16 Anime Guys With Scars

Hello Otakus, I think everyone can agree that scars have a really nice aesthetic.

They resemble tattoos that you receive after escaping a hazardous circumstance. You can tell an anime character is serious about their business when they are seen sporting one of these bad boys.

See if these scarred anime characters suit the image of a badass by counting down the top ones.

16. Monkey D. Luffy From One Piece


The main character of One Piece, Monkey D. Luffy, has a noticeable “X”-shaped scar on his chest, directly beneath his left pectoral muscle. Jinbe gave Luffy a helping hand after Ace passed away.

Luffy received the scar on his chest when Akainu assaulted Jinbe and stabbed his palm through him completely.

Luffy’s chest scar is a representation of his past and the people who have shaped him along his adventure. It serves as a sign of Luffy’s tenacity and resolve, which have made him one of the most recognizable anime characters of all time, as well as a reminder of the emotional suffering he has experienced.

15. Scar From Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

The Scarred Man From Fullmetal Alchemist 16 Anime Guys With Scars

Not only is it in his name, but his physical scars are recognizable. Scar, in contrast to Stain, goes over and beyond in his purpose, going so far as to assassinate every state Alchemist, regardless of how they are related to his misery.

Though he does show tenderness from time to time, it is usually eclipsed by the violence he unleashes, so it is difficult to characterize him as a kind person. He also abandoned his genuine identity and the gentleness he formerly possessed, as seen by his choice of nickname.

14. Guts Scars From Berserk

Guts Berserk 16 Anime Guys With Scars

Guts is renowned for his large scar collection, stoic personality, and powerful build. The numerous fights Guts has engaged in and the severe physical and psychological anguish he has experienced throughout his life are evident in his physique.

Guts’s physical scars are a constant reminder of the horrifying maltreatment and suffering he experienced as a young child. The fact that Gambino caused the scars on Guts’ neck and chest while he was still a young child emphasizes the profound emotional wounds that Guts has.

Guts’ scars represent his inner strength and perseverance in spite of the suffering and trauma he has experienced, since he has managed to persevere through and overcome all of life’s challenges.

13. Obito Uchiha From Naruto

Obito Uchiha 16 Anime Guys With Scars

A character from the well-known Japanese anime series Naruto was named Obito Uchiha. He was a former member of the Uchiha clan of Konohagakure, who later assumed the mask of Tobi, the villain. Additionally, he pretended to be the real Madara Uchiha, the notorious criminal.

Obito was thought to have perished in the rockslide that happened during the trip, which is why he had scars on his face. The rocks crushed half of his face, leaving scars and serious injury.

Later, he used a Sharingan—a unique kind of eye that gives its wearer a variety of skills, including the ability to mimic other people’s techniques—to replace his damaged eye.

12. Kakashi Hatake From Naruto

Kakashi unable to deactivate his sharingan 1024x575 1 16 Anime Guys With Scars

Kakashi’s eye scar is practically recognizable.

His mask typically covers it up, but when it does show, you can be certain that things are about to become serious.

Saying that he’s a serious fighter wouldn’t do him justice, given that he’s one of the very few characters that survived the Great Ninja War alongside Sasuke and Naruto.

Before he reached adolescence, the guy turned Anbu, became Hokage, and his student became the next Hokage. His mastery of the Sharingan allowed him to surpass even the greatest Uchiha users.

11. Balaika From Black Lagoon

Balalaika From Black lagoon 1 16 Anime Guys With Scars

The Boss, commonly referred to as Balalaika, is a significant character in the anime series Black Lagoon. She is the head of the Russian mafia group Hotel Moscow and is feared and respected by both her adversaries and subordinates.

Scars are one of the most noticeable aspects of Balalaika’s appearance. She has other scars on her body in addition to a big burn scar on the right side of her face.

Her horrific past—specifically, the torturing she endured for defending refugees in Afghanistan—is brought to light by these scars. Rather of allowing her wounds to define her, Balalaika draws power and inspiration from them.

10. Zaraki Kenpachi From Bleach


Kenpachi’s scars are a major feature of his appearance, highlighting his tough and menacing aspect. The most noticeable scar on his face is a straight line. Retsu Unohana is the one who first caused him to sustain this scar.

His entire tough-guy persona is enhanced by the scar, which makes him appear even more menacing to his opponents. His scars serve as a continual reminder of his unwavering spirit and a symbol of the difficult life he has led, one that has been plagued with struggles and carnage.

9. King from One Punch Man

One Punch Man King S Class Hero 16 Anime Guys With Scars

Yes, King, that’s right.

This individual simultaneously satisfies and contradicts everything I mentioned in the start.

King, you see, is a wuss. Really, he can’t fight. And all of the series’ antagonists would body him.

But because of the situation, everyone thinks he’s the strongest person alive.

That causes adversaries to run away or have heart attacks just by looking at him. For all the wrong reasons, he so technically defeats any adversary with whom he initiates eye contact.

He is, at least, a skilled gamer.

8. Dabi From Boku no Hero Academia

Dabi 16 Anime Guys With Scars

After mentioning Juuzou, it seems appropriate to discuss Dabi because he too has a scarecrow-like aura.

The scarecrow was lit on fire, but only this once.

Burned flesh covers his entire mouth, arms, chest, and the bags under his eyes.

The theory goes that his body couldn’t handle the heat because his quirk is blue flame, which is supposedly far hotter than Shouto’s fire. it is really metal.

In addition, he has numerous piercings and stitches where his skin is still intact and charred flesh joins. This pulls the whole “nightmare look” he was looking for together.

7. Kamado Tanjirou From Demon Slayer

Tanjiros Scar Change 16 Anime Guys With Scars

You would expect Tanjirou’s scar from an epic battle with a demon king or something similar would have resulted from a television program named Demon Slayer.

But nope, the barbecue equipment smacked the man.

Fortunately, as the episode progresses, there are many more demons and even an incident involving Michael Jackson, so the action does become more tense.

He drowned on pavement, was thrown around by a moving house, and was pursued by balls. Even though this show is truly fantastic, saying it aloud makes it sound really silly.

6. Garfiel  (Re:Zero)

Garfiel From Re ZERO 1 16 Anime Guys With Scars

Many viewers find Re:Zero’s character introductions confusing. Some of them initially seem to be adversaries but ultimately prove to be allies.

Garfiel Tinsel is included in this group. He was raised as a demi-human and was afraid of the outer world.

As the former defender of the Sanctuary, he shielded those who were similar to him. During his First Trial, he became terrified as he relived his mother’s death. He constantly hit his head against the wall, leaving scars on himself.

5. Mello (Death Note)

Mello 16 Anime Guys With Scars

Following several adaptations, fans’ theories of Death Note’s Mello have varied. Drama viewers perceive Mello as an integral element of Near’s character, but he is absent from the films. Following his passing in the original anime, L proposed Mello as his heir.

By joining the mafia and utilizing strategies like kidnapping Sayu for ransom to get his way, he carried out his own brand of justice. While being held at gunpoint, he detonated bombs in an attempt to locate Kira and the Death Note. His left cheek bears a burn scar from this.


ICHI THE KILLER 16 Anime Guys With Scars

Most lovers of horror comics consider Junji Ito to be one of the best. However, many who enjoy horror films are familiar with Ichi The Killer.

Despite having poor ratings on IMDb, the film has a cult following according to Rotten Tomatoes, where it has a high audience score of 82%.

Ichi the Killer: Episode 0, an animated prequel, concentrated on the murderer’s beginnings. The slashes that graze his right eye, lips, forehead, and nose are difficult to forget.

Viewers are unable to determine if the wounds on his face were self-inflicted or the result of a fight because of his unclear past.

4. Eren (Attack On Titan)

eren yeager feature image 16 Anime Guys With Scars

An up-close view of Attack on Titan’s Eren Yeager, who has Titan scars beneath his eyes and has his long hair wrapped back into a bun.

The only thing left for anime viewers to look forward to is the Attack On Titan conclusion, as the manga has been over for more than a year. Eren Yeager began his life as a young man with good intentions, but as he grew older, he discovered the harsh realities of life.

Following the most recent developments in the narrative, supporters start to doubt Eren’s morality as he gradually transforms into a villain.

In the Season 2 finale, Eren first displayed shifter marks on his face. But by Season 4, it’s more set in stone. The scars on a person’s face get deeper and longer the longer they stay in their Titan form. After being absorbed into the Titan bodies for extended periods of time, they function as burn marks.

3. Shouto Todoroki (Boku no Hero Academia)

19 shouto todoroki boku no hero academia anime 16 Anime Guys With Scars

Alright, I’m beginning to notice a pattern: all of them have burn marks or wounds near the eyes.

Todoroki belongs to the previous group, but his trauma is from something far more serious—a traumatized mother and a douchebag father.

Todoroki, the little one, got a face full of hot water.

The charred side fits his fire quirk, therefore it does strangely fit his aesthetic. so that each Halloween, he too can dress as Zuko.

And he could absolutely pull off a gender bender Elsa if he turns the other cheek. I’m just saying.

2. Mu-Jin Park from The God of High School

Mujin Park 16 Anime Guys With Scars

As of right now, we’re not entirely sure how Mujin acquired the scar on his forehead. Furthermore, I find it difficult to think of someone strong enough to genuinely give him the “X marks the spot” treatment.

After all, he killed some annoying people and slapped an island to introduce the man.

How do you get near to being able to slap an island?

His strength even kept an actual deity at bay. Their rematch will be exciting to watch, regardless of who this figure is.

Unless the scar is purely decorative, in which case I sound foolish right now.

1. Asta from Black Clover


Considering how little attention Asta’s scar received, I believe a lot of people overlooked this one. And it’s not that strong.

Even though he is flaunting his muscles, there is a small scar visible on his rock-hard abs no homo.

He sustained it from a shard piercing his stomach during a battle with Mars. Even though he recovered perfectly, the scar persisted.

I’m genuinely shocked that this dude doesn’t have more than one, given how careless he is in combat and that he fights melee on the front lines.

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