Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero May Split Fighters Into Character Types

According to a new report, Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero’s roster will be divided into various character archetypes that are experts in different fields.

The fourth main title in the classic Budokai Tenkaichi series is Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero.

These are 3D Dragon Ball arena fighters. With these games’ large rosters, Dragon Ball fans can play as some of their favorite characters in worlds that can be destroyed.

Sparking Zero is the first game in the series in almost 15 years, and it has a better cel-shaded look.

Some of Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero’s character roster has already been shown.

These characters include old favorites like Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, and Trunks, as well as new characters from Dragon Ball Super like Jiren and Bergamo.

Given their long history in the series and the various transformations they’ve unlocked over the years, Goku and Vegeta in particular have some of the most spots on the roster.

To make the roster of characters more balanced, these fighters will be split up into different types of characters.

There is a short description of how Goku and Vegeta will play in Sparking Zero in a recent scan of V-Jump magazine that ShonenGames shared (translated by @dbcade on Twitter).

A character who specialized in long-range ki blasts, like his Galick Gun or Big Bang Attack, is described as Vegeta.

Also, it says that Vegeta’s energy returns quickly, which most likely means that players can use these attacks or smaller ki blasts more quickly than characters like Goku.

Breakdown of Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero V-Jump Scans

On the other hand, Goku is said to be a fighter who is made for close combat and rushdowns, where he chases his opponents and beats them up quickly.

With his various Super Saiyan transformations increasing his strength and speed, Goku’s Kaioken technique can be used as a quick way to improve his skills.

He can teleport to his opponent and surprise them with the Instant Transmission technique. For battle, the scans show that the player can change their strategy based on the characters’ transformations.

This assertion about character archetypes was further supported by a recent leak shared by ShonenGames on Twitter, which described how each character would be divided into four categories: All-Around, Power, Speed, and Technique.

This appears to be supported by the fact that the next “theme” for Sparking Zero is “Power vs. Speed,” and that the game’s next trailer will feature that theme.

The Sagas that Sparking Zero will cover are mentioned in this leak, and the next trailer is expected to feature characters like Chi-Chi from the original Dragon Ball, Vegito from the Buu Saga, and even a sneak peek from the Tournament of Power.

Fans should still be skeptical about this leak until Bandai Namco and Spike Chunsoft officially release the trailer.

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