Hi-Fi Rush Data suggests PS5 and Switch Ports

People who dug through the latest Hi-Fi Rush update found t-shirts for Chai that pretty much prove the rumors that the game will be coming to PS5 and Nintendo Switch in the future.

There have been a lot of leaks and rumors in the gaming industry already, even though 2024 has only just begun. One of the biggest and most contentious rumors we’ve seen so far is that Hi-Fi Rush, one of the best games of 2023, will be coming to PS5 and Switch at some point this year, according to some Xbox fans.

A few insiders first said this at the beginning of the year. They said Hi-Fi Rush was only coming to the Switch, but the rumor spread and said it might also be coming to PS5.

It made sense from a business point of view for Xbox to do this with Cuphead and Ori and the Blind Forest, but there wasn’t any solid evidence to back it up at the time.

Prior to the most recent update, which came out in time for the game’s first birthday, a bunch of t-shirts for Chai were missing. These included shirts for the Xbox, Epic, and Steam versions. But those aren’t the only new shirts found in the update.

A Tumblr user named random-cattai looked through Hi-Fi Rush’s latest update and found shirts that pretty much confirm more console ports.

The update also added two more shirts that specifically mention PlayStation and Nintendo, as you can see from the post shared by Tom Warren, a reporter for The Verge who also checked their authenticity in the game’s files.

Chai is holding his guitar like Cloud Strife on the PlayStation shirt, which says “I’m Here Baby.” The Nintendo shirt, on the other hand, is bright red and clearly refers to the portable Nintendo system by saying “Rock Out Anywhere.”

While the shirts don’t say PlayStation or Nintendo directly, the other clothes all make references to the game being available on different stores and platforms, so it’s clear that they’re meant to go with the PS5 and Switch versions of the game. This pretty much confirms that Hi-Fi Rush will be coming to other consoles soon.

From the start, Xbox fans didn’t like this news because they think it’s unfair that PlayStation and Nintendo aren’t sharing games for their systems.

But I think we should all just be happy that more people will be able to enjoy Chai’s masterpiece. Let’s just hope that a physical version will also make an appearance for the encore.

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