Nanare Hananare Anime Begins in July

The Anici booth at AnimeJapan shared the exciting news on Saturday, revealing that the highly anticipated original television anime Nanare Hananare, produced by P.A. Works and, is set to premiere in July.

Nanare Hananare anime features a delightful cast:

Nanare Hananare pv screenshot anime Nanare Hananare Anime Begins in July
  • Rika Nakagawa portrays the character Kanta Misora.
  • Yuki Nakashima portrays the character Suzuha Obunai, while Rarisa Tago Takeda takes on the role of Anna Aveiro.
  • Manaka Iwami portrays the character of Nodoka Ōtani, while Moe Kahara brings Shion Tanizaki to life.
  • Miku Itō portrays the character Megumi Kaionji.

The anime tells the heartwarming story of six high school girls who come from different backgrounds and have unique talents, personalities, and hobbies. It beautifully portrays how they find support and friendship in their lives.

The Nanare Hananare teaser image above features the main character set against the vibrant cityscape of Gunma Prefecture.

Koudai Kakimoto, known for his work on Katana Maidens: Toji no Miko and BanG Dream!, is directing the anime at P.A. Works. He is also responsible for the series scripts.

Tomomi Takada, a seasoned P.A. Works key animator and inbetweener, created the initial character design concepts. Kanami Sekiguchi and Nana Miura are responsible for designing and directing the animation of these characters.

Kakimoto, Yuniko Ayana, and Midori Gotou are collaborating on the scripts. P.A. Works and are recognized as the producers.

Source: AnimeJapan 2024

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