How to Get Sneak 100 in Skyrim

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Many Skyrim fans will want to find a fast way to get their Sneak skill to level 100 because stealth is an important part of both good and great builds.

Players who want to know how to reach level 100 of Sneak in Skyrim fast will be able to master the skill with ease and succession.

A true ghost who terrorizes Skryim, the Sneak skill level 100 allows players to hide in the shadows and become experts at killing and killing.

Sneak is probably the easiest skill in Skyrim to level up. It can be enhanced very quickly.

This means that players can reach level 100 without exerting much effort, and it will only take them minutes to level up Sneak very fast, allowing them to make the skill Legendary and do it all over again.

Acquire Iron Dagger

Sneak 100

This method can’t work without an iron dagger, which deals some of the least damage of any one-handed weapon.

When players use the iron dagger, they can attack enemies and NPCs without making them angry because it doesn’t do enough damage to be seen as a threat.

But if players invest in the right skills, daggers can become the most powerful weapon in Skyrim. That’s why they shouldn’t do that, or they won’t be able to reach 100 Stealth skill fast.

You can get an iron dagger from almost any blacksmith, make one yourself with an iron ore and leather straps, or even take one from the body of a hostile enemy.

Players should avoid the One-Handed perk Armsman because it will add 20% more damage per rank perk for one-handed weapons.

The Backstab perk from Sneak, which boosts sneak attacks to six times damage, is another perk that players should avoid.

The Assassin’s Blade perk will add 15 times the normal damage for sneak attacks with daggers, so players should avoid it. Once players reach level 100 Sneak, they can purchase these perks.

Enter High Hrothgar

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The ancient and powerful Greybeards live in the monastery High Hrothgar, which is at the top of the Seven Thousand Steps.

Following the Dragon Rising quest, players will be asked to go to High Hrothgar by the Greybeards.

This will start with “The Way of the Voice,” which will let players enter High Hrothgar and use it as a new area and fast-travel hub.

There shouldn’t be any trouble getting to High Hrothgar; it’s just a long walk. Skyrim’s open world is so beautiful, though, that it shouldn’t take long unless players are lost in the beauty of their surroundings.

They can come and go as they please once they reach High Hrothgar and the area is made available as a fast travel point.

The player will be given a new Thu’um and a quest to find the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller once the Greybeards are sure that the player is the Dragonborn.

The Greybeards will walk around High Hrothgar, meditating and acting as calm and peaceful as ever, but players only need to reach this point.

Now is probably a good time to save quickly because it’s time to sneak up on the Greybeards and attack them.

Stealth Attack Greybeards

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Players can crouch behind a Greybeard who is meditating and wait for the game to confirm that they are hidden once they find them. Then, players want to punch a lot with the iron dagger while pressing the light attack button.

The chosen Greybeard will take 1.5 times as much damage because of the stealth bonus, but the iron dagger is so weak that it doesn’t even make a difference.

Players can repeatedly strike the Greybeard, who is the target of the player’s Sneak 100 guide, to see their rank rise to 100.

Greybeards will get angry if they take too much damage, so players need to quicksave or lower their weapon. Keeping the health bar close to the chosen Greybeard’s name is preferable.

Arngeir is the best Greybeard to attack with the iron dagger because he has the most health, so players can strike him repeatedly until he heals completely.

Players should be careful because a Greybeard might take a few hits before standing up, so they should be careful not to turn around while the player is repeatedly slashing them in the back. The pathing of the Greybeards must be followed.

To avoid losing progress, players should always quicksave before moving up a level. Also, you shouldn’t attack Greybeards that are in beds or that are close to each other.

By going forward in time, players can heal the Greybeards or find them in better positions to attack.

Sometimes, the AI and pathing aren’t reliable, so a Greybeard might turn around in a way that the player doesn’t expect, which will make them attack and kill them.

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