Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Get Chipped Pot & Cracked Pot

Sinistea stands out as a captivating returning Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It’s not just about its stats or typing, but rather its evolution that makes it stand out.

Unlike many other Pokemon, this Ghost-type creature has a unique evolution method that involves the use of specific items. In order to evolve Sinistea into Polteageist, you will require either a Chipped Pot or Cracked Pot, depending on the type of Sinistea you possess.

Upon first look, it might be a bit challenging to figure out which item is required for your Sinistea, as it’s not immediately clear what type of Sinistea you possess.

Where To Catch Sinistea?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. sins Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Get Chipped Pot & Cracked Pot

Sinistea can be found in a limited number of locations in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, with the highest chance of spawning in the far southwest corner of the map. This area on the map is known as South Province (Area Six).

Located in this area is Alfornada, a charming town that is known for its Psychic Gym. The town is situated on a lovely flat plain, which happens to be a popular spot for Pokemon to appear.

To locate a Sinistea, simply explore the surrounding areas near the town of Alfornada until they start appearing.
Sinistea is quite common, so you’ll have no trouble finding one here.

For optimal results, consider exploring this area during daylight hours. It appears that the little cup is most frequently spotted during the day.

How Can I Locate An Antique Form Sinistea?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. evolv Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Get Chipped Pot & Cracked Pot

There are two different forms of Sinistea: Phony Form and Antique Form.

There’s a small distinction between the two: a stamp of authenticity can be found on the bottom of the Pokemon.

The less common form of Sinistea, known as Antique Sinistea, will feature a stamp on the bottom of the teacup, distinguishing it from the much more prevalent Phony Sinistea.

Helpful Suggestions

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Get Chipped Pot & Cracked Pot

Regrettably, identifying a genuine Sinistea is not a straightforward task. However, there are helpful tips that can assist you in navigating the process more smoothly.

Once you successfully capture your first Sinistea, it will be automatically registered in your Pokedex. It’s likely that the Pokedex will show the fake version.

After successfully capturing a genuine Sinistea, the Pokedex will provide you with the opportunity to observe its alternate form.

This method is an excellent way to determine if you happen to have a genuine Sinistea in your possession.
You can also spot the stamp of authenticity from the overworld.

With this feature, you can easily get closer to the Pokemon and adjust your camera angle to view its underside.

It can be a bit challenging, especially if Sinistea is being elusive, but it is possible to identify an authentic one using this method.

Lastly, make sure to check out the Sinistea outbreaks.

While there’s no guarantee of finding authentic versions, your chances of encountering one increase when there are more Sinistea spawning overall.

Evolve Antique & Phony Sinistea

After capturing the desired form, it’s important to have the appropriate item to evolve your Sinistea. Each form has its own unique item requirement for evolution.

  • In order to evolve Phony Sinistea, you’ll require a Cracked Pot.
  • In order to evolve Antique Sinistea, you’ll require a Chipped Pot.

Find The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Cracked Pot

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. crack Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Get Chipped Pot & Cracked Pot

To locate the Cracked Pot in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, simply head north of Casseroya Lake and then make a left turn from the Groundblight Shrine, which is conveniently shown in the image above.

Starting from the shrine, just go left up the hill until you reach the water. The Cracked Pot rests gently on the ground beside a serene pond, nestled against the cliffside.

Find The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Chipped Pot

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. chipp Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Get Chipped Pot & Cracked Pot

The Chipped Pot can be easily found behind the houses in Porto Marinada.

It’s a convenient spot to locate. Take the first ramp up from the Auction House and continue towards the back of the houses.

The Chipped Pot will be located beneath a majestic tree.

Discover a Wide Selection of Cracked Pots And Chipped Pots at the Auction House.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. chip Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Get Chipped Pot & Cracked Pot

Regrettably, as loot does not regenerate, revisiting previous locations at a later time will not yield additional items. On the other hand, there is an alternative way to acquire additional Cracked and Chipped Pots.

The Porto Marinada Auction House features three vendors who regularly update their products during the auction.

Each day, all three vendors offer the opportunity to purchase Cracked Pots or Chipped Pots at their auctions, with a one percent chance of success.

The starting price for these items is 3,000 Pokedollars. If you’re looking to evolve multiple Sinistea into Polteageist, this is the only method to obtain additional Pots, as the item is used up during evolution.

It’s important to have sufficient funds available when the bidding begins.

You’ll be happy to know that the items at the Auction House reset every day. This means that you can visit multiple times and increase your chances of finding the Pots you’re looking for.

Just a heads up, there’s a wide variety of auction items available, so it might take some time for the Pots to show up.

To update the vendor inventories at the Auction House, simply step away from the immediate area and adjust your Switch clock. Moving one day forward or a few minutes back will trigger a reset.

Make sure to head back to the Auction House once you’ve reset the clock, and you’ll find that the items on offer have been updated.

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