Sims 4: Best Acting Agency

Acting is a fantastic career choice if you’re looking to gain fame in the Get Famous expansion pack.

Once you embark on this career path, it’s important to find a reputable acting agency that can help you secure gigs and elevate your level of fame.

Given your interest in controlling your Sims’ new career, it’s only natural that you’d want to learn as much as possible about acting.

This guide will assist you in navigating the journey from appearing in soap powder commercials to gracing the stage at the Starlight Accolades award show, where you will be honored with a prestigious accolade during a grand ceremony.

There are four agencies available for you to choose from, each offering a wide range of gig types.

There are two positions that you can access right away when you start your career, while the other two become available once you reach level 4.

Feel free to switch agencies at any time.

I absolutely adore the G.R.A.N. agency; they are simply adorable and incredibly welcoming!

How to select the appropriate acting agency

To start your journey in The Sims 4 acting career, just use the regular “find a job” interaction and select Acting from the top of the list.

After completing this step, you will be guided to choose a talent agency.

When you enter the career field, you have the option to choose between two agencies: A.I. Staffing Agency and Everyday Extras Talent Agency.

AgencyPros of SigningCons
A.I. Staffing AgencySimple acting jobs
Alerts when new gigs are added
There are no big roles offered.
Everyday Extras Talent AgencyMore TV parts
More commercial roles
It doesn’t pay very well.
G.R.A.N Talent AgencyThis is only for the most renowned actors.Fewer roles to choose from
Well-Suited Talent AgencyMore money for each role
Roles in prime time, drama, and action
Only the most renowned actors

A.I Staffing Agency

AI acting agency Sims 4: Best Acting Agency

A.I. Staffing is an acting agency that specializes in AI and is one of the top choices when starting your career.

It assists sims in securing small starter gigs such as commercials and other minor roles.

The reminders they send when new jobs appear are both amusing and informative.

Reasons to Choose This Agency:

If you like to receive some lighthearted reminders, this is the place.
You’re looking to make the most of your work hours

A.I. Staffing Agency

Preferred mood: Confident 
Type of gig: Commercials

Everyday Extras Talent Agency

everyday extras acting agency Sims 4: Best Acting Agency

Everyday Extras Talent Agency is a great option for actors just starting in their careers.

By becoming a part of this acting agency, you’ll gain access to auditions for daytime television at a more accessible level.

Throughout your career, you will come across an increasing number of commercials and daytime television opportunities on your audition list.

This acting agency prioritizes every role, highlighting its dedication to providing opportunities for actors of all levels.

It suggests that they may specialize in smaller roles while still being capable of handling larger stars.

Considering the options available, Everyday Extras can serve as a valuable starting point for the initial stages of your career.

However, it may be beneficial to transition to a more advanced acting agency once they become accessible.

Consider selecting this agency if:

You’re interested in appearing on daytime television
You’re interested in building strong industry connections

Everyday Extras Talent Agency

Preferred mood – Confident
Type of gig: – Daytime television and commercials

G.R.A.N Talent Agency

GRAN acting agency Sims 4: Best Acting Agency

The G.R.A.N. agency is dedicated to providing your sims with a unique and enriching acting experience.

Our acting agency specializes in offering a wide range of historical and musical roles, even at lower levels, ensuring that your sims can explore their talents to the fullest.

Additionally, we offer competitive pay rates, ensuring that your sims are rewarded for their hard work and dedication.

This acting agency becomes available once you reach level 4 of your acting career.

This company has a rich history and strong ties to iconic figures in the film industry.

Reasons to Choose This Agency:

If you’re interested in roles that involve music and history, you are in the right place.
My friends are interested in making connections in the world of the silver screen.

G.R.A.N. Agency

Preferred mood: Confident 
Level Unlocked: 4 
Type of gig: Rich in history and filled with beautiful melodies

Well-Suited Talent Agency

Sims 4 Well Suited Talent Agency acting agency Sims 4: Best Acting Agency

The only people that Well Suited Talent represents are those who are the best, who excel in their work, and who expect the best.

A person does not become an icon without going through the process of sweating, crying, and changing their clothes more than a shop mannequin does during fashion week.

As is the case with the G.R.A.N. Talent Agency, the Well Suited Talent Agency becomes accessible to you once you complete the fourth stage of your acting career.

One would get the impression that this agency takes the celebrity business very seriously.

Although their notifications are particularly charming, it is hard to deny that they give off the impression of being a large corporation whose primary concern is to amass fortunes.

Well-Suited provides the most extensive range of gigs at the most basic level, including jobs in prime-time television, drama, and action, and they negotiate better pay for these types of roles.

This is the best agency for you to work with if you want to become a famous actor or actress in a film or television show.

Reasons to Choose This Agency:

Looking for a wider range of options? This is the right place
You aspire to become a silver screen legend

Well-Suited Talent Agency

Optimal mood – Confident 
Level Unlocked –
Gig type – Diverse range

Tips for Auditioning for Acting Roles

Before stepping onto a stage, it is necessary to complete an audition.

By clicking the clipboard under the jobs tab, you’ll be able to access the “Choose a Gig” option and view a list of current gigs.

Every day, you’ll find new opportunities that grow alongside your skills and reputation.

For each option, we provide a suggested skill and level.

Having this skill at the specified level or higher will significantly enhance your chances of successfully passing the audition.

Auditions can be quite an adventure, and you’ll receive a notification to let you know if your Sim has succeeded or not.

If they successfully pass the audition, the job will be displayed on the career tab starting the next day.

If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to give it another shot.

After completing the audition, you can find all the necessary information about the gig in the career tab.

Completing a preparation task before the gig can greatly enhance your job performance. These activities typically involve rehearsing scenes or honing skills.

In the future, you might receive an invitation to spend time with your colleagues outside of work, such as by inviting them to your place.

How can you go about switching your acting agency?

change acting agency Sims 4: Best Acting Agency

You have the flexibility to switch your acting agency at any time, whether it’s through a phone call or using any computer.

To access the phone, simply locate the phone icon situated in the bottom left corner.

From there, navigate to the Business section and proceed to select the option to Hire a New Acting Agency.

To switch agencies online, simply click on your computer and navigate to the Career section.

From there, you can select the option to hire a new acting agency.

Final Words

The Get Famous expansion introduced the exciting world of celebrity lifestyle to The Sims 4, along with a fresh opportunity to earn simoleons through the actor career.

One of the initial steps in pursuing this career is selecting an acting agency to provide you with assistance and guidance.

Any agency can be easily changed whenever you like, and each one has its own set of advantages and interesting characteristics.

We have explored each agency together and I’ll assist you in determining the ideal acting agency for you in The Sims 4!

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