Pokemon GO Player Has Unexpected Zorua Encounter

A Pokemon GO player receives a surprise when playing the game, with a Zorua appearing out in the open for the player to capture.

The best monster-catching mobile game from Niantic features a long list of creatures from throughout the franchise’s history, giving fans the chance to collect all of their favorites. Since it first came out in 2016, Pokemon GO has been steadily adding new Pokemon.

Most recently, Charcadet, Armarouge, and Ceruledge entered the game. Now, a fan has discovered an unusual quirk in one of the game’s most wit encounters.

While many of Pokemon GO’s creatures can be found by going outside and exploring, some Pokemon found in the game are harder to find.

Popular classic Pokemon Ditto has a unique mechanic based on its appearance and play style in the main series of games, transforming into other Pokemon until it is caught.

Zorua uses a similar world mechanic, disguising itself as a copy of the player’s Buddy Pokemon in the game’s overworld. But recently, a fan found a wild Zorua, which defies the Pokemon’s normal operating principles.

The strange over world Zorua was shown off by Reddit user -Catsofmany on the Pokemon GO subreddit.

The player’s screenshot depicts a Zorua in its natural state on the in-game map, which is not like the Pokemon’s normal appearance.

The Zorua would have taken on the appearance of the player’s Buddy Pokemon, which is a shiny Gourgeist in the image.

The in-game Zorua might be a Ditto, disguising itself as the other transforming Pokemon, according to some fans who commented on the post.

Pokemon GO Player Finds Unusual Zorua

Many other Pokemon GO fans wondered what might have caused the Zorua’s appearance after the unusual encounter.

A wild Zorua might glitch back into its original form if you swap Buddy Pokemon multiple times, according to some fans, as it can’t keep up with the changes.

While some joked that a wild Zorua would turn into a copy of itself, others asked how an in-game Zorua would react if the player set their Buddy Pokemon to Zorua. The user didn’t say anything else about what happened or how it happened.

To mark the start of the new season, Pokemon GO recently released a lot of changes to the game. In addition to teasers for an event centered on Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Ultra Beasts, the premiere of “World of Wonders” saw the previously mentioned introduction of Charcadet.

Niantic also hinted at a new Mega Evolution coming to Pokemon GO recently, with Heracross set to finally receive its Mega form.

Nearly eight years after its initial release, Pokemon GO’s regular updates and addition of new Pokemon keep the game going strong.

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