10,000 Among Us players are using an outdated version from 2.5 years ago, and the devs are begging them to update

According to developer Innersloth, who is just as confused as I am, 10,000 people are playing an outdated version of Among Us from 2021.

This game first came out on mobile devices in June 2018, but it wouldn’t become popular until a few years later. According to developer Innersloth, who posted the very confused tweet just below, 10,000 people on Xbox are still stuck at that level of peak popularity.

Among Us got a pretty big update in November 2021, now that I think about it. The engine update gave the multiplayer game specialized roles, allowing players to play as engineers and scientists as well as regular crewmates.

Scientists could check crewmates’ vital signs at any time during a round to see if anyone had been killed. Engineers could travel through vents just like the imposters.

This update also allowed player to take on the appearance of killed players, which threw a wrench in the best-laid plans. Ghosts of crewmates could also turn into guardian angels and keep living players from being killed by the imposter for a short time.

That is a massive update for Among Us, and 10,000 people are still excited about it. This means that Xbox users are missing out on important features like the Hide and Seek game mode, which came out in November 2022 and lets players try to avoid the imposter for a set amount of time while undertaking tasks to make the game mode timer go down faster.

I’m genuinely surprised at how Xbox players have managed to avoid updating Among Us for well over two years. Like the PlayStation version, Xbox doesn’t always download updates for games automatically. Sometimes you have to go to your library and check for updates by hand for them to start downloading.

Perhaps this is why the 10,000 Among Us player base hasn’t updated the game since November 2021. What the players did probably wasn’t on purpose; they may not have known that there are different versions of Among Us. Perhaps Innersloth’s tweet will inspire some people to start updating their game.

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