Minecraft Could Be Getting A Native PS5 Release

There are files on the PlayStation Store’s backend that show a current-gen version is on the way, which makes it look like Minecraft might finally be coming to the PS5.

To avoid using the dated PS4 launcher that has been around since 2014, Minecraft players on PlayStation have been pleading for years for some sort of current-gen update that adds a native PS5 launcher.

It is obvious that the PlayStation version of Minecraft is a few steps behind and has been for some time given the advanced features like ray-tracing that the PC and Xbox Series versions of Minecraft have.

This is about to change, though, since Microsoft has started working with PlayStation to bring over some of its exclusive games, like the great Hi-Fi Rush port that came out earlier this month.

As the_andshrew pointed out in the GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit, the PlayStation Store’s backend has recently seen several Title IDs for the PS5 version of Minecraft.

The PS5 version of Minecraft is almost ready to go, as the title IDs (PPSA19638_00, PPSA19639_00, and PPSA19640_00) show that it’s already being set up on the PlayStation Store and will likely be pushed soon. At the very least, it’s obvious that Mojang is at work on it in some city.

The reports of Minecraft’s PS5 version appearing on the PlayStation Store’s back end were also confirmed by Twitter user PlayStation Game Size, who is a trustworthy source for things that are working on behind the scenes for PSN.

PlayStation Game Size just posted a picture of Minecraft’s key art with the words “PS5 Version” next to it, which confirmed what people on Reddit said.

The most likely change that could be made to the PS5 version of Minecraft is that it will enable ray-tracing and 120 frames per second, which the Xbox Series versions of the game have had for almost a year.

Some fans are also hoping that Minecraft will receive PS VR2 support at the same time as the PS5, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens now that the game has been found on PSN. Whatever the case, it looks like we’ll soon know for sure.

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