7 Adorable Anime Horse Girls of All Time

This thing might surprise and shock you but yes, it is in my list for you guys to prove you that anything and everything can become cute in anime like these Anime Horse Girls.

When it comes to animals you can imagine them in with humans- The half human, half horse type, and the “fully human with horse ears and tail” type characters.

But it is a shock for me that we don’t have that much character in this creation so just enjoy what we have.

After digging scrolling all over minutely on internet I got these horse girls. So, enjoy this rundown, I have prepared for you.

7. Himeno Kimihara From A Centaur’s Life

Himeno Kimihara From A Centaur’s Life

Himeno Is our main character of A Centaur’s Life. Her appearance is tall with her red curly hair, reddish brown eyes with her badass feature she is killing her look like a bomb. No doubt she considers as a beauty queen.

Himeno is a modest, sweet, delicate and compassionate she is additionally insensitive, uncertain and childish and in this way make her loved one’s stress over her future. Himeno will in general be sly to and pained by her followers, particularly when her follower has an alternate structure to Himeno.

Himeno likewise has a second character when entering the four-legged universe with Shino (Himeno’s cousin). To protect Shino and herself, she changes herself which create change in her character and she became proud, cold and aggressive.

6. Speed From One piece

Speed From One piece

Speed is the main character of monster pirate who ate the horse smile fruit and got the power of a horse. Notwithstanding, she was later tamed by Tama’s devil fruit and her Speed started to tenderly call her “master”.

Her look will resemble with the chest area of a human and the lower body of a horse. The right portion of her hair is white while the left half is dull blue, with her purple eye and a fuzzy tail that is white on the left-side, and dim blue on the right-side.

Speed is a genuine lady who thinks about her obligations and can get irritated easily if she sees others messing. She is likewise become proud to herself since she doesn’t care for being provided orders. Regardless of this, she appears to be lively when she is being praised.

5. Centorea Shianus From Monster Musume

Centorea Shianus From Monster Musume

Monster musume is an anime that features a wide range of monster young ladies and their everyday daily routine with a human they experience.

She is demure and legitimate, referring to herself as a self-proclaimed knight. Centorea made her introduction in Hāpī to Kentaurosu no Iru Nichijō.

Cerea is a fair looking chacter with sky blue eyes and long light hair, always in a high-pony tail, and with her enormous breast.

The most observable quality in her appearance is the lower horse-half of her body, and her horse ears. As one of the respectable animals, Cerea is unbelievably fair and courageous to her friends.

4. Shirohime From Lance n’ masques

Shirohime From Lance n’ masques

Shirohime is our main character who is not exactly look like horse but she is a female horse despite of her look sometimes he shown herself as a human who can talk and walk like human.

The reason behind her to be in the rundown is that its is not well known that she can change herself into human after than horse but if it is just a visual effect these things keep you interested in this anime. However, it is shown that it can understand human language.

A white horse that is Youtarou’s steed. A horse that looks like a pig that was raised to be Youtarou’s steed.

3. Chestnut Horse From Kemono Friends: Uma no Friends

Chestnut Horse From Kemono Friends: Uma no Friends

Chestnut Horse is a main character from kimono friends. The name in the rundown is very important because she is one of the cutest of all.

With her light brown hair and blonde ponytail, her wide pupil eye, her horse is also same as her ponytail.

She holds a white cloth with the same Japari symbol on it and wears brown and white socks that reach her knees, and white sneakers with golden toes.

2. Special Week From Uma Musume: Pretty Derby

Special Week From Uma Musume: Pretty Derby

Special Week is one of the main charcater of Uma Musume: Pretty Derby.

As a young horse lady, she needs to take an interest in races and assume her job as a symbol toward the finish of the race.

The individuals who love sports anime and symbol anime would totally cherish this show.

1. Uma-tan From Etotama

Uma tan From Etotama 7 Adorable Anime Horse Girls of All Time

Uma-tan is a supporting character in the Etotama arrangement. She is the Zodiac of the horse and positioned as number 7.

Uma-tan has long, straight, dark purple-dark hair tied up with a silver-metal horse shoe and she has orange eyes. Uma-tan is exceptionally sensitive and has a great self-confidence issue.

She accepts the reason behind why nobody can recall different zodiacs passed Shaa-tan is a result of her name.

Uma-tan, is a sort hearted and friendly young lady who thinks about the entirety of the zodiacs.

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