Mecha-Ude Anime Trailer Out!

Pony Canyon unveiled the trailer for the complete anime adaptation of Sae Okamoto’s Mecha-Ude project on Sunday.

The company also announced additional cast and staff members for the anime.

Mecha-Ude cast members are:

Kaito Ishikawa portrays Sinis and Dex, while Amatsuki takes on the role of Tohdoh. Hiroki Touchi lends his voice to Aljis.
Shota Kawamura serves as the 3DCG director, while Takeshi Takadera takes on the role of sound director.

The anime is set to premiere in October.

Previously announced cast members have been confirmed:

  • Toshiyuki Toyonaga portrays the character Hikaru, while Tomokazu Sugita brings Alma to life. Yu Shimamura lends her voice to Aki, and Romi Park takes on the role of Kagami.
    Yūichi Nakamura portrays the character Fist.
  • Okamoto is the original creator and is directing the anime at the Fukuoka-based TriF Studio.
  • Yasuhiro Nakanishi from TriF is in charge of the series scripts, while Terumi Nishii and Yoko Uchida are responsible for the character designs.
  • Nurikabe is an incredibly talented Mecha-Ude designer and concept artist.
  • The music is being composed by Hiroyuki Sawano, Kohta Yamamoto, and DAIKI from AWSM.
mecha ude Mecha-Ude Anime Trailer Out!

Hiroshi Matsuyama from CyberConnect2 serves as the general supervisor, Shūichi Asō from TriF Studio is the animation producer, and Tetsuya Kinoshita from Pony Canyon handles the role of producer.

The project’s production team released a pilot anime video in May 2019, and an English dub was soon made available. Eve sang the opening theme song “Ambivalent,” while AZLiGHTZ performed the ending theme song “Alone.”

The original Kickstarter campaign raised a significant amount of money from October to November 2016.

A Japanese Campfire crowdfunding campaign successfully raised 4,849,500 yen (about US$44,000) towards its initial goal of 2 million yen (about US$18,700) before concluding in March 2018.

In September 2022, Pony Canyon delighted fans with the exciting news of a forthcoming full-fledged anime series.

The first episode of the anime had its world premiere at Anime Expo in July 2023.

Yoshino Koyoka (Aria the Scarlet Ammo) released the manga adaptation on the LINE Manga and ebookjapan services in September 2022.

Azuki started publishing the English version of the manga titled Mecha-Ude: Mechanical Arms on July 2.

Here’s a brief description of the story:

Kitakagami City is an average town… except that certain individuals have acquired Mecha-Ude: formidable, conscious mechanical beings that are connected to their hosts’ limbs.

Hikaru stumbles upon Alma, a fascinating Mecha-Ude with a mysterious past, and an unexpected bond forms between them.

But where did Alma originate? Why are mysterious organizations and assassins relentlessly pursuing Hikaru, determined to take Alma away? Hikaru and Alma need to collaborate in order to uncover the truth about Alma’s identity and ensure that he doesn’t fall into the wrong hands (or on the wrong arm)!

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