Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Wagon Disappearing

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, bugs aren’t common, but one player recently discovered an unusual glitch that made a whole wagon disappear.

The video of this game issue later made the rounds online, showing how Tears of the Kingdom is not completely immune to these kinds of unusual bugs that are typically associated with other open-world games.

That doesn’t mean the newest Zelda game isn’t a technical marvel; even though Tears of the Kingdom was careful with the Switch hardware, it still managed to deliver a sizable open world and a complex physics system that worked well enough for the game to make the Ultrahand building ability one of its main gameplay mechanics.

The fact that Nintendo reportedly put off the project by about a year to improve it—as previously revealed by the series’ long-time world producer, Eiji Aonuma—contributed to the fact that the game ended up having one of the most polished open worlds in recent memory.

Still, Tears of the Kingdom does have some glitches and bugs. This was confirmed most recently by user ItsYaBoiAnimeGeno on Reddit, who had a strange problem where a whole horse carriage disappeared while they turned the camera around Link.

Later, the gameplay video of their unusual experience showed up on the front page of the r/TearsOfTheKingdom subreddit, which made many fans joke about how the player clearly set off Link’s schizophrenia.

Disappearing Objects May Not Be a Problem on the Latest Tears of the Kingdom Version

It is not clear what caused the wagon to vanish into thin air. Regardless, it’s possible that the latest version of the game, which ItsYaBoiAnimeGeno wasn’t using, doesn’t have any problems with vanishing objects.

The video itself shows this because it starts with the player trying to use a glitch that was fixed in Tears of the Kingdom in July 2023.

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Dropping Some Rare Items Might Cause Other TOTK Objects to Disappear

The creator of the video also confirmed that they had purposefully avoided updating the game so that they could still use this exploit. Although that doesn’t prove that the duplication mechanics caused this wagon to disappear, it’s not impossible that they were.

Additionally, it has been known for a long time that some items in Tears of the Kingdom despawn much farther than others.

It is therefore possible that the player’s action of dropping a Diamond—which has a fairly large despawn distance—may have forced the game to set some non-essential assets in Link’s vicinity for removal as part of its behind-the-scenes optimizations, ultimately causing the wagon to disappear as soon as it was off-screen.

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