The Sims 4 Move Objects Cheat Guide

When it comes down to building the world of the game The Sims 4, players are often very imaginative and unique in their creations. 

However, we often have to work with a few particulars. If you find yourself having trouble placing an object in just the right spot you must use Move Objects Cheat.

This trick allows you to relocate any object anywhere you like or to blend several furniture pieces furniture as well as stack different things on top of each other. 

In essence, it includes everything you require to design the perfect house for you

How to activate the Move Objects On Cheat in the Sims 4

For the Move Object Cheat to work it is necessary to press the three magic keys at the same time that is CTRL + SHIFT + C.

When the command console is displayed on the right side of your screen, enter bb. Move objects on, then press Enter after which press ESC for closing the cheat box. 

You can now move furniture around freely and off-grid! This cheat is a toggle, and when you’d like to disable it later you’ll need to type bb. Move objects off in the console.

You may also have to enable the cheat Move Objects On for downloading homes from the Gallery that are created by other Sims players. 

The majority of Sims players use this cheat frequently, and not mentioning it prior to placing the entire collection could cause problems or completely take away furniture. 

If you upload any images using the cheater, be sure you notify other players about it by putting it in the descriptions.

What can you do with the Move Objects On Cheat?

To fully benefit from this cheat trick, we suggest combing it with the Alt key. This will allow you to bypass grid lines and move the item around freely without it being pinned to grid lines. 

It is also possible to turn items around to any 360 degrees, by hitting the ALT key while turning. 

The possibilities for this combination are endless, and we’ve included a few of them right here!

  • You can clutter multiple items on a two-tile desk table, and not have to worry about the limitation of two.
  • Have wall decorations that overlap and make it appear like something completely different.
  • Create a unique way to stack windows in an innovative way to create a completely new style.
  • Sprinkle fountain sprinkles and decorations in the pools.
  • Mix and mix and match various plants. You can mix them up and create the perfect garden!
  • Make your own furniture by combining different pieces.

We recommend making use of Move Objects On to place decorations or furniture your Sims cannot interact with as furniture can become unusable after being placed with Move Objects On. 

For instance, you could put a stove in the pool however your Sims won’t be in a position to make use of it.

It is also possible to be able to see the texture change on furniture when you use this trick. This is usually the case when two objects are placed on top of each other or overlapped.

Unfortunately, it’s not an option to avoid. Sometimes, changing the angle, or even shifting them apart can fix the issue.

Enlarge & Shrink Objects

With the Move Objects cheat enabled you can alter the size of objects as many times as you like! With the help of [ to make an item appear smaller.

Alternatively, by pressing [ you can increase its size. Be cautious, however, that some appliances may cease to function after changing their dimensions.

Raise & Lower Objects

Furniture can be made to float in mid-air, or set on shelves it won’t normally be able to fit on! You can use the 9 key to lift things up, and 0 to bring the furniture back. 

This can cause the furniture to become inaccessible, and should only be utilized with decorative items and such.

Final Words

The Move Objects On cheater is a requirement for anyone who wishes to add their own personal touch to every build or create a cozy ambiance and bring a warm feel to any house. 

By cleverly combining off-grid movement, resizing, and raising or lower furniture, the options in where you can put objects are endless!

If you’re looking for elegant objects, then look through the Grand Mods collection and our CC collection to locate hundreds of amazing objects! 

Best of luck!

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