Sims 4: Daycare CC, Mods, & Lots

Daycare CC, much like schools, are cherished and valued institutions in our society.

They offer a crucial service: childcare.

Working parents heavily rely on these individuals to maintain a sense of order and ease in their lives.

However, there is another perspective to consider.

Working at a daycare is a highly sought-after position for individuals who have a genuine affection for children. What could be more fulfilling than offering the care and guidance that young children crave when their parents are not around?

It’s such a rewarding position, knowing that you’re shaping the future by nurturing young minds.

Things are much more relaxed in The Sims. Let’s be honest, we’ve all sometimes overlooked our toddler’s needs without much concern, as it may not affect them as much as it would older children.

That’s the joy of this series, taking shortcuts without any repercussions!

Nevertheless, it can be quite enjoyable to tackle the challenge of caring for multiple toddlers.

These adorable creatures, despite their neediness and tendency to be noisy, still require a great deal of attention and care. It requires a considerable amount of effort (and a few modifications) to make it happen on a larger scale.

With the excellent daycare content showcased here, you can now experience your simulated child-rearing dreams with greater ease and realism than ever before.

Here are Some of The Best Sims 4 Daycare CC, Mods, & Lots

10. TS3 Dayacare Van Conversion

Daycare CC vv Sims 4: Daycare CC, Mods, & Lots

This series has previously featured an official Daycare career, and it was quite eventful.

It’s amazing how fortunate we are to have the multitasking and smoother animations in Sims 4. I understand that there are many players who have never experienced any other game, and I just wanted to highlight how lucky we are.

Running a daycare with The Sims 4 could be quite challenging at times, but it had its own unique charm.

The career itself was reminiscent of the mod above, where you had the delightful task of looking after the little ones in town for a few hours a day, all from the comfort of your own home.

But it was challenging.

Picture the challenge of feeding a toddler in a high chair in The Sims 4, where every interaction feels just as demanding.

Yes, I did inform you. Chilling.

I suppose that’s why, despite my efforts in that profession, I never managed to reach the point of acquiring the Daycare Van.

It seems like that was a bonus you got for reaching the top level of the career.

It’s quite adorable, to be honest. And now in The Sims 4, you can easily use this as a decoration outside of your Sim’s home or daycare, without the need to go through the hassle of earning it.

The van is a classic vehicle. The art of children, sunny scenery, and clouds create a warm and inviting atmosphere for a childcare facility.

9. Freezer Bunny Daycare Stuff

9 2 Sims 4: Daycare CC, Mods, & Lots

This new pack is perfect for enhancing the aesthetic of your daycare. It includes a wide range of decor items that will truly transform the look and feel of your space. Childcare facility.

The Freezer Bunny is a delightful little creature that has made appearances in various Sims games over the years.

That makes it ideal for serving as the face of a Sims daycare!

Creator Simsdoughnut has included a wide range of items in this pack to help you create a space that is adorable, inviting, and perfect for children. There are various Freezer Bunny wall stickers, cute little shelves, furniture in different colors, play rugs, and more.

The clutter here is filled with Freezer Bunny.

I really appreciate it when you’re able to create a consistent theme for builds like this, and Simsdoughnut made it incredibly user-friendly.

8. Interactive Daycare Career Mod

Daycare CC cc Sims 4: Daycare CC, Mods, & Lots

People who enjoy playing The Sims can achieve incredible results by using career mods.

This one from ItsKatato is a great example.

This is not just a career that you can choose for your Sim and then forget about. It requires ongoing attention and involvement. That is definitely an option, but another great benefit is that your Sim can run a daycare from the comfort of their own home.

You can easily invite 2-5 toddlers and then the job functions like an event.

Various goals will appear for you to accomplish, such as taking attendance, enjoying a meal, engaging in games, and much more.

Experience the genuine daycare atmosphere without the stress of influencing a young child’s impressionable mind.

Similar to any other event, the rewards and pay you receive will depend on the Bronze, Medal, and Gold ranks.

7. Toddler Playpens

Daycare CC dd Sims 4: Daycare CC, Mods, & Lots

The playpens in The Sims 3 were incredibly useful for the Daycare career, and now they can once again come to your aid.

It’s a far more compassionate approach to keeping the toddlers contained rather than confining them to a room. I strongly advise against it… It’s quite effortless to overlook them in that manner.

This item is straightforward yet highly practical.

You have the ability to easily move them to and from your inventory, which is how they function.

To safely contain the toddlers, gently guide them to the desired location and carefully place the playpen around them.

To free them, simply place it back into your inventory. It’s incredibly simple!

There are three unique designs to choose from.

First, there’s the familiar plastic style, reminiscent of its original form in The Sims 3. Additionally, there is a wooden option and a mesh net design available as well.

6. Pre-School Stuff

6 4 Sims 4: Daycare CC, Mods, & Lots

If you’re looking to run a daycare out of your Sim’s home or create a dedicated lot for the job, you’ll want to consider adding some new furniture.

Of course, we can certainly work with the items we currently have.

However, using items exclusively for daycare will make the experience much more enjoyable.

It’s quite unusual when the same toys and furniture are used for every child at every location throughout their lives. If someone already owns outdoor furniture, it’s likely that they already have similar items to what they encounter at the park. There’s no need to further contribute to the monotony of their lives.

This fanmade stuff pack offers a wide range of items that cater to various preferences and desires. Although the creator specifically designed it for preschool, everything is highly suitable (if not essential) for daycares too.

Now, let’s dive into toys because that happens to be my absolute favorite part.

Playing is an essential aspect of children’s development, particularly in The Sims 4, where even a few hours of stacking blocks can help toddlers learn to climb stairs.

Aside from being functional, it’s refreshing to see some new things.

Our collection of decorative items features timeless pieces such as wooden blocks, globes, and school supplies.

There are additional interactive features that your toddlers can engage with, and they are all fresh and exciting.

With puzzles, boxes of cards, an abacus, and five new dollhouses (among other things), you’ll have plenty to keep them entertained.

The new furniture will be a great addition if you are interested in creating a dedicated daycare room or building.

It has a more polished appearance compared to our current products that are clearly designed for residential use.

5. Pixxel Shack Daycare Center

Daycare CC v Sims 4: Daycare CC, Mods, & Lots

Constructing an entire daycare center on your own can be quite a challenging task.

We’re lucky to have Simmers who have already made the effort and are willing to share.

This adorable build is charming, enjoyable, and practical.

Many of the items from this list were utilized in the build, so you won’t need to make extensive edits to enjoy all the exciting CC content.

The exterior has a very realistic appearance, with detailed brickwork, and the creator has done a great job in maintaining the lot in a tidy and well-kept manner.

There is a fantastic playground area that is often overlooked but is definitely a must-have for every daycare. It provides a great space for toddlers to burn off their energy.

There are some fantastic new additions, such as a seesaw, playhouse, and springy toys.

4. Tumbling Tots Co (Active Daycare Career)

Daycare CC s Sims 4: Daycare CC, Mods, & Lots

Well, well, well, what do we have here?

Introducing another exciting daycare career for your Sims, brought to you by ItsKatato!

It’s clear that Simmers really enjoy having this as a job option.

And this one is incredibly thorough. The Get to Work Expansion Pack is necessary to unlock it as a fully active career.

Let’s start by exploring the new venue type that comes with this mod. It’s quite astonishing.

ItsKatato has introduced a new feature that allows you to officially designate a lot as a Daycare. Building under the “park” venue type or any other similar options is no longer allowed.

Sim characters can now easily commute from their home to the venue for work!

In addition to that, even individuals who do not work there have the opportunity to visit the place with their own toddlers.

I’m not entirely certain if real daycares operate in a similar manner, but in The Sims 4, it’s definitely a more convenient option than visiting multiple houses to help your toddler make new friends.

Now, let’s talk about the career itself.

This is equally as impressive as the new type of venue. Your Sim will have the opportunity to advance in the Daycare Teacher career, with various promotions and salary increases available.

3. School Posters

Daycare CC 2 Sims 4: Daycare CC, Mods, & Lots

Even though daycare and school are distinct, they share many similarities.

Young children are in the process of acquiring knowledge about rules, boundaries, and the fundamentals of life.

What could be more effective than using educational posters to reinforce the message?

This CC set offers a wide variety of options that can help enhance the professional appearance of your daycare.

Everything here is written in Simlish, allowing you to interpret the imagery and use it for any purpose you desire.

Are these the rules for the daycare? Just a gentle reminder for the kids to be mindful of personal space. Positive and uplifting messages?

The decision is entirely in your hands.

These items are also quite vibrant and will certainly add a pop of color to any space. In addition, there are some non-traditional options like clocks and fingerpaint handprints, which are also excellent choices.

2. Owl Nursery Set

Daycare CC d Sims 4: Daycare CC, Mods, & Lots

This set of furniture is absolutely perfect for building your own daycare. It’s filled with adorable pieces that will add a charming touch to your space.

The owl-themed design exudes a sense of innocence and wholesomeness.

This set is designed with babies in mind, recognizing the importance of their attendance at daycares.

You’ll find a compact dresser and a cozy mattress that can be combined to create a convenient changing area.

The owl crib is absolutely adorable and it can also serve a practical purpose if you decide to use the “baby without crib” mod. You can find the mod conveniently linked near the downloads section at the provided link.

For the little ones who are a bit older and can join in activities, we have a brand new desk and chair set available.

They both have owls as well. Oh, how sweet!

There is a wide range of swatches available, and they have more than just an impact on the color.

The expression of the owl will vary depending on your choice.

1. Playroom Colors Set

Daycare CC 1 Sims 4: Daycare CC, Mods, & Lots

There are a plethora of incredible things here to create the ultimate playroom.

The children will never want to leave.

However, they certainly will. No need to worry.

There is an abundance of color to be found in this theme.

Your daycare is guaranteed to be vibrant and full of color, from rainbows to items with multiple color schemes. No one will ever think it’s dull or boring.

There’s also a seat inspired by swings that you can actually use!

The furniture, including the new giraffe bookshelf and desk, can be easily paired with a variety of wonderful swatches.

You’ll also have a wide selection of new daycare-appropriate toys to choose from. Items such as blocks, books, a rocking horse, and many others.

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