Spider-Man 3 Villain Leaked

The infamous Green Goblin will finally show up, according to leaked concept artwork for the villain of Marvel’s Spider-Man 3.

Insomniac’s Marvel video game universe does not yet feature the Green Goblin, even though Norman Osborn and his crazy alter ego are some of Spider-Man’s greatest enemies.

Eight years into Peter Parker’s career as a crime fighter, Norman is still shown in Marvel’s Spider-Man to be a normal person.

However, as the series goes on, Norman’s bad character and dark secrets start to come to light.

When Mary Jane investigates Norman’s penthouse in the first Spider-Man game, she finds what appears to be a prototype of the Goblin’s signature glider and mask.

The haunting, Venom-teasing post-credits scene features Norman bathed in green light, which is a foreboding sign of the villain he will eventually play.

In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, he doesn’t become the Goblin person, but he does ask for a “G-Serum” to be made for him after Harry is put into a coma at the very end of the game, which suggests that he will become the Goblin and get revenge in Spider-Man 3.

A recent leak of an image of the Green Goblin, the main villain of Marvel’s Spider-Man 3, seems to confirm this.

On r/GamingLeaks and Rumors, a user on Reddit named KekanKok posted an image that appears to be from an Insomniac presentation intended to get the license and money for the next game in the series.

Concept art for Spider-Man 3’s often-teased Green Goblin is included in the presentation. The villain is shown as a green-skinned humanoid wearing a purple-and-black hooded coat with different straps and pounces and boots with toes that look like hooves.

Green Goblin Will Finally Appear In Spider-Man 3

Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 doesn’t have a lot of information out there, but some important details were leaked when Insomniac was hit by ransomware in December.

Spider-Man 3 will reportedly launch in 2028, but not before Insomniac releases Marvel’s Wolverine, which is connected, and another Venom-themed game that hasn’t been announced yet.

Plans could change, so fans should be wary until they hear something more solid.

The recently leaked concept art of the Green Goblin may not fully depict what the villain will look like in Marvel’s Spider-Man 3, but it does provide some insight into Insomniac’s interpretation of the legendary foe.

Insomniac is aiming for a more traditional Green Goblin like in the 616 comics and live-action Spider-Man movies rather than the Hulk-like monster from the Ultimate continuity and works that were influenced by it.

The Goblin wreaks havoc on Peter and Miles’ lives as Norman seeks revenge for his son’s death, but fans will have to wait for Spider-Man 3 to find out.

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