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We are back with another blog on MoW. Today we will cover some of the anime guys who wear glasses in this article.

Guys that wear glasses and are fans of anime are commonly referred to be nerds, shy, timid, or smart. They are comic relief or they play a genius. Even if they genuinely require glasses to see, there’s something more endearing about anime dudes with glasses. The list of anime dudes wearing glasses is as follows.

15. Shinra Kishitani (Durarara!!)  

Shinra in glasses

Shinra Kishitani is a young, secretive scientist and doctor who resides with his lover, Celty Sturluson. He wears a white coat all the time and spends much of his time at home.

Shinra considers strange phenomena fascinating and engaging. Many people think Shinra is unusual and strange, even his father. He exhibits an obsession with the paranormal and attempts to decipher and understand them.

Shinra has dark eyes and hair that reaches his neck. He wears glasses and a lab coat over a dress shirt and ties every time he goes out.

 14. Hashida Itaru (Steins;Gate)

Itaru Hashida Glasses Wearing 15 Anime Guys

Itaru Hashida, better known as Daru, is an expert hacker, an ardent otaku, and a member of Future Gadget Lab. Daru is a passionate computer enthusiast and a skilled coder. He has the ability to crack into extremely secret organizations and solve difficult computer codes. 

Daru is a short, plump man whose vision requires glasses. He wears blue jeans, an olive t-shirt, and his signature yellow cap every day.

13. Gintama’s Shinpachi Shimura

Shimura Shinpachi Glasses Wearing 15 Anime Guys

One of the primary characters in Gintama and a member of Odd Jobs Gin (Yorozuya) is Shinpachi Shimura. He handles every household task.

Due to his lack of physical power, he is frequently mocked by Gintama and Kagura for having a sister complex because of his intense attachment to his older sister. Shinpachi adores pop sensation Terakado Tsuu as well. He is also the head of her fan club. 

Shinpachi has short black hair and brown eyes. His impaired vision, which is said to be related to the overcooked eggs his sister made, requires him to wear spectacles. He’s dressed in traditional Japanese garb as well.

12. Asplund Lloyd (Code Geass)

Lloyd Asplund From Code Geass Glasses Wearing 15 Anime Guys

An earl of British aristocracy, Lloyd Asplund is the man behind Knightmare Frame, Lancelot. In an attempt to make Lancelot into its most powerful form, he continues to work on it.

 He devotes his life to science and technology because he likes them. His prestige is not very important to him. Lloyd is more compassionate than he lets on when it comes to his loved ones.

Lloyd appears to think, though, that having sensitive feelings and relationships is humanity’s greatest shortcoming. Lloyd appears cool on the outside, yet in some circumstances he can get nervous.

Lloyd is a tall, thin individual. His hair is pale purple, and his eyes are grayish-blue. Normally, he sports large glasses and a green turtleneck tucked under a lab coat.

11. Kamina (Gurren Lagann)

Kamina Gurren Lagann Character Glasses Wearing 15 Anime Guys

Kamina is among the most showy and irritating of all the show-offs in anime. A common way for the swordsman to identify himself is as “The Mighty Kamina” and he will say, “Just who the hell do you think I am?!”

His robust build, protective sarashi, shimmering cape, and crimson shades all shout “show-off,” and he certainly exudes that attitude.

Of course, as Yoko constantly reminds us, that brazen ineptitude is not enough to conceal his depraved behavior and simplemindedness.

In any case, Kamina honors his father by spending a ton of awesome times with his personal gunmen.

10 . Shiroe (Log Horizon)

Shiroe Log Horizon Glasses Wearing 15 Anime Guys

The Elder Tale MMORPG’s imaginary universe is a reality that its players would never have experienced in the real world. It is only the brave who can expect to conquer and vanquish the threats of this realm, like Shiroe and his Half-Alv Enchanter-Scribe avatar.

Beyond his avatar, Shiroe is actually Kei Shirogane, a graduate student studying engineering who spends most of his time as a strategist for the Debauchery Tea Party, breaking down the most difficult Elder Tale levels.

Shiroe is more often perceived as a cunning character—some even call him “Machiavelli in glasses”—despite if his cunning demeanor is useful in the game.

9. Iida Tenya (My Hero Academia)

9. Iida Tenya My Hero Academia Glasses Wearing 15 Anime Guys

Tenya Iida, better known by his superhero moniker Ingenium, is a class representative and member of class 1A. He comes in at number 10 on the list of anime guys wearing spectacles. At U.A. High School, he is undergoing pro-hero training.

Tenya gave off an imposing, severe, and unpleasant first impression, but as time goes on, it becomes clear that he is also a sincere, helpful, responsible, clever, disciplined, and occasionally naive individual. 

Tenya is a broad-built, towering boy. His hair is short and dark blue, and his eyes are square-shaped. He wears spectacles with a rectangular lens, and his eyebrows are always stuck inward. His peculiarity is that he has extraordinarily thick calves that resemble automobile engines.

8. Ishida Uryū (Bleach Anime)

Uryuu Ishida Glasses Wearing 15 Anime Guys

One of our all-time favorites, Uryū Ishida, will wrap up this list of anime characters wearing glasses.

Uryū is the ideal antithesis of Ichigo—calm, collected, solemn, and quiet. However, he never says “no” when it comes to outwitting Ichigo or his enemies. His past gives him significant weight, particularly when he transitions from a formidable foe to a trustworthy ally.

His stylish eyewear, combined with his energy-infused weapons and Soul Reaper abilities, only heighten Uryū’s allure.

7. Kusuo Saiki (The Tragic Life of Saiki K)

Kusuo Saiki 1 Glasses Wearing 15 Anime Guys

One awesome introvert is Kusuo Saiki. Given that he must blend in at high school in order to conceal his psychic abilities of psychokinesis and teleportation, he possesses a stoic presence that is essential.

Nevertheless, he has a distinctive appearance. In addition to two metal antennae of varying lengths that restrict his abilities, he wears distinctive green-tinted glasses that keep him from frightening people.

Kusuo’s daily routine consists of avoiding conflict or hiding his abilities from other people. While he may be a bit of a jerk when someone crosses him, he generally gets along well with people, notably the fervent Shun and lighthearted Riki.

6. Sōsuke Aizen (Bleach)

Sosuke Aizen Glasses Wearing 15 Anime Guys

Anime characters who wear glasses occasionally have evil intentions concealed behind their lenses. Sōsuke Aizen is one example like that.

Aizen made his Gotei 13 debut as the genial, erudite, and dignified Captain of Soul Society. However, he changed course when he defeated Hueco Mundo and betrayed Ichigo.

When he takes off his square spectacles and brushes his hair aside, it is a perfect representation of his treachery. The most terrifying aspect, though, is that he maintained his cool head while carrying out his evil schemes.

5. Hange Zoë (Attack on Titan)

Hange Zoe Attack on Titan Glasses Wearing 15 Anime Guys

Hange Zoë is an officer of the Survey Corps, and it is obvious from a cursory glance that he is a scientist. She’s more intelligent than others, yet she also has strange quirks.

She’s accomplished a great deal of significant work, including creating gadgets, studying Titans, venturing outside the walls, enlisting cadets, and leading the Fourth Squad. She can also perform those responsibilities without breaking a sweat.

Hange was first incensed about the Titans’ presence. However, after delving deeper into Ilse Langnar’s notes, the enthusiastic scientist developed empathy for the enormous creatures and redirected her inventions toward less deadly but equally useful ones.

4. Zeke Yeager (Attack on Titan)

Zeke Yeager Glasses Wearing 15 Anime Guys

Zeke Yeager, a former Marley’s Warriors battle chief, is another anime dude wearing spectacles. With the strength of the Beast Titan, he was regarded as the best soldier. His mission was to take over the Founding Titan from the Paradis Island Eldinas.

He deceived and took advantage of Marley and Eldina in order to achieve his own goal, which he saw as salvation, almost resulting in the murder of his own people.

In his human form, he is tall and broad with blue eyes. He has blonde hair that is disheveled and a beard that complements his round glasses.

3. Leorio Paradinight (Hunter x Hunter)

Leorio Paradinight Glasses Wearing 15 Anime Guys

Leorio Paradinight, also known as “Boar,” is a novice hunter and one of the series’ central protagonists. When Leorio first appears in the series, he is portrayed as a narcissistic, extremely self-centered individual who adores money.

Later on, it comes to light that he wants to serve the underprivileged by becoming a doctor, but he needs money for medical school. 

Leorio is tall, with brown eyes and a dark, spiky crew cut. He typically sports spectacles and a dark blue work suit. Even though he is only a teenager, most people assume he is an old man.

2. Klaus V Reinherz (Blood Blockade Battlefront)

Klaus V Reinherz Glasses Wearing 15 Anime Guys

The leader of the covert group Libra is Klaus V. Reinherz. He is a gentleman who exudes sincerity, calm serenity, and an unyielding will. Unless provoked, he generally acts in a kind and nice manner, but when provoked, he becomes very angry. 

His disposition makes him constantly worry about the security of other people, which stresses him out.

Klaus is a huge man with sideburns, a green eye that sticks out, and red hair. Black pants, a black waistcoat, and a white shirt with a red tie underneath are all on him. In addition, he wears spectacles, and the back of his vest has an embroidered small silver cross.

1.Ranpo Edogawa (Bungou Stray Dogs)

ranpo Glasses Wearing 15 Anime Guys

An employee of the Armed Detective Agency is Ranpo Edogawa. Ranpo is the only non-ability user in the agency with the best investigative skills, despite the agency being full with ability users.

He takes great satisfaction in his detective abilities because he can quickly solve any case. People around him refer to him as the world’s finest investigator, and he takes great pride in that title.

His dark eyes are always closed, and he has short black hair. He believes that wearing glasses stimulates his “ability,” thus he wears them whenever he solves a case. He is dressed in brown jeans, a white button-up shirt, a black vest, a grayish tie, a cap, and coat.

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