Call of Duty: Warzone’s Dev Team Explains How It Picks Weekly Playlists

Raven Software has explained that it chooses Call of Duty: Warzone’s weekly playlists by combining hard data with community opinion.

Another thing the studio showed off was Call of Duty: Warzone playlists for next week. One of them brings back a unique mode.

Yesterday, February 21, Warzone got a new patch that was mostly meant to fix problems with cheating.

According to the update, cheating reports have been rising lately, and Call of Duty is planning more Ricochet Anti-Cheat system upgrades.

The Advanced UAV, Shock Stick, multiple weapons, and Ranked Resurgence have also been updated in the most recent patch.

The Call of Duty community has continued to emphasize the cheating problems that are becoming more and more prevalent in Warzone despite the Ricochet upgrades.

After the most recent patch, Raven has made another Warzone announcement.

Raven said in a new post that Warzone’s playlists aren’t picked by a strict science, but rather by using a combination of internal data and social sentiment.

The studio’s mission is to “always appeal to the widest group of players possible,” it further explained.

But with Warzone’s large player base, it probably isn’t easy for Raven to choose its rotational playlists without making some members of the community unhappy.

The community’s opinion on different modes is not disclosed by the studio, nor are the statistics it uses.

On sites like Twitter and Reddit, however, it probably looks at data about player engagement and gauges public opinion.

This strategy isn’t anything new, but it does show that Raven is still willing to take into account community sentiment rather than just looking at numbers.

A 2022 post from Warzone’s development team provided more information about the subject.

New Playlists Coming to Warzone Next Week (February 29 to March 7)

Raven also shared the Warzone playlists for the next week, from March 2nd to March 7th. As of next week, all Resurgence modes will switch between Fortune’s Keep and Vondel.

Lockdown will also be brought back and can be played in Quads on Warzone’s Vondel map. Combining Call of Duty’s Hardpoint mode with the battle royale format, Lockdown is a unique mode in Warzone.

This week and next, users can also play the Battle Royale Preview mode in Warzone. Users can fight over the mode’s unique Weapon Case feature while trying to covertly exfil, which is another exclusive feature, just like the last time this playlist was available.

This time, however, Battle Royale Preview also includes Zombie Power-Ups, which users may have already encountered in Resurgence.

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