Is Jimin Really In The Sims 4?

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A Simmer created a Jimin character in The Sims 4 and shared it on Twitter, receiving a great deal of positive feedback with numerous likes and retweets.

Take a look at the complete story right here! Jimin, also known as Park Ji-Min, is an incredibly well-loved South Korean artist signed with Big Hit Music.

He is a member of the popular boy band BTS, recognized worldwide for their infectious songs and impressive dancing and singing abilities.

Guess who’s making an appearance in The Sims 4?

None other than Jimin himself! Not only is he rocking the stage, but now he’s taking over the virtual world too!

Last March 25, 2024, a simmer on Twitter created a Sim version of Jimin that gained widespread attention.

Jimin As A Sim, Really?

Mani⁷, also known as @strwbrryoongii on Twitter, proudly identifies as an army, which is the term used to represent BTS fans. She shared a tweet on March 25, 2024, discussing her creation of Jimin in The Sims 4.

In her tweet, she mentioned that she wasn’t sure if the Sim she created actually resembled Jimin.

Continuing her previous post, @strwbrryoongii shared another tweet. She expressed gratitude to her followers for providing valuable feedback on her creation.

Based on the feedback she received, she noticed that Jimin’s Sim lips could benefit from being slightly widened.

Download Jimin In The Sims Gallery

jimin j Is Jimin Really In The Sims 4?

The tweet quickly gained popularity, receiving over 38k likes and 1.7k retweets within a few hours.

User @strwbrryoongii kindly uploaded the Jimin Sim to The Sims 4 gallery, allowing other Simmers to easily download him as well.

Take a look at her tweet for the specific details, and then head over to The Sims 4 Gallery right here!

Jimin Sims For Our Simmers

Interested in making a Sim that resembles Jimin in The Sims 4? We can draw further inspiration from YoliMi.

A YouTuber recently created a Sims 4 version of a popular BTS member.

Check out the YouTube video below for more information! Enjoy your time simming and creating, my lovely Simmers!

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