Genshin Impact Players Propose New Geo Elemental Reaction

An intriguing idea shared by a Genshin Impact player could improve the current meta’s Geo element. At the moment, the game has seven different elements that can be put together to cause different types of elemental reactions.

With Chiori being the most recent addition in the ongoing Version 4.5 update, Genshin Impact has recently introduced new Geo characters to the roster.

As it introduced numerous new elemental reactions, the Dendro element’s introduction in 2022 had a significant impact on the game’s meta.

Geo isn’t in the meta anymore because it can’t work with Genshin Impact’s Dendro element. According to a concept shared on Reddit by user aliteralpieceoftrash, combining Dendro and Geo will start a new elemental reaction called Germinate.

According to the post, using Germinate would cause an effect called Verdant Sprout to happen, which deals more damage over a short period. When the Sprout’s effect ends, it will explode, dealing Geo damage equal to a portion of the attacks that are still stacking.

Concept made it clear that the main way to use Germinate would be to deal Geo damage to an enemy that is affected by Dendro, since most attacks can’t use Geo aura.

The Reddit user also provided five pictures of the reaction’s indicator, one for each of the five stages, from creation to explosion.

This would make it possible for Travelers to monitor Germinate’s development and carefully plan the timing of their dam age bursts.

How Would Germinate Affect Genshin Impact’s Geo Characters?

This elemental reaction would significantly improve the performance of many DPS and support Geo characters on the field.

Many of Genshin Impact’s off-field supports, like Albedo and Zhongli, would be able to constantly trigger this reaction, which would give the team composition a significant damage boost.

The lack of motivation for players to include any Geo characters in their Genshin Impact team composition, which can only trigger one elemental reaction, Crystallize, is one of Geo’s most significant problems, and this reaction would address that problem. When this reaction happens, enemies drop Elemental Shards that, when picked up, make a good shield.

The post got a lot of attention in the community, and many fans said it was the best idea for a Geo rework they had seen so far.

Many players are hoping that HoYoverse will make the same changes to Geo. This is especially true since Geo was already improved once, in the early stages of Genshin Impact in 2021.

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