Sims 4: Media Production Skill Guide

With The Sims 4: Get Famous, you can pursue a career as an influencer by mastering the media production skill.

Here is everything you need to know.

There are numerous methods to become well-known with the Sims 4 Get Famous expansion pack, but one of the simplest ways to achieve fame from the convenience of your Sim’s home is by using the Media Production Skill.

With the Media Production skill, your sims can mix music, create viral videos, and edit media all from the comfort of their home.

The Media Production Skill is versatile because Sims can increase skill levels by vlogging from the phone or drone, mixing music, and editing videos.

Getting Started In Media Production

media production started Sims 4: Media Production Skill Guide

You have several tools available to practice the Media Production Skill: The Drone, The Video Station, and the Music Mixing Station.

Each of these stations offers opportunities for your Sim to hone their Media Production skills through interactions.

Your Sims have a wide range of activities to choose from, such as researching trends, filming fashion advice blogs, recording product reviews, starting a vlog, livestreaming, and creating mixtapes.

Stay informed about your Sim’s follower count with vlogs and livestreams on the notification wall.

As your Sim shares additional content, they will gradually gain more viewers and recognition. Increased recognition leads to greater popularity.

Levels In Media Production

The Media Production skill is considered a minor skill, therefore it will not have ten levels like traditional skills.

There are just five levels to progress through in this skill, so your Sim might master it faster than a typical skill.

Adding Media Production to your Sim’s skill set can boost their fame and income, making it a valuable skill to acquire for those aiming to accumulate wealth or gain fame.

LevelNew Actions
1Mix music tracks.
Record Drone Footage
Produce videos.
2Additional music mixes added.
Add video transitions.
3Additional tracks are available at Music Station.
4Additional tracks available at Music Station.
5Skill mastered

Guide To Using A Drone

media production drone Sims 4: Media Production Skill Guide

This Streaming Drone is not only cute but also practical. This small bot can accompany your Sim, document their daily activities, and broadcast live video feeds to your Sims’ online fans.

Following each session, your Sim will receive a report on the number of followers they have gained or lost, along with their current total follower count.

The Drone can also be used to record non-live footage like neighborhood shots, and your Sim can order the Drone to capture footage of other Sims not in the household, which some may find a bit unsettling, but it’s all for the views, right?

After your Sim finishes recording, they can choose the drone and upload the footage to the Video Station for editing.

To achieve fame and revenue from recorded Drone videos, you must use the Drone along with the Video Station.

Alternatively, the only method to achieve fame using the Drone by itself is through livestreaming.

Guide To Using A Mix Master Music Station

media production music Sims 4: Media Production Skill Guide

Your Sim has the ability to create, burn, and generate music mixes using the Mix Master Music Station. As a player, you can choose which sounds are included in the mix by selecting options in the Sim’s activity radial.

Once you or your Sim is satisfied with how your track sounds, you can send it off for production, which will earn you Fame points and, eventually, royalties.

Feel free to listen to the track you made whenever you like by picking the music station and selecting ‘play track’.

This menu will display all the tracks you have created along with the names and descriptions you provided when you made them. Rest assured that you can easily access and enjoy the mixtape you created without any concerns.

As you progress in your Media Production Skill, you will unlock more mix types and track genres. As you progress, you’ll unlock new opportunities to develop your Sim’s musical talents.

Guide To Using The More Views Video Station

media production more Sims 4: Media Production Skill Guide

More Views Video Station offers a wide range of interactions compared to the other Media Production tools.

Firstly, you will require the Video Station to process any of your Drone footage that is not a live stream. Feel free to upload your drone footage to the video station and begin editing it for production and release.

Another option is to utilize your phone and the camera connected to the video station to capture content and then share it online.

You can personalize The Video Station to suit your preferences. You have the option to purchase station upgrades for approximately 500 Simoleons to enhance your video production quality.

Your Sims have the option to utilize the Video Station for enhancing their videos with transitions and effects prior to sharing them.

Your Sims’ emotions impact the type of work created on the Video Station, giving you the option to record blogs inspired by different moods like energized or cheerful.

This provides your Sims with additional ways to showcase their personalities, captivate their viewers, and increase their viewership.

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