Zegapain: STA – New Sequel Revealed

The official website for the Zegapain mecha anime franchise, which is produced by Sunrise/Bandai Namco Filmworks, revealed on Friday that a new film called Zegapain STA will premiere in Japan this summer as the next episode in the franchise.

Sunrise shared the movie’s staff, actors, and trailer.

The character’s romanization is still up in the air, but Kengo Kawanishi has joined the cast as Hal Velt. The characters Kyo Sogoru, Ryoko Kaminagi, Shizuno Misaki, and Lu Sheng, played by Shintarō Asanuma, Kana Hanazawa, Ayako Kawasumi, and Romi Park, respectively, are back from the previous anime.

Masami Shimoda is back at Sunrise as the director after previously working on the Zegapain anime.

Katsuhiko Takayama, who has written for Aldnoah, is writing the script for the movie.

Zero, Ga-Rei: Zero, and Looking Up At The Half-Moon. Not only does Marie Tagashira return to her role as character designer for the new footage in the ADP compilation video, but Akihiko Yamashita and Tatsuya Suzuki also make an appearance as character designers.

Hideki Fukushima, Takahiro Yamada, Noriyuki Jinguji, and Rei Nakahara are all back from the last animation, this time as mechanical designers. Ayako Ōtsuka is back as well, this time to write the score.

More about Zegapain

Zegapain STA Zegapain: STA - New Sequel Revealed

The recent film will center on the “Olta Moda Arc,” which was given that name in honor of a “new force” within the Zegapain realm.

Kyo, the only swimmer on his high school squad, is the protagonist of the original 2006 TV anime series. In order to ensure the team’s survival, he enlists Misaki’s help in making a promotional film.

The aliens Gards-orm have created Deutera Areas on Earth, and she is willing to let Ryo operate a mecha for the rebel group Celebrum if he agrees.

From 2007 to 2008, Bandai Entertainment released the series in North America on six separate DVDs; in 2009, they released the series again as a Complete Collection. A 2013 license was granted to the anime by Sentai Filmworks.

Opening in Japan in October 2016 was Zegapain ADP, which stands for “Zegapain Adaptation,” a film that combines elements from the Zegapain TV anime with brand new scenes and characters.

The film was made to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the anime.

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