Pokemon GO Fans Call for Galarian Bird Changes

Although the Galarian Legendary Birds have been in Pokemon GO for a while, fans are still upset with how hard it is to catch them.

Some of the most-wanted Pokemon in Pokemon GO are Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos in their Galarian forms, which came out with the Crown Tundra expansion for Pokemon Sword and Shield.

However, the catch rates and shiny odds are two other topics that come up from time to time and cause a lot of disagreement in the Pokemon GO community.

For instance, Niantic held a Pokemon GO event for its seventh anniversary that was all about starters, but because of the high escape rates, fans barely managed to catch many of them.

There are several mechanics in place to increase the odds, like using Berries, but they didn’t help the players much. However, it looks like the complaints are back, this time for a different group of Pokemon.

A new post by user TheRockingChar on the Pokemon GO subreddit sheds light on how frustratingly hard it is to obtain the Galarian Birds in the game.

It’s annoying that the Galarian Birds are hard to both find and catch, as the user says they should be.

Catch Rates of Pokemon GO’s Legendary Galarian Birds Divides the Community

At the moment, the only way to meet the Galarian Birds is by using the Daily Adventure Incense, but even then, it’s a very rare spawn.

Despite having a great Curveball throw and using Berries in Pokemon GO, the user reports that finding a Galarian Bird is only half the battle won.

The player also points out a way to solve this, indicating that their actions might be more in line with standard games.

The user specifically says that their spawn rate should be sped up, but that their evasiveness could be changed in such a way that they run from one PokeStop top to another nearby one.

Community members usually back up these kinds of complaints, but this one seems to be different.

Although some fans agree, others are against the idea of making it easier to catch these Galarian birds because they think they are some of the few rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

It seems like Niantic also wants to keep them as one of the hardest Pokemon to catch, as evidenced by the fact that several players have mentioned using their Master Balls on the Pokemon.

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