:

1. Re-L Mayer From Ergo Proxy

Re-L Mayer (Ergo Proxy)

Re-l appears as a detached, cold, insensitive and almost apathetic anime goth girls as every Romdeau citizen has been trained since childhood to a rigid emotional control system to maintain impassivity.

But in fact the meeting with the proxy has marked her more than she would like to show, so much so that the only occasions where you see her in tears are in the memory of that event.

Little sociable and extremely haughty, Re-l behaves with others feigning disinterest and superiority, fact perhaps derived from her social position as the granddaughter of the Regent; although she does not like to be called “excellence”.

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