18 Best Longswords in Monster Hunter: World

The hunt starts, and lo and behold, all of your teammates are also brandishing longswords. As longswords and greatswords are consistently among the most popular weapons in Monster Hunter: World, you may encounter this rather frequently.

And with good reason. In addition to constantly having the best appearance, the Longsword is simple to grasp and use, has a wide variety of combinations that are easy to pick up, has an extremely wide range of mobility, and has actions and attacks that are flawlessly anime.

So join me as I explore the greatest endgame Longswords in MHW.

18. Lightbreak Edge

mhw lightbreak edge 18 Best Longswords in Monster Hunter: World

The Lightbreak Edge will accomplish just that for you if you enjoy lighting up your target with a small ignition burst of melee mine-planting goodness.

Your jaw will drop along with your monster’s, and its jaw may even be completely torn off its face.

This extreme blast damage longsword has a high attack of 900, 0%, and was made using explosives from the little large Mike Tyson impersonator Raging Brachy monster.

With the sword’s lava-soaked blade, Affinity has some of Monster Hunter World’s best looks and is perfect for key construction.

17. Magda Facultas II

15 magda facultus sword 18 Best Longswords in Monster Hunter: World

The weapon created by the Zorah Magdaros Elder Dragon is the first entry in the list of deadly blades.

The blade is designed to appear covered in the stony scales of the beast, but this gives it the appearance of a rusted cleaver. which, it must be said, is as frightening.

This weapon appears to be incredibly powerful at first glance. It boasts a high raw damage output, excellent blast build-up (which essentially means more damage), and even a medium-sized decorating slot so you can upgrade it.

However, if you look closely, you’ll see that its sharpness is awful.

You should try using this weapon with the Diablos set to see how much more powerful it is when the weapons are blunt.

16. Anja Scimitar III

14 anja scimitar sword 1 18 Best Longswords in Monster Hunter: World

They would undoubtedly look like this if our forefathers had mastered the technique of fashioning deadly blades out of dinosaur bones.

This sharpened bone is quite effective against monsters weak to fire, like Paolumu or Kirin, thanks to its high Fire damage output and raw damage output.

Although its sharpness might use some work, with a high enough level of Handicraft, it could be enhanced to a very durable blue sharpness. And if you intend to use it, you most definitely should.

If it weren’t for its 20% negative affinity, this weapon might have been ranked a little higher.

15. Wyvern Blade ‘Indigo’

13 wyvern blade indigo 18 Best Longswords in Monster Hunter: World

When I originally picked up a long sword, I did so with the idea that I’d cut and dice with an impossibly long katana, like Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII.

I eventually acquired the Wyvern Blade “Indigo,” achieving my desire. This stunning blade is thin and has a handle and sheath made of scales from the Rathalos serpent.

True to its appearance, this weapon boasts a 15% affinity benefit so your attacks never bounce off an opponent and can achieve white sharpness with handicraft.

You can maximize its effective raw damage and reliable fire damage in this method.

You’ll have an easier time incorporating this into your preferred setup because it also contains a modest decorative slot.

14. Imperial Shimmer

12 imperial shimmer sword 18 Best Longswords in Monster Hunter: World

Teostra monster-derived weapons frequently include genuinely original designs.

Even though it has a beautiful crimson edge and a thin red sheath, what makes it stand out is the oddly European hand guard, which seems out of place on such a long blade.

The Imperial Shimmer has a respectable raw damage output, but it excels because of its high Blast build-up, which is comparable to the Magda Facultas but without the sharpness problem.

This sword can be crafted to have a respectably long-lasting white sharpness.

It’s a flexible choice that you’ll find yourself using frequently in a variety of circumstances.

13. Legia Stealer

11 legia stealer weapon mhw 18 Best Longswords in Monster Hunter: World

Legiana wings adorn the handle of this blade, which has a black, narrow blade and is characteristic of Legiana weaponry.

It doesn’t produce a lot of outstanding raw damage.

The amazing Ice damage that is unlocked by default makes up for that though.

With the Handicraft skill, this weapon may achieve an ultra-durable white sharpness, which is another area where it excels. Consequently, you’ll be able to put sharpening aside and concentrate on converting your adversaries into frozen mince flesh.

You will need to have a few more swords in your inventory for different hunts since this weapon is only effective against foes weak to the Ice element, like Diablos or Odogaron.

12. “Holly” Wyvern Blade

10 wyvern blade holly 18 Best Longswords in Monster Hunter: World

The Queen of the Land, a toxic Rathian monster, was used to create this weapon, which retains both its crusty swamp-green appearance and lethal properties.

This offers a respectable raw damage output, but the main focus is on building up your poison, which it facilitates with a 10% affinity benefit and the potential to achieve white sharpness.

To significantly increase DPS, I advise gaining talents like Critical Status and Poison Attack.

11. Bazel Varga Rookslayer

09 bazel varga rookslayer 1 18 Best Longswords in Monster Hunter: World

With its distinctive explosive packs, this weapon is one of my favorites in terms of appearance and has a highly traditional ornate handle reminiscent of the great sword of the Dark Lord or something similar.

In addition to having a large blast build-up (as you would anticipate from a weapon created from Bazelgeuse pieces), this long sword has excellent raw damage output and can achieve a long white sharpness bar to help you optimize its damage potential.

Overall, this is a fantastic weapon that also has a really interesting appearance that you can use to successfully take on nearly any monster in the New World.

10. Extermination’s Edge

resizedimage640327 Exterminations Edge 18 Best Longswords in Monster Hunter: World

Extermination’s Edge is the game for you if “elegance” and “subtlety” are simply empty words and all you care about is making your opponents aware that incurring your wrath entails certain death.

This Nergigante-made weapon screams “danger,” and because it’s so huge, we weren’t initially sure if it was a long sword or a great sword.

I don’t know what else to say if the sheath’s very existence as a metal frame isn’t frightening enough for you.

As one might anticipate, this weapon possesses the raw damage to support its daring appearance. To honor the Eater of Elders, provide even more Dragon damage and High Elderseal.

With enough levels in the Handicraft skill, the blue sharpness can become very durable but don’t anticipate it reaching white sharpness. There has to be a drawback!

9. Xeno Cypher

07 xeno cypher sword mhw 18 Best Longswords in Monster Hunter: World

The Xeno Cypher, the Long Sword created from Xeno’jiiva, is yet another effective weapon for taking on Elder Dragons and other creatures like Deviljho and Lunastra.

This weapon is completely different from the one before it since it has a beautiful blue blade and Xeno’jiiva frills on the handle that sway when you swing it.

The Cypher boasts a 15% affinity benefit in addition to a respectable raw damage output and high Dragon elemental damage to complement it.

Its default sharpness is white. However, if you go over and beyond and purchase Handicrafts, you won’t ever need to sharpen.

This weapon is great for any Long Sword main and works with many different builds.

8. Hazak Grosser II

06 hazak grosser mhw 18 Best Longswords in Monster Hunter: World

The distinctive spikes and hooks of Vaal Hazak weaponry are seen on this long sword, which seems more suited to puncturing than slicing.

This disastrous sword is a viable option against Zorah Magdaros and other Elder Dragons because of its great raw damage and high Dragon damage.

With a high degree of handicraft skill, it can reach a respectable white sharpness bar, and it has a medium-sized decoration slot you can utilize to increase destructive power.

7. Styx the Empress Sword

05 empress sword styx 2 18 Best Longswords in Monster Hunter: World

What happens when you combine Xeno’jiiva’s distinctive blue frills with the lovely color of Lunastra’s pelt?

You receive Empress Sword “Styx,” a tool designed to keep its edge under all circumstances.

Additionally, it comes with a sturdy white sharpness bar by default. However, it also includes the Razor Sharp skill, which eliminates the need for sharpening.

It would be wise to use it with abilities like Critical Eye and Critical Status to enhance the already respectable Blast build-up and achieve significantly more DPS than you would anticipate.

Given that this weapon includes two sizable decorating slots you may utilize for a variety of items, including those into your build shouldn’t be too difficult.

6. The Calamity Reaver

04 reaver calamity sword 18 Best Longswords in Monster Hunter: World

The Reaver is the Long Sword with the rawest damage output, and it looks the part. Chains are needed to keep the Deviljho components under control.

This weapon is not only incredibly potent in most circumstances, but it is also the best Elder-hunting tool available thanks to its high Dragon damage output and leveled Elderseal.

It’s worth it even if you’ll have to put up with its negative 25% affinity.

Additionally, it is a lot sharper than it appears to be.

You can chop off one or two heads with a high level of white sharpness before needing to re-sharpen them.

5. “Decay” Kjarr Sword

03 kjarr sword 18 Best Longswords in Monster Hunter: World

Despite the fact that the Kjarr family is home to many fantastic weapons, I decided to include this one since it’s a fan favorite and a terrific weapon for hunting Elder Dragons, which is a large portion of what you’ll be doing in the post-game.

It has the most Dragon elemental damage of any weapon on this list, and its raw damage is good.

It also has the Critical Element talent, which helps you strike critical attacks, and a 15% affinity bonus. It also has a mediocre Elderseal, which aids you in dealing with prehistoric animals.

You’re good to go as long as Handicraft produces white sharpness.

4. Divine Slasher

resizedimage640327 Divine Slasher 18 Best Longswords in Monster Hunter: World

The Divine Slasher, a Monster Hunter stalwart, takes second place.

Once the Non-Elemental Boost is applied, this spiky blood-red blade with a demonic sheath has amazing raw damage potential and a sizable decoration space for greater customization.

As you head into battle, you can feel more secure knowing that it can attain white sharpness with Handicraft and even has some additional Defense.

It is one of the best solutions for any situation because it doesn’t depend on elemental weaknesses to get the most DPS. You’ll also appear to be a real samurai while using this item for hunting.

3. The “Fire” Taroth Sword

01 taroth sword fire in battle mhw 18 Best Longswords in Monster Hunter: World

This magnificent golden sword with blue accents is recommended if you’d rather be King Arthur than a samurai.

The Taroth Sword “Fire” is the best long sword overall and the best relic long sword.

Due to the Non-Elemental Boost, it has incredible raw damage and the ability to reach white sharpness with the Handicraft talent.

In addition to being significantly more accessible and flexible than weapons like the Kjarr Sword “Decay,” it is also much simpler to obtain.

Even though the numbers for the “Fire” Taroth Sword and the “Divine Slasher” are very close, this one wins in the end because it stays sharp a lot better than the “Divine Slasher,” letting you focus on what matters: hacking and slashing your way to victory.

2. Safi’s Shatterblade

Safis Shatterblade 18 Best Longswords in Monster Hunter: World

Safi, the monster that came before Fatalis, was just as difficult to grind but also more rewarding.

And I’m just asking, but what would be more fun than actually receiving one of these end-game monsters’ gear? It’s obvious to watch them fight each other.

We may be on to something, I think. Safi vs. Fatalis would be a spectacular, if not legendary, matchup.

Anyway, Safi’s Shatterblade was created using Safi’jiva monster parts obtained through Monster Hunter World’s comprehensive Siege system.

The Smithy may add potential Awakened Abilities to the weapon, like mods or augmentations, giving it some seriously formidable and useful abilities.

1. Fatalis Zaggespannon

Fatalis Zaggespannon 18 Best Longswords in Monster Hunter: World

If you want some of the greatest end-game gear in Monster Hunter: World, Fatalis is a lengthy ladder to climb, but it’s worth every tedious step.

One of the most well-liked weapons is the Longsword Fatalis Zaggespannon, which has two fantastic level four gem slots and high raw power of 1155.

Using common DPS abilities like Critical Eye, Attack Boost, Agitator, Peak Performance, and the challenging but rewarding Punishing Draw, which increases attack power and adds a stunning effect each time a draw attack—unsheathing your weapon and attacking—is utilized.

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