Halo Infinite Getting Helldivers 2-Like Experience Thanks to Forge

The Forge Falcons, a Halo: Infinite Forge group, are working on a Helldivers 2-like game mode for Xbox’s flagship series.

Halo Infinite fans may know the name of the group because they made the popular Inheritor Battle Royale mode.

The shockingly strong battle royale mode made by fans quickly went viral in the Halo community after it came out in October.

It had been rumored for a long time that 343 Industries was working on a Halo-themed battle royale, but the Forge group had finally given fans what they wanted.

However recent data mining suggests that the Inheritor mode for Forge Falcons might become an official game type in the future.

The group appears to have set its sights on its next big project following the Falcons’ successful battle royale release.

The Forge Falcons’ Twitter account revealed that the group is working on a Helldivers 2-like mode for Halo Infinite with an ODST theme, who are also referred to as “Helljumpers” in Halo lore.

Due to their similar names and roles, Helldivers and Halo’s Helljumpers are both dropped into the heat of battle from space using orbital drop pods.

While The Forge Falcons confirmed that concept art and a list of features for the mode will be released in the future, there aren’t many other details available at this time.

And yet, the group said it wants to make Helldivers 2’s intense action even better, pointing out that the game uses objectives, side objectives, and outposts.

Fan-Made Helldivers 2 Mode Coming To Halo Infinite

Its Helldivers 2 mode might have a procedurally generated map that changes some every time you play, similar to the Inheritor Battle Royale mode from Forge Falcons, and rotating objectives that try to recreate the ones seen in Helldivers 2.

These features would likely be supported by Halo Infinite’s detailed Forge editor, which also allows creators to customize and implement their own Covenant or Banished AI enemies.

In addition to “when the art is ready,” the Forge Falcons did not specify when fans can anticipate the next Helljumpers reveal.

Halo fans might have been able to get an official Halo game with an ODST set. A lead developer who used to work at 343 recently said that employees came up with dozens of ideas for Halo games, but none of them were approved.

For both single player and multi player modes, these ideas included ODST-inspired concepts.

Regarding the official updates for the game, Halo Infinite keeps getting new content, most recently from the Halo TV show.

Players can unlock Vannak’s helmet this week. Vannak is a character seen in Paramount’s show.

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