About Sims 4 Painting Mod

Is your Sim feeling uninspired by the standard painting options in The Sims 4 and eagerly anticipating a more exciting alternative like The Sims 4 Painting mod?

Luckily, this guide will cover everything you need to know about the most effective ways to enhance this skill!

Keep reading below to discover the wonderful world of painting with the assistance of a small mod created by a fellow enthusiast who believed in adding more culture to the game!

Painting Mod: Default Easel Painting

Painting Mod 3 About Sims 4 Painting Mod

It’s not unexpected that the typical easel paintings are rather dull. While they are not dull, we have encountered them repeatedly.

That’s why a tool like The Sims 4 painting mod would really enhance the overall experience.

Now there are many options available for you to explore and have fun creating stunning art within the game.

The mod is precisely as it sounds based on the title. Enhance the default paintings with a wide range of new choices and art styles.

Now you can break free from the old defaults and explore a world of exciting custom content and painting mods for The Sims 4, all available for free!

Feel free to enhance the gameplay with just a few clicks of your mouse, no need to stick to the original.

What Does the Painting Mod Give?

Painting Mod 1 About Sims 4 Painting Mod

If you’re intrigued by this mod, here’s what you can expect post-installation:

In short, the complete collection of replacement files for painting categories such as Classic, Abstract, Emotional, Impressionist, Pop Art, Surrealism.

It even features new Realism paintings and a Focus category for the Emotional paintings.

After downloading this mod, the new paintings/files will replace the paintings your Sims typically create on the easel.

With this, you’ll constantly have fresh and stunning pieces to display on your walls and feel a sense of accomplishment in the game.

Teach Your Sims How To Paint

Painting Mod 2 About Sims 4 Painting Mod

Certainly, merely having the Sims 4 painting mod won’t suffice if your Sim lacks the required skill!

You have the option to allow them to learn at their own pace or speed things up with the assistance of cheats.

For instance, you can utilize stats.set_skill_level Major_Painting 10 to boost your Painting skill to the maximum level. Isn’t that just incredible?

Remember to activate the cheats before making changes to your Sims. To achieve that, simply press SHIFT + CTRL + C on your PC keyboard.

After completing this straightforward step, the command console box will appear. At that point, you will have to enter “testingcheats true” in the dialogue bar and press enter.

By following these steps, you can activate cheats and transform your Sims into skilled painters!

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