World of Warcraft Clarifies How Story Mode Raids Will Work in The War Within

According to what World of Warcraft has said, the new Story version of Nerub-ar Palace will work in The War Within. For example, it will only have the final boss of the raid.

A few weeks after the new World of Warcraft raid starts, players will be able to use this feature to experience the end of the raid by themselves or with a small group.

Players in World of Warcraft recently discovered proof of Story Mode, a new raid difficulty that will be added in The War Within.

Although few other details about the mode were known, early evidence suggested that fans would be able to take on the raid alone or with up to five players.

Finally, World of Warcraft has talked about how the mode works and why it was added in the first place.

An official forum post from Limestone, a developer of World of Warcraft, says that Story Nerub-ar Palace will be a story-focused version of the final Queen Ansurek encounter that is easier and less complicated.

Although the challenge is intended to be a one-time event, players can fight the boss again if they want to.

This new Story difficulty raid will be released alongside the final wing of Looking For Raid Nerub-ar Palace in World of Warcraft, so fans can look forward to it a few weeks after the full instance is out.

WoW: The War Within Story Mode Raid Details

  • Designed to be played solo or with up to five players.
  • Only includes the battle against Queen Ansurek, the leader of World of Warcraft: The War Within‘s Nerubians and the final boss of the Nerub-ar Palace, focusing on narrative elements of the encounter, rather than difficulty and complexity.
  • Planned to release alongside the final wing of Looking For Raid difficulty, meaning it will be unavailable for several weeks after the raid opens.

Raids are often where the most exciting battles in World of Warcraft happen, and this is where many of the main bad guys die.

Story difficulty is a new way to try to make these important parts of the story more accessible to people who don’t want to raid, similar to World of Warcraft’s Follower Dungeons feature.

It’s possible that World of Warcraft will continue to use this new feature as an ever-evolving mechanic for upcoming raids if it is well received.

Many fans, including many who were already planning to raid, are eager to see how the Story difficulty encounters play out.

Generally speaking, the community agrees that making it easier for players to experience World of Warcraft’s story is a good thing.

The time limit for these raids, however, has some fans dissatisfied. LFR won’t be accessible for almost a month after the raid is, if past events are any indication.

These players hope that World of Warcraft will think about removing the time limit for LFR and Story mode so that casual players won’t have to wait to see the story as well.

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