Metro Has Good News for Fans Upset About the VR Game

Because fans were upset about the recent announcement of the VR game, the Metro team just gave them good news about the future of the franchise.

Since Metro 2033 was released in 2010, fans of shooters and post-apocalyptic action have been captivated by the Metro franchise, which was based on a series of novels.

It’s been some time since gamers had the opportunity to explore the Russian wastelands since developer 4A Games released the previous game, Metro Exodus, in 2019.

Fans finally learned about the next entry in the series earlier this week, but some were let down. Many fans were disappointed by the leaks about the upcoming Metro game, which suggested that it would be a VR game only playable on the PS VR 2 system.

This would make a lot of gamers unhappy and move the series away from its roots in non-VR video games. In an update, the Metro development team is now making things clear, which should make players who were upset before happy.

Another mainline entry in the Metro series is currently being made and will be available on the latest generation of consoles and PC, according to a recent tweet from the Metro team.

A separate project for PS VR2 that is being led by developer Vertigo Games is the VR game that has been officially revealed as Metro: Awakening.

So Metro fans who don’t have a VR headset don’t have to be sad about the news of Metro: Awakening. In the future, they will still get a new title that fits the old style.

A Non-VR Mainline Metro Title Is in the Works

The original Metro game is one of the best story-driven shooters ever made, and good additions to the series over the years have helped building a loyal fan base.

Many of these fans will probably feel a lot better knowing that there will be another game in the series at some point, even if they have to wait for the upcoming VR game to come out first.

metro awakening state of play 2024 Metro Has Good News for Fans Upset About the VR Game

Obviously, gamers shouldn’t get too excited just yet. Although a game has been confirmed, not much has been revealed about it, so it probably won’t be released for a while.

It seems likely that the game is still in its early stages of development given that fans don’t even have an official title or a trailer or any sneak peeks of how it will play.

Players who want to play Metro in the mean time might want to get a PS VR2 or look into other games with Soviet-era style.

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