Sims 4: Ways to Easily Raise Foundation

Discovering how to increase your foundation height in Sims 4 can greatly enhance all of your builds.

Adjusting and raise foundation heights can truly make a house stand out.

Consider incorporating a higher foundation level into your builds as it can be quite effective.

Fortunately, the developers of Sims 4 have made it quite simple for us to raise our foundations.

There are two methods available for accomplishing this task, both of which are easy to grasp and require minimal effort. Feel free to select the one you prefer.

Now, let’s dive into how to elevate a foundation in Sims 4!

Methods To Raise Funds in Sims 4

raise foundation 1 Sims 4: Ways to Easily Raise Foundation

Here’s a guide on how to elevate your foundation in Sims 4!

1. Utilize the clear container.

When selecting a room in the house in build mode, a transparent box will appear.

This box represents both the walls of your room and the foundations. By clicking and dragging the slider within the transparent box with arrows pointing up and down, you can elevate your foundations.

After completing this in one room, the entire house will automatically adjust to the new foundation height.

There is no need to visit each room and repeat the entire process. Simply establish your desired foundation height in one room, and your house is complete.

2. Refer to the “Foundations” section.

Another method to elevate your foundation in Sims 4 is by utilizing the “Foundations” category during construction.

When you’re in the build mode, simply select the “Foundations” category located in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Next, you will have to choose from the available designs such as bricks or stone. Adjust the slider to the left to choose the foundation height that suits you best.

This method is user-friendly and enjoyable to use. You can also observe the design of your foundation around your house, which is outstanding.

raise foundation 2 Sims 4: Ways to Easily Raise Foundation

Eliminate Foundation From Sims 4

If you decide to change the height of your foundation, it’s important to understand how to remove it.

Luckily, this is also quite straightforward. Actually, the process is nearly identical.

Lowering your foundation in Sims 4 is a simple process. Just locate the slider (the box with two arrows pointing up and down) and move it downwards.

It’s similar to raising foundations, but this time you’ll be going downwards instead of upwards.

Both methods I mentioned can be used to accomplish this task. They are functioning perfectly.

Just a heads up: you can’t fully delete your foundation in Sims 4. The floor level will remain constant no matter what actions you take.

Final Words

There you have it! Building and deleting foundations in Sims 4 is a breeze.

After locating the slider in both methods, simply drag them up and down.

You have the flexibility to adjust the level of your foundations to suit your preferences.

Each house you construct can have unique foundations.

Enjoy your time Simming!

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