MediBang Joins Forces with Anime-Planet for Legitimate Manga Access For Free

Exciting news in the anime and manga world!

MediBang, the creative digital art platform, has teamed up with Anime-Planet, the ultimate hub for all otakus out there.

And guess what?

The best part of this collaboration that’s got everyone buzzing is that you can now dive into free manga chapters on Anime-Planet’s fantastic online reading portal!

Can you believe it?

Two powerhouses in the anime universe joining forces to give us an incredible reading experience.

Now, whether you’re into sports, horror, fantasy, or BL, there’s something special waiting for you to explore.

The initial Manga titles include:

  • Baron
  • F
  • Garden Where the Story Blooms
  • Ghost Beside Him
  • Killing Bites
  • Proving an Angel
  • Rogue Samurai
  • Secret Urban Legends
  • Sky
  • The Bottomless Pit
  • The Kind Demon
  • The Ugliest Teddy Bear In The World
AnimePlanet x MediBang Partnership MediBang Joins Forces with Anime-Planet for Legitimate Manga Access For Free

What MediBang’s Team Has to say?

Yuko Hoshino, head of MediBang’s overseas distribution, couldn’t contain her excitement, saying,

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Anime-Planet on this exciting initiative. It’s like a dream come true for manga lovers!”

What Anime Planet Founder Has to say?

Kim Cameron, who started Anime-Planet, agreed with the excitement and said,

“We are so excited to undertake this journey with MediBang. In addition to their manga catalog, MediBang is well known in the community thanks to content creator tools like MediBang Paint, so we’re glad that this partnership can help support the industry and fans who want to create their own stories. We’re excited to continue growing our online reading portal so that fans can continue to discover, track, and rate manga in a way that supports the industry.”

You can bet the anime and manga community is bursting with excitement over this news!

As this partnership flourishes, get ready for a wave of innovative projects that celebrate the heart and soul of the anime and manga world.

So, my fellow otakus, get ready to dive into a manga bonanza like never before!

Free chapters, endless adventures, and a whole lot of anime love await you on Anime-Planet’s online reading portal!

Are you ready for this epic manga journey?

Source: Anime-Planet

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