15 The Misfit of Demon King Academy Quotes

The all-powerful Devil has reincarnated! Just 2000 years later and as a school student…

Anos Voldigoad, now, has to rebuild everything from scratch gain new allies, make everyone believe
that he is the Devil and establish his kingdom again.

While doing so, the characters say a number of profound things that we need someone to tell us
while we’re dealing with our daily lives.

15 The Misfit of Demon King Academy Quotes

Let’s explore best of The Misfit of Demon King Academy Quotes…

15. Whether it is providence, fate, or miracle, before my eyes, it simply prostrates and vanishes.

– Anos Voldigoad.

Sasha wavers as to whether she will lose her beloved sister to something as small as fate.

Anos reassures her by telling her that he doesn’t think it’s something that will decide her life for her.

Whether it is providence, fate, or miracle, before my eyes, it simply prostrates and vanishes.

These not only are the words of salvation for her, but also her motto to live by thereafter.

14. I’ll keep you company at the bottom of hell.

– Anos Voldigoad

Don’t set your standards low. Get yourself an Anos Voldigoad. Just the words that Anos say show how loyal of a king he is.

Anos’s values of trust, belief, and loyalty are second to none. That’s what makes him a great king and the greatest Demon Lord.

13. If you have time to be dead, answer me.

– Anos Voldigoad

One of the coldest moments, that reminds us that underneath that seemingly harmless and sweet exterior lies the actual demon king.

Death doesn’t mean anything much to Anos as he can resurrect people or spirits with the drop of blood.

Anos is definitely ruthless to anyone who tried to lay a hand on him or his followers.

12. If anything happens to the fledgling before it leaves the nest, the onus would fall on the parent bird.

– Anos Voldigoad

Menou Historia is a welcome contrast from the discriminating Emilia Ludowell. She genuinely cares about her students and has pride in being from Demon High.

When all of the demons become powerless in the holy water, she immediately rushes to their aid.

But if anything happens to the fledgling before it leaves the nest. 1024x1024 1 15 The Misfit of Demon King Academy Quotes

Listening to Anos utter these words about her, we can be sure that she assumes an important role in any student’s school life.

11. You can’t win even a winnable contest if you jump at such cheap taunts.

– Anos Voldigoad

Anos is the demon king after all. He is definitely an able combatant but he also knows what a leader should be like.

Falling for cheap tricks from the enemy just shows how inexperienced or insufficient one is.

Anos knows better than to take up such futile and disgraceful words and shove them back into his enemy’s faces when the time is right.

10. What is the Demon King? Power? Degree? Authority? A position? No! The demon king is the figure itself.

– Anos Voldigoad

Everyone at some point of time has had an identity crisis… Not Anos though.

He knows exactly what makes the demon king “The Demon King”. He is the demon king and that’s all there is to it.

Anos can be the king, be the person in power but also knows that in the end, he IS the demon king
and there’s nothing more to it.

He knows that what makes the demon king is him being himself.

9. If you can stop time, do you think you can stop me?

– Anos Voldigoad

Stopping time and stopping Anos are two very VERY different things. Ivis Necron and the God of
Time, Eugo La Raviaz found this out the hard way.

On his way to the past, to make sure that sister Misha and Sasha stayed together rather than just
until Sasha’s fifteenth birthday, Anos encounters the two.

They try to stop him but in a futile effort to stop him, Eugo La Raviaz stops time. The rest is history…unless Anos decides to revisit it… Or change it.

8. Did you really think that killing me would be enough to make me die?

– Anos Voldigoad

Another superb example of when Anos was underestimated. He wasn’t the strongest demon who ruled them all for nothing.

Being a king comes with its own set of problems including repeated assassination attempts, from both inside and outside.

Did you really think that killing me would be enough to make me die?

Anos, splendidly, is able to throw a curveball at all of his assassinations with his ‘Root Magic’ which lets him resurrect himself at will. Welp.

Seems like you’re gonna have to do better than just killing Anos to kill him.

7. If I didn’t like it I’d change it. All I have to do is destroy it.

– Anos Voldigoad

Anos even though has a genius intellect, he functions with grace and simplicity. His prowess and mastery in magic allows him to do things as he sees fit.

At the end of all of it, he is a demon and isn’t scared to resort to his original way of doing things. Whatever it may be history, fate, destiny, it means nothing to Anos if it hurts someone he cares about.

If he doesn’t like it, he will destroy it. This says a lot about how Anos sees the world around him and gives us an insight into his perspective.

6. Did you really think crushing my heart would be enough to kill me?

– Anos Voldigoad

Okay. Since we had established that Anos won’t die if you simply kill him, but what if you destroyed the very thing that lets him ressurect?

Did you really think crushing my heart would be enough to kill me?

His blood which comes from his heart? Apparently, that would be a spectacular failure too.

Now, we know. I guess we just have to keep thinking until we can find a way to destroy this Demon King.

5. You really thought I wouldn’t resurrect just because my source got destroyed?

– Anos Voldigoad

So, how about instead of going after any bodily organs, we chose to destroy his source instead? Nope. Root magic stands in the way.

Root magic affects your root in other words your origin.

You really thought I wouldn’t resurrect just because my source got destroyed?

So, he can just recreate his origin or root or source or whatever you call it. He really likes to rub it in, doesn’t he? Insolent little Anos Voldigoad.

4. There’s someone I must save right in front of me! I can’t wait for “someday” anymore!

– Misa Ilioroagu

Misa is such a sweet character. She is a happy go-lucky girl who looks at everything with a positive attitude and is bad at giving up.

She forcibly tried to heal Lay’s mother who suffered from the spirit illness using half of her spiritual heritage.

She will do everything in her power to help those she loves and can help. Her words along with her determined eyes were just the proof we needed.

3. At the bottom of this endless hell, I had no choice but to keep battling until I was dead.

– Lay Glanzudlii

Lay or Hero Kanon reincarnated, very rarely shares his distress with anyone else. However in the middle of a battle, he can be pretty honest. Lay really gives an insight on the burden that is placed on the hero.

One person; one saviour who is supposed to lead everyone else to victory otherwise he is a failure.

He had no choice but to either lay his life on the battlefield or continue fighting until he was killed. He really had it rough and all for the sake of humanity.

2. I am Nobody, but I probably am better than you.

– Lay Glanzudlii

Lay has his fair share of good comebacks when it comes down to it. He has been looked down upon and ridiculed but he had the guts to show what it takes to win on the battlefield.

Although he knows better than to entertain childish remarks and unnecessary taunts, everyone loses their temper once in a while, even the savior of the entirety of humanity.

1. No matter how many times I lose, all I have to do is win once, in the end.

— Hero Kanon

Kanon knows exactly what it boils down to. He knows that he doesn’t have to win every time. He just has to win once, in the end.

Once he has managed to kill the demon lord, there will be no more fighting. Once the king, the strongest demon has fallen, there will no more war. And that’s all Hero Kanon wants to do.

Just kill him once, win once and he’s done. That thought is quite difficult to do as it is. As far as this list is concerned, I give the victory to you, Hero Kanon.

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