Minecraft’s Recent Wolf Upgrades Need One Cherry On Top

There are lots of cute mobs in Minecraft, like cats, wolves, dolphins, and turtles. The large game frequently updates with new mobs or improvements and updates to existing ones, such as more mobs, variants, and even ages.

The most recent update to Minecraft added more wolf variants, but there is still one major thing that is missing that would make the game complete.

Eight new wolf variants, each suited to specific biomes, were added in the most recent Minecraft update. Wolves got armor that can be made, which lets players make their loyal pets look better and keep them safe.

In addition to the classic gray wolf, players can now meet nine different biome-specific wolves, which are kind of like how cats have different colors and patterns on their fur.

They finally added different colored wolves to Minecraft a long time ago. Still, even with these additions, there’s a chance to interact with the wolves more.

Minecraft Wolves Need More Interactivity

In Minecraft, players can explore a vast world full of a variety of mobs. What’s missing, though, are interactions with wolf mobs.

Although players love having a loyal wolf as a pet, the commands that can be used with these animals are still very limited.

The engagement options are at best basic, whether you’re telling Minecraft mobs to sit or follow you.

Other creatures, like cats and horses, offer basic engagement mechanics that are primarily focused on feeding and taming, so this lack of interaction options isn’t just limited to wolves.

Possible Commands for Minecraft Wolves

There are a lot of commands and features that could be added to Minecraft for wolves that would give players more choices.

Greater interaction with the wolves would make the idea of having one even better, even though Minecraft’s new wolf armor addition is useful.

One cool addition would be to let players tell their wolves to watch over specific areas when they win.

With the ability to assign tasks like safeguarding homes or lives, this feature would give players more control over their pets.

Not only does it make the game more useful, but it also makes the connection between players and their virtual friends stronger.

Many new Minecraft players want to know if wolves can pick up items. Although the idea of letting wolves retrieve items is a good one, the answer is currently no.

So, players could send them to find resources or pick up dropped items while exploring, which would make them even more useful in the game.

It makes things more realistic and easier for players to gather resources, which supports the idea that wolves are helpful on their journey.

Also, adding a dog whistle item could make interactions between players and pets much better. With the help of this item, players may be able to communicate with their wolves from afar, such as calling them over, directing them to a specific location, or giving them tasks.

The players would feel closer to their virtual pets and the game would be more fun and realistic.

Where to Find Every New Wolf Variant

The Pale WolfThis is the original wolf that has been given a new name; it is found in the tagia biome.
The Rusty WolfFound hiding between jungle vines.
The Spotted WolfFound on the Savanna Plateau.
The Black WolfFound in old-growth pine taiga
The Striped WolfFound in the wooded badlands.
The Snowy WolfFound in the snowy tundra biome.
The Ashen WolfFound in the snowy taiga.
The Woods WolfFound in the forest biome.
The Chestnut WolfFound around trees of an old growth spruce taiga.

The most recent Minecraft update adds a bunch of cute new wolf variants, each carefully placed in its own biome.

Players can now go on exciting adventures where they meet these unique creatures, from the Pale Wolf in the taiga biome to the Snowy Wolf in the icy tundra. We’re hoping that soon there will be orders for more interaction with these wolves.

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