Fish Manga Ends

The fish manga by Ranjō Miyake will conclude in the next issue of Kadokawa’s Monthly Comic Beam magazine on April 12, as announced in the April issue.

Description of Fish Manga:

The story of the supernatural psychic suspense manga begins with Kingy, a wealthy man who founded a company specializing in acquiring and merging other companies.

He always brings his niece along for tough negotiations.

fish.jpg.png Fish Manga Ends

Oddly, his niece always includes a “young girl” in the negotiations, and somehow manages to successfully resolve even the toughest negotiations. An exciting tale unfolds with the sudden appearance of a “bandit.”

Miyake introduced the manga in Monthly Comic Beam in January 2021. Kadokawa released the manga’s first and second compiled book volume in February 2022. The fifth volume of the manga was released by Kadokawa on September 12.

Additionally, a stage play adaptation was inspired by the Fish anime and manga. The initial stage production, Pet: Kowareta Suisō (The Broken Water Tank), took place in Tokyo in December 2018.

The second stage play, Pet: Niji no Aru Basho (The Place Where the Rainbow Is), had a successful run with nine performances at the Kanda Myojin Hall in Tokyo in July and August 2019.

From: Monthly Comic Beam April issueMiyake concluded the Imuri manga in July 2020. Fish made its debut in Monthly Comic Beam in 2006.

The manga’s 26th and final volume was published by Kadokawa in August 2020.

Miyake published the Pet manga in Shogakukan’s Weekly Big Comic Spirits magazine, followed by Enterbrain (now Kadokawa) releasing a Remaster Edition in five volumes in 2009.

Fish led to a 13-episode television anime adaptation that debuted in January 2020.

Source: Monthly Comic Beam April Issue

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