What Are Flawed Varla Stones In Skyrim?

Hey there, Fans of games. Today we’ll discuss Skyrim’s Flawed Varla Stones. The Skyrim Anniversary Edition comes with a lot of Creations. One of them is Rare Curios, which adds a lot of new items to the game.

Flawed Varla Stones are among these new items, but there isn’t much information about them to be found in-game.

Full instructions on how to use your Flawed Varla Stones can be found in this guide for Skyrim players who are having trouble figuring out what to do with them.

It’s very helpful, but it’s not particularly powerful. But for the serious Enchanter, it’s something worth having on hand.

As of the Anniversary Edition release, Varla Stones and Flawed Varla Stones are new items in Skyrim, but Elder Scrolls fans will recognize these classic items right away.

Found in Oblivion at first, Flawed Varla Stones are a powerful tool for people who like magic.

They can also save you space in your inventory and the trouble of keeping track of many Stones instead of just one type. There are some problems with Skyrim Varla Stones.

One of them is a bug that can delete the souls that are trapped on a stack of them. Even with this rare bug, it’s still worth learning what Flawed Varla Stones do, and they’re not as hard to get as their effect makes them seem.

What Is A Varla Stone, And What Is a Flawed Varla Stone?

Flawed Varla Stones

In The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, you can find a Varla Stone in the ruins of an old Ayleid. In the Anniversary Edition, players can get it back. They no longer work the same way, though.

The only big difference between Soul Gems and Varla Stones and Flawed Varla Stones is that you can use them more than once.

Furthermore, Varla Stones don’t break when they’re used, so players can keep recharging them for more uses.

Even though Flawed Varla Stones are “flawed,” they can still be used again and again and have the same power as a Common Soul Gem.

This means that Skyrim fans don’t have to keep collecting Common Soul Gems, which makes the Flawed Varla Stone a very useful item for enchanting weapons and armor.

Players can reliably level their Enchanting with a few of these, and when they’re no longer useful, they sell for a good price.

An enchantment at the level of a Common Soul Gem isn’t very impressive, and players may want to use the regular Varla Stone or stronger Soul Gems instead.

Alternatives to Flawed Varla Stones In The Base Game

It’s not just flawed Varla Stones that can be used again and again in this legendary RPG; Azur’s Star and the Black Star can also be used again and again.

The base game also has both of these Soul Gems, but players can’t have both at the same time.

These unique Soul Gems are obtained by completing Skyrim’s Black Star quest, which can be started by speaking with Aranea Lenith at the Shrine of Azura, which is located just outside of Winterhold.

The Black Star is typically thought to be the better of the two rewards. Still, players should feel free to choose Azur’s Star if it fits better with their character.

How To Get A Skyrim Flawed Varla Stone?

Skyrim Anniversary Rare Curios Guide Welkynd Stone What Are Flawed Varla Stones In Skyrim?

These stones can be purchased from Khajiit caravan traders, who move between the settlements scattered across Skyrim’s map, just like the other items in the Rare Curios Creation. On very rare occasions, you can also find them in some dungeons.

Flawed Varla Stone Locations: Caravan

There are three Khajiit trading caravans that players can run into in Skyrim Anniversary Edition. Between Whiterun and Markarth, one caravan runs, between Windhelm and Solitude, and between Dawnstar and Riften, the last caravan runs.

It’s common for vendors in these caravans to sell Varla Stones that are flawy.

Instead of trying to find the Khajiits on the road, it is quicker to go to one of these places that straddle their travel.

The caravan will spend a few days staying and camping in these cities. For this reason, it’s simpler to just go to a city and wait outside until they load.

Flawed Varla Stone Locations: Bosses and Chests

Additionally, Flawed Varla Stones can sometimes be looted from boss chests, but players shouldn’t count on this happening very often.

Actually, it looks like they can only go to Anniversary Edition areas or places that have been updated with Anniversary Edition content, mainly Saints and Seducers areas.

Normal Varla Stones and flawed Varla Stones don’t spawn in the normal Merchant loot table, and they can only spawn on the ground in areas that are only for Saints and Seducers.

Ayleid ruins found during the Saints and Seducers questline have some of these for players to pick up. They should respawn after a short time, just like other crafting materials.

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