15 Best Sims 4 Maternity Clothes CC & Mods

After (not) much WooHooing, eventually, it’s time to rejoice.

This pregnancy is on your Sim!

Conceiving a child and bringing it to term are both significant challenges for any couple.

Pregnant women have a lot on their plate between dealing with nausea, hunger, and the constant need to go to the bathroom, so there isn’t much left over for getting dolled up.

Unless, of course, you happen to be a Sim, of course.

In order to make your pregnant Sim look more vibrant (and less like a tortured soul), dress them in the trendiest maternity outfits that CC creators have to offer.

15. Maternity Set

15 maternity set cc sims4 15 Best Sims 4 Maternity Clothes CC & Mods

Anticipating the arrival of a precious new baby can fill one with joy.

Except for the times when you have to dash to the bathroom every 15 minutes to puke up.

If you spend so much time in the restroom, you really shouldn’t wear that beautiful new Zara blouse.

You can feel completely at peace about sacrificing these garments to a little bit of vomiting because they are made of a special material.

14. Maternity Basic Tops & Pants

14 maternity basic tops sims 4 cc 15 Best Sims 4 Maternity Clothes CC & Mods

In order to have healthy infants, mothers must be able to withstand some of the most unpleasant sensations imaginable.

In what ways can this be possible?

This pregnancy CC features a stretchy fabric and the combined emotions of worried mothers around.

These sets go together well, so your Sim may rest easy during the last trimester.

13. Dress Maternity Sleeveless Maxi

13 dress maternity sleeveless maxi cc sims4 15 Best Sims 4 Maternity Clothes CC & Mods

Your Sims can attend social gatherings while expecting.

However, once the kid is born, their days will be full of mommy chores, so they may not have that kind of independence for a long time.

Show off your baby bump in style by donning a sleeveless, silk dress designed by CC member Nastas’ya.

12. Tessa Dress

12 tessa dress sims 4 cc 15 Best Sims 4 Maternity Clothes CC & Mods

Is it true that a baby’s body might be squished to death by clothing that is too small?

You respond, “Are you a dumbass?”

Squeezing a newborn into tight clothing will not harm the infant.

Baby could be hurt more by having a low IQ than by any other factor.

Since that is the case, this Tessa Dress will fit your expecting Sim without a hitch!

11. Pregnancy Swimsuit

11 pregnancy swimsuit ts4 cc 15 Best Sims 4 Maternity Clothes CC & Mods

Even if you have a baby bump the size of a beach ball, you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable in a skimpy swimsuit.

Your Sim will seem murderous with this CC, thus the unborn child can be an accomplice.

Get this maternity swimsuit CC in time for a relaxing day by the pool and you’ll be ready to flaunt your pregnancy with confidence.

10. Ilona Dress

10 ilona dress cc sims4 15 Best Sims 4 Maternity Clothes CC & Mods

Numerous myths about pregnancy have been shown to be just that: myths.

Questions like “Can pregnant women eat hot dogs?” are some of my favourites to ask.

Can I safely have a cup of coffee?

Are there any dangers to the infant if mom goes for a run?

These were all shown to be untrue, but one myth was found to have some truth to it: the pregnant glow.

That hormonal radiance commonly associated with pregnant women is real.

That’s why it shouldn’t be hidden under layers of bulky knitwear but rather brought to the forefront.

This luxurious Ilona Dress by belal1997 can help bring out the goddess in your Sim.

9. Marilia

09 marilia sims 4 cc 15 Best Sims 4 Maternity Clothes CC & Mods

Did you know that carrying a child can improve your health and your appearance?

Your boobs will grow temporarily, your skin will clear up, your hair will shine, and your nails will get stronger.

Give birth in style by having your Sims wear this Marilia dress.

8. Tied Up Dress

08 tied up dress cc sims4 15 Best Sims 4 Maternity Clothes CC & Mods

When a pregnant woman is having morning sickness, groyne pains, leg cramps, and other symptoms that make it difficult to get out of bed, it can be stressful to consider what to dress the next day.

So, from someone who has never had children, here is some advice for your pregnant Sim:

Invest in a versatile outfit that may be worn both inside and outside the house.

With its 36 colour options, this garment is perfect for your Sim during her pregnancy.

7. Long Side Cut Sweater

07 long side cut sweater ts4 cc 15 Best Sims 4 Maternity Clothes CC & Mods

When it comes to cosiness, sweaters can’t be topped.

However, this CC Long Side Cut Sweater is on a whole other level.

This sweater is longer than your average H&M sweater, and it has cuts on the sides to accommodate your Sim’s growing belly.

This CC by elliesimple will keep you toasty during those long nights of pregnancy.

6. Strawberry Boho Skirt

06 strawberry boho skirt sims 4 cc 15 Best Sims 4 Maternity Clothes CC & Mods

Want a pregnant dress that will make you feel like you’re back at Coachella, reliving the glory days of The Weeknd dancing?

This Strawberry Boho Skirt is here to introduce you to dashed hopes and unending responsibilities.

You may relax in this long skirt that comes with 23 various fabric samples to match your growing bump.

5. Jamie Overalls V1

05 jamie overalls v1 cc sims4 15 Best Sims 4 Maternity Clothes CC & Mods

Back in the 90s, everyone wore overalls.

And it’s easy to see why.

They have all the qualities of wonderful maternity attire, including being comfortable, fashionable, unfussy, and simple to pair with whatever else you might need to wear.

These Jamie Overalls from WildlyMiniatureSandwich provide you all that and more with multiple colours and patterns to select from.

Good ol’ blue denim is always a safe bet, but if you want to get crazy, try out some other washes and washes of colour.

Either way, you’re sure to cruise your way through parenting with this CC.

4. Love Spell Dress

04 love spell dress sims 4 cc 15 Best Sims 4 Maternity Clothes CC & Mods

I’ll be the first to confess that browsing through rack after rack of pregnant apparel at a department store on your credit card may be a tiring ordeal.

Thank goodness I already put in the hard work to get this Love Spell Dress available to you!

You can now keep your Sim looking fashionable even while taking care of a possibly malicious Sim baby by dressing them in this layered style, which comes in both solid and patterned variations.

3. Julienne CC Set

03 julienne cc sims4 1 15 Best Sims 4 Maternity Clothes CC & Mods

When the baby starts kicking and you can’t get comfortable, a warm embrace may sound like heaven.

These Sim husbands are controlled by players (usually in their twenties and thirties) who are looking for escapism, thus unfortunately Sim lovers (and husbands) aren’t the most romantic lot.

At the very least, you could dress your pregnant Sim in this lovely Julienne CC outfit, which will make them feel as secure as they did back when they were a singleton.

2. Pure Jumpsuit

02 pure jumpsuit sims 4 cc 15 Best Sims 4 Maternity Clothes CC & Mods

An overactive bladder is not the best companion for a jumpsuit.

Time is of the essence, but this sacrifice must be made.

If you have a jumpsuit, you don’t need to worry about matching your top and bottoms.

In addition, your Sim would benefit from donning a lovely clothing rather than the usual pyjamas and maternity smock.


1. Splash Oversized Cardigan

01 splash oversized cardigan ts4 cc 15 Best Sims 4 Maternity Clothes CC & Mods

The most convenient maternity garments are those that can be worn before, during, and after a woman gives birth.

That’s why I’ve had my eye on this Splash Oversized Cardigan CC from Trillyke.

For your Sim’s entire pregnancy, from finding out she’s expecting until the end of her third trimester, this cardigan will suffice.

Add some flair to your game with 30 unique designs included in this CC pack (and I mean every mood).

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