RuriDragon Manga: Back with a Fresh Schedule!

On Wednesday, February 21, 2024, RuriDragon manga creator Masaoki Shindo shared that the manga series will be returning from hiatus in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

After publishing five issues, the manga series will transition to the digital platform Shonen Jump+ and release chapters every two weeks.

Masaoki Shindo’s novel RuriDragon tells the story of Ruri Aoki, a young woman who one day discovers she has horns on her head.

After inquiring with her mother, Ruri discovers that she is a half-dragon. Despite the significant revelation, Ruri attempts to carry on with her life as usual, even though it’s not as simple as it may seem.

Following the announcement by the manga creator, RuriDragon is set to resume serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine on March 4, 2024.

The manga series will release five chapters in a row, after which it will transition to Shueisha’s digital platform, Shonen Jump+, in a biweekly format beginning on April 22, 2024.

So, the manga’s chapters 7 to 11 will first be published in the magazine, and then from the 12th chapter onwards, it will be available in digital format.

RuriDragon: Fan’s Reaction

ruridragon volume1cover e1708495291434 RuriDragon Manga: Back with a Fresh Schedule!

Readers were thrilled to learn that the manga will soon resume its serialization. They had eagerly anticipated the series’ return for more than 15 months. As a result, they were longing for the return of the series protagonist, Ruri Aoki, and were excited to know that they would see her again soon.

Meanwhile, some fans expressed their concern for the author’s well-being, hoping he wouldn’t overexert himself.

Due to the manga’s extended break, fans were concerned about the fate of RuriDragon. Manga is here for the long haul. Therefore, fans were excited about Shueisha’s upcoming plans.

Many fans were delighted to see that the manga creator and publisher had established a schedule that suited the manga creator. However, some fans preferred the series to stay in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine instead of moving to Shonen Jump+.

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