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We all know sward art online is very popular and some times sword art online characters often get criticized as bad and unsuitable for the plot.

I personally have seen many SAO characters get bad mouthed and they also get negative feedback sometimes I agree with the feedback and with some I don’t.

But all this doesn’t matter what matter is the question at hand who is the best sword art online characters.

21 Best Sword Art Online Characters

Lets begin the list of 21 best sword art online characters without wasting any time.

21. Silica

This sword art online character is very kind, bright, cheerful, and supportive of her friends. She also has developed a deep attachment to her Tamed Monster Pina to the point that she was heartbroken to see it die and overjoyed when told that there was a way to revive it.

At some point, Silica had become arrogant due to her fame, but realised her mistake after this led to her getting lost in the Forest of Wandering and losing Pina.

Silica sao character Sword Art Online Characters

Silica is also easily embarrassed and flustered, especially when it comes to a romance scenario, such as grabbing Kirito’s hand, spotting many couples around her, or having her skirt flipped by a monster.

20. General Eugene

During Eugene’s duel with Kirito it was revealed that Eugene is interested in fighting strong sword art online characters, as, after Kirito withstood thirty seconds in battle with him.

Eugene claimed that he changed the plan to have their duel changed to a deathmatch as he really wanted to cut Kirito down.

General Eugene sao character

Eugene is Lord Mortimer’s brother in-game and is presumed to be in real life as well.

19. Agil

Agil is a friendly and very helpful sword art online character who is always looking out for others. He is also someone to rely on such as when he defended the beta testers against Kibaou, giving Kirito a place to stay, and helping players on lower floors.

He also can be a leader on the battlefield and will help his comrades and friends no matter what the cost may be.

Agil sao character

Although he acted as if he only cared about the money, Kirito commented that Agil had spent all of his money helping mid-level players level up.

18. Talken

Talken is a skinny-looking Leprechaun youth sword art online character with small eyes, tidy, brass-coloured hair and round, iron-rimmed glasses that give him the impression of a student.

In battle, Talken wields and wears Ancient-level equipment: he wears a copper-yellow light armour and wields a terrifyingly long lance.

Talken sao character

According to Nori, Talken frequently gets nervous while talking to girls, as he stuttered while introducing himself to Asuna.

17. Nori

Nori, like all Spriggans, has darker skin, gray wings and black hair. However, This sword art online character has thick eyebrows and lips, as well as a large physique which are not common traits among Spriggans.

In battle, Nori is equipped with comfortable, non-metallic armour with a black choker and a long steel quarterstaff that almost touches the ceiling of an inn.

Nori sao character

Like all of the Sleeping Knights members, Nori suffered from an illness and thus she ended up in terminal care.

16. Klein

Klein is one of the friendliest sword art online character in the series and sets the mood when he is around. He never holds grudges against others and is always ready to lend a helping hand.

He cares deeply for his friends and always wants to be by their side fighting alongside them when they are in danger even to the point of getting angry when Kirito was fighting Death Gun, saying he should have converted to Gun Gale Online as well.

Klein sao character

He gets angry when people get into situations that can get them killed since he wants to protect as many people as he can.

15. Administrator/Quinella

Quinella was an extremely beautiful sword art online character with long silver hair, including eyelashes and eyebrows, which may appear blue or white depending on the surrounding lighting.

Her eyes were silver in color, seemingly reflecting the seven prismatic colors.

Quinella sao character

She was voluptuous, donned light clothes, which were hemmed with «Stacia Window»-silver threads, and had an unreservedly open neckline.

14. Death Gun

Death Gun is a group created by Shinkawa Shouichi and Shinkawa Kyouji to use an in-game avatar, named «Sterben», in Gun Gale Online (GGO) to imitate the ability to kill a player in real life from within a virtual world I know this is not a sword art online character but I have include them because they are very strong in the series.

Their goal was to make the players of GGO or, to a bigger extent, all VRMMO game players fear their alleged power.

Death Gun sao character

Death Gun wore a «Metamaterial Optical Camouflage mantle», a rare cloaking item.

13. Renly

Despite having once been a prodigy swordsman, Renly had lost the courage to fight after accidentally taking the life of his childhood friend, which resulted in him developing a post-traumatic fear of killing.

This fear of battle was only exacerbated by an inferiority complex Renly developed due to failing to invoke the Armament Full Control Art for his Divine Object and failing to fulfil his duty as a knight.

Regardless of his genuine capabilities with his weapons, which demanded a high level of concentration to use properly.

12. Sinon

Calm and cool are two words that best describe this sword art online character personality. In battle and most of the time in the game, she keeps a cool head, which earns her respect from her friends.

However, Sinon has a violent temper once angered, best seen with her interactions with Kirito.

Sinon sao character

It is actually said that Kirito is the first one to make her extremely angry. Despite all this, Sinon, while perhaps hard to approach, is generally a friendly person and does not mind helping others

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