Sims 4: Best Custom Lipstick CC & Lip Gloss

The lips are undeniably one of the most alluring facial attributes.

That’s why discovering new lipstick can feel as time-consuming as waiting in line at Starbucks on a Monday morning.

Analyzing the countless shades of pinks and reds can be quite tiring. By the end of it, you might find yourself continuously using that one shade your Sim has been wearing for months.

And that’s the never-ending battle of every lipstick enthusiast.

Once you’ve discovered the ideal shade, all your worries will simply fade away. And today could be a fortunate day for you!

Among the multitude of lip cosmetic CCs available online, here are the essential lipstick CCs that demonstrate the existence of makeup miracles.

Here are Some of The Best Sims 4 Custom Lipstick CC & Lip Gloss

15. Tequila Matte Lipstick

15 Sims 4: Best Custom Lipstick CC & Lip Gloss

Guess what? Matte lipstick is making its mark in makeup history as the ultimate lipstick type.

This applies to both humans and Sims of color, showcasing its inclusivity and effectiveness.

Regardless of your opinion, this new classic is an incredibly versatile addition to your makeup collection.

Thanks to this CC, it boasts an impressive arsenal of 25 shades that will ensure you stay ahead of the game until TS5 is released.

14. Lustrous Lip Gloss

14 Sims 4: Best Custom Lipstick CC & Lip Gloss

I bet your journey with lipstick began with lip gloss – the only makeup that moms considered suitable for curious 7-year-olds.

What they didn’t realize is that this classic shimmer set the foundation for captivating, playful looks.

This CC may not be suitable for children. But people of all ages would appreciate the shiny, irresistible finish.

Well, perhaps not grandma.

13. Frosting Lip Gloss N197

13 Sims 4: Best Custom Lipstick CC & Lip Gloss

This lipstick is truly amazing with its jelly-like gloss and an incredible range of 65 shades that would look stunning on any skin tone!

In addition, it provides your Sims with lips that are realistically moisturized and healthy.

It would be great if we could easily hide dry lips in real-life.

Apply the Frosting Lip Gloss N197 to your lips for a look that is both charming and stunning. It’s the perfect choice for those with a discerning taste in lipstick.

12. Vixen Lipstick

lipstick cc 12 Sims 4: Best Custom Lipstick CC & Lip Gloss

A foolproof recipe for lipstick CC is less complex chemically than its real-life counterpart.

Creating a beloved CC simply requires a passionate fan and a skilled artist.

The Vixen Lipstick is the perfect companion to enhance your Sim’s adventures throughout the day.

Rest assured that even in the most dire situations, such as your Sim facing a watery demise, being engulfed in flames, or succumbing to WooHoo exhaustion, their lips will remain vibrant and full of life.

11. Robyn Lipstick

11 Sims 4: Best Custom Lipstick CC & Lip Gloss

Don’t be intimidated by the vibrant and bold colors.

The Robyn Lipstick could be your secret weapon in the game.

Exploring unconventional shades can be a great way to step out of your fashion comfort zone.

And because the CC is inspired by the Mattemoiselle line of Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, you can always count on the queen to consistently deliver groundbreaking beauty trends.

Get ready to embark on an incredible Sim transformation with a stunning range of 15 shades that capture the vibrant colors of the rainbow.

10. Yvette Lipstick

lipstick cc 10 Sims 4: Best Custom Lipstick CC & Lip Gloss

If you’ve been closely following this list, you’ll likely have a wide variety of colors and swatches to choose from by now.

Rest assured, there will be days when choosing a color from a variety of vibrant pinks and rich reds may not bring the same level of excitement as it once did.

If you’re looking for a way to maintain your Sim’s flawless brand without putting in too much effort, Cintrontart’s Yvette Lipstick offers a fantastic range of skin-toned and muted shades. These shades will help you achieve a stunning look with minimal effort.

This CC is sure to become your new favorite cosmetic, with its subtle shine and sheer coverage.

9. Charm Lipstick

9 1 Sims 4: Best Custom Lipstick CC & Lip Gloss

No cheat is required to achieve the trendy no-makeup makeup look for your Sim.

The Charm Lipstick pack from Crypticsim offers a generous selection of 40 nude shades that effortlessly enhance any skin tone (with the exception of alien ones).

What’s great about it is the velvety matte finish, which is incredibly well done. It’s so good that you might even think our Sims lucked out with this free CC, especially when you consider that Kylie’s overrated lip kit costs $30.

8. Taylor Lipstick

8 4 Sims 4: Best Custom Lipstick CC & Lip Gloss

If you’re looking for a more subtle alternative to nudes and a less dramatic option than blood-red lips, a mauve-colored lipstick is the perfect choice for those who can’t make up their minds.

Mauve is a lovely color with a dusty rose hue and pinkish-red tones, giving it a charming shade reminiscent of indulging in a glass of red wine.

Perfect for creating a delightful and alluring atmosphere.

If you’re in search of the perfect addition to enhance your subtle seductive look, a mauve matte finish can provide just the right amount of intensity.

7. Ginger Lip Gloss

lipstick cc 7 Sims 4: Best Custom Lipstick CC & Lip Gloss

I’ve always seen lip gloss as something that younger people tend to gravitate towards, perhaps influenced by shows like Hannah Montana.

I’m not a fan of the fact that it doesn’t have a noticeable base color and is almost impossible to see.

The only positive aspect is that lip gloss has a delightful taste.

However, I can understand the allure of the glossy finish and the positive impact it can have on creating plump lips that appear kissable. Challenging.

And oh, how we enjoy setting up a delightful makeout session for our Sims!

This Ginger Lip Gloss from Kumikya has truly transformed my perspective in a delightful way.

6. Matte Lips

lipstick cc 6 Sims 4: Best Custom Lipstick CC & Lip Gloss

There’s nothing quite like a stunning collection of matte lipstick shades to brighten my day!

In addition to the wide variety of colors available, ranging from delicate pink to camouflage green, the gentle application of color around the edges of the lips was the perfect finishing touch.

The application of a delicate outline made by Simblier is truly impressive and beautifully executed.

The subtle mixture harmonizes the richly saturated shades of the palette, offering a seamless burst of color. Exactly what I needed.

This CC is perfect for players who want to try out unique colors without appearing overly dramatic.

5. Cupid Collection

lipstick cc 5 Sims 4: Best Custom Lipstick CC & Lip Gloss

Get ready, because this next CC is exactly what you’ve been waiting for!

The timeless red lipstick is a beloved symbol for women. It’s completely understandable that you want to be selective when choosing a CC that will truly capture your unique style.

However, out of all the red lipstick variations showcased on Pinterest, Tumblr, and resource sites, Crypticsim’s Cupid Collection stood out with its undeniable feminine power.

The Cupid Lipstick offers a wide range of 30 shades in the pink and red spectrum, making it a versatile choice beyond just Valentine’s Day.

Feel free to go ahead and confidently showcase your most radiant smile.

4. Gradient Lips V2 The Red Collection

lipstick cc 4 Sims 4: Best Custom Lipstick CC & Lip Gloss

Koreans are experts at achieving a naturally adorable and youthful look with their subtle makeup techniques.

It’s great to see the TS4 community embracing unique and unconventional styles, and it’s even better to see this trend spreading to other parts of the world.

The popular gradient lip style reached its peak a few years ago. It’s remarkable how the beauty has endured over time.

The appeal lies in the gentle burst of color that begins at the center of the mouth, creating a subtly alluring effect that adds a touch of sweetness to your pout.

If you want to make a lasting impression with just a single taste, then you’ll absolutely adore this essential CC.

3. Juliet Lips

lipstick cc 3 Sims 4: Best Custom Lipstick CC & Lip Gloss

If only Juliet had adorned her lips with grimcookie’s vibrant shades at the Capulet banquet, Romeo might have instantly forsaken his name.

Fortunately, our Sims are fortunate to have access to the finest sheer matte-looking lipstick that has a satin-like shine and a velvet-like finish.

I’ll let Shakespeare speak for me: thus with a kiss I die… in pure delight of this CC.

2. Silken Lips

lipstick cc 2 Sims 4: Best Custom Lipstick CC & Lip Gloss

This lipstick is perfect for experimenting with at home, although I wouldn’t necessarily wear it in public.

It seems that every Sim effortlessly exudes the confidence required to rock a bold red lipstick.

That’s great news!

This lipstick is perfect for adding a touch of radiance to any occasion.

When you’re heading out for a day of neighborhood fun, don’t forget to bring along these Silken Lips to add a touch of charm.

1. Tender Puff Lipstick

lipstick cc 1 Sims 4: Best Custom Lipstick CC & Lip Gloss

This collection is so enticing that it makes me want to embrace my inner indulgence and invite my Sim’s significant other to savor the deliciousness of Tender Puff! Lipstick.

Although I must admit that matte lipsticks are my absolute favorite when it comes to makeup, there’s something about the gentle allure of the gradient lip that completely captivates me.

Featuring a wide range of beautifully crafted colors, our collection is perfect for any occasion.

I discovered a delightful collection of paints that will beautifully enhance any canvas. I’m excited to experiment with every swatch available in this CC.

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