Sims 4 Magic Mods

We adore Sims 4 for its wide array of magic mods that add a touch of mystery, excitement, and enchantment to our gameplay!

Realm of Magic gameplay has become significantly more enjoyable with the inclusion of magic mods such as modular portals, functional wands, occult hybrids, witchcraft careers, and improved familiars.

We are constantly eager for more content, even after enjoying the magical features introduced in The Sims 4 Realm of Magic, Vampires, and Island Living packs.

Let’s be honest, we can never have too much magic. We are always on the lookout for magic in every corner; it’s just in our nature!

When we found out about the wide range of fantastic magic mods available for free download to enhance our magical realm experience.

We were thrilled! Playing the Sims 4 with magical beings is a delightful experience for us.

Not just for its stylish appearance, but also for the way it offers a brief respite from everyday life. Which, everyone could use from time to time.

We are thrilled to share some of our top magic mods with you. Hang tight on your enchanted carpet as we whisk you away to a whole new world!

Here are Some of The Best Sims 4 Magic Mods

10. Birthday Cake Celebration Spell

magic mod 10 Sims 4 Magic Mods

Just like us, you might occasionally forget your sim’s birthdays…This implies that you need to quickly bake a birthday cake or hire a costly caterer to do so…Perhaps consider skipping the entire celebration and avoiding any potential long-term impact on your Sim.

Baking a birthday cake can be quite challenging in the game.

Fortunately, we won’t have to stress about baking cakes or arranging caterers anymore.

This Celebration Spell by Kuttoe allows us to easily create cakes on the ground or countertops!

Indeed, this spell enables our sims to magically create cakes out of thin air, and we absolutely love it! With this mod, our sims will be able to save money, time, and have more fun in the game!

We all have sims who despise baking, don’t we? Well, now they don’t have to anymore!

This spell is part of the Practical School of Magic and can be learned through the standard methods.

Spellcasters must have a rank of 2 in order to learn it.

Finally, make sure to have the “Spellbooj Injector” mod by R3M & SIMSONIAN LIBRARY installed in order for this mod to function properly.

9. Magical School for Teens and Children

magic mod 9 Sims 4 Magic Mods

It’s time to start playing Henry Puffer! Experience the enchanting Magical School mod by ILKAVELLE, where your teen and children sims can immerse themselves in the world of wizardry!

Welcome to Bonehilda’s Magic School, a place filled with potions, spells, and mysteries waiting to be discovered!

If you want your sims to attend, opt for the “magic school student” career.

If you already have the specific software installed, the magical school will automatically replace the typical high school.

8. Greatest Spell Caster Perks Free– SIMS 4 MAGIC MODS

magic mod 12 Sims 4 Magic Mods

Are you tired of having to enter numerous cheat codes individually just to slowly unlock spellcaster perks?

If you’re looking for a mod that offers additional benefits for spellcasters, then this Spellcaster Free Perks mod is perfect for you!

This amazing mod, developed by DANNNYWANGJO, allows spellcasters to acquire all 24 types of spellcaster perks without any cost! Indeed, you read correctly…Complimentary!

This implies that you receive all the fantastic spellcaster benefits without having to lift a finger. Well, you need to make a purchase…However, since they are free, we view it as not taking any action.

Just a heads up, this mod won’t increase your spellcaster’s rank. You will need to handle that yourself.

Frankly, we are not concerned about that.

All we desire are the wonderful benefits that come with being a spell caster, and this mod provides them all!

7. Occult Hybrid Unlocker

magic mod occ Sims 4 Magic Mods

Ever thought about creating occult hybrids in your sims game? Referring to multiple occults simultaneously. Yes, we have as well!

We were thrilled when we found this mod by TWELFTHDOCTOR1!

Sure, let’s examine these fascinating occult hybrids! This mod enables specific hybrids to be created through regular methods.

Occult Hybrids

  • Aliens to be Spellcasters
  • Vampires to be Spellcasters
  • Spellcasters to be Vampires
  • Mermaids to be Spellcasters
  • Servos to be Spellcasters
  • Aliens to be Mermaids
  • Vampires to be Mermaids
  • Spellcasters to be Mermaids
  • Servos to be Vampires
  • Aliens to be Vampires
  • Mermaids to be Vampires

6.  Maxis Match Tarot Reading

magic mod 6 Sims 4 Magic Mods

Attention all tarot readers! Experience the intriguing new mod by DEATHPOKE1QA CREATIONS that allows you to practice tarot reading in the Sims 4!

This enchanting mod includes a floating deck that can be placed on any tarot table.

Implemented an override for the playing card texture and special tuning that alters the text upon clicking.

This pack offers a wide range of stylish decorative items and tarot tables that are compatible with the base game.

You don’t require the Sims 4 Realm of Magic game pack to utilize it. This awesome mod features 5 decorative items and 7 different versions of the tarot table.

We can’t speak for you, but we are thrilled to incorporate this awesome mod into our game!

5. Spellcaster Child Can Use Magic

magic mod 5 Sims 4 Magic Mods

Upon the release of Sims 4 Realm of Magic, the opportunity to have our teen and adult sims practice magic was introduced.

It’s disappointing that we are not able to experience the entire Henry Puffer storyline…Fortunately, FERDIANASIMS has acknowledged this issue and created a mod to address it! Sure thing!

With this magic mod, the little ones in our sims’ families can also learn and practice magic! We are excited to begin gameplay to further develop our Henry Puffer storyline!

Rest assured that your child sims will not pass away from using magic. FERDIANASIMS has taken steps to prevent that from happening because it would be tragic!

Another pleasant addition to this mod is that young spellcasters can join a club with other child spellcasters! That is absolutely adorable!

They can work on their spells together!


magic mod 4 Sims 4 Magic Mods

We all adored the wands that were included in Realm of Magic. However, at a certain juncture… We simply got tired of the limited variety.

We were thrilled to find this wand mod by PEANUTBUTTERJELLY. Each of our spellcasters has a unique personality, and with this wand modification, we can highlight that by providing them with a wand that matches their individuality!

This mod pack includes 2 types of wands, TS3, and TS4 for you to enjoy. It serves its purpose. To find them in The Sims 4 search box, simply type “PBJelly”.

Alternatively, you can locate them in the “activities” and “miscellaneous” sections. If the wands are not visible, ensure that you have enabled “bb.showhiddenobjects”.

Just like many of the fantastic mods we discuss, you’ll need to have the Sims 4 Realm of Magic installed. You’re all set to go!

3. Realm Of Magic Familiar Orb Computer– TEKNIKAH

magic mod 3 Sims 4 Magic Mods

If you enjoy off-the-grid gameplay and want to immerse yourself in the true cottage witch experience… You’re going to absolutely adore this mod by TEKNIKAH. Introducing the Realm of Magic Familiar Orb Computer, allowing your sims to utilize their magical crystal orbs as computers!

This is ideal if you prefer not to showcase a computer in your magical home or wizard school! Moreover, using another object as a computer is fantastic. We can change things up a bit this way!

We are excited about the concept of our spellcasters utilizing their crystal orbs as computers. It not only has a stylish appearance but also offers more flexibility in aligning with the Realm of Magic aesthetic.

2. Witchcraft Career

magic mod 2 Sims 4 Magic Mods

Engaging with spellcasters in the Sims 4 Realm of Magic is fantastic and all… Imagine how amazing it would be if our sims could practice witchcraft! Picture this… pursuing witchcraft as a profession.

It would be truly remarkable, beyond what words can express. We were thrilled when we found this amazing mod!

This awesome mod was developed by MIDNITETECH and includes 5 levels, along with 2 branches that have 3 levels each.

1. Modular Portal Mod- SWEETTACOPLUMBOB

magic mod 1 Sims 4 Magic Mods

Attention all Realm of Magic enthusiasts! Experience a whole new level of gameplay with this magical-core portal that will transport you to another galaxy!

This modular portal was created by SWEETTACOPLUMBOB and is a mesh edit of the Realm of Magic portal.

For this versatile wonder to work, you’ll need to activate the cheats “bb.moveobjects,” “testingcheats true,” and “bb.showhiddenobjects” before placing it.

This magic mod includes 3 sets of portals: 1 entrance, 1 exit, and 1 leading to the magic realm.

Once the pack is installed, you can locate the portals in the miscellaneous section of the entertainment category.

Once the portals are set up, you’ll be able to view their functionality in real-time within a few seconds.

Well, what’s holding you back? Transform your sims into portal travelers today!

Final Words

In conclusion, the internet is brimming with fantastic Sims 4 magic mods that can enhance and elevate your Realm of Magic experience.

The 13 mods we just listed were only a small sample of our top picks!

If you decide to download any of these mods, feel free to share your thoughts with us!

If you’re aware of any other exciting and enchanting mod packs, feel free to share them in the comments!

Thanks for dropping in and enjoy simming!

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