Valheim Player Creates Incredible Mountain Castle

An awesome mountain castle with many rooms has recently been shared by a Valheim player.

This castle stands out due to its size and the amount of detail inside it, which is something Valheim player often do and post online.

Valheim was first made available for PC in early access in 2021 and became a huge hit very quickly, surprising even the company that made it, Iron Game Studio.

The game has sold more than 12 million copies over the years and is now available on Xbox and Game Pass.

Due in part to how it combines hard exploration and in-depth base-building, which enables complex constructions, the game has achieved such widespread success.

TheBoneJarmer, a Valheim player, recently shared eight pictures of their mountain castle on r/Valheim. The castle is located on top of a mountain and has several rooms and a backyard.

The outside of the huge stone castle is impressive, but the inside is even more interesting. Most of the rooms are nicely furnished and very fancy.

There is a deposit, a dining hall, a bedroom, a kitchen, and an entry hall in the base.

Oddly, all of the boxes in the deposit are labeled, since TheBoneJarmer keeps things from different biomes and their prey in different boxes.

Valheim Player’s Amazing Mountain Castle

Following the post, TheBoneJarmer shared some extra details about how they built this castle in the comments section.

He said it took them a couple of weeks to build the whole castle, and they had to redo some parts of it several times before they were happy with them.

Not having enough heating sources to stay warm at all times was another problem during construction.

Due to the cold, TheBoneJarmer had to be ready for the fact that the mountains are one of Valheim’s hardest biomes.

Not only was this a great base shared with the community recently, though. Another Valheim player shared the huge city they and their friends built earlier this week.

Building the city took 270 game days and included many buildings, watchtowers, a farm, and even a port.

The only way it was possible was because the players worked together to get the materials they needed and build it.

A few months ago, a noteworthy base was shared. When the game ended after 197 days, a Valheim player had built a huge base.

Because of this, a multi-level stronghold with many wooden and stone buildings full of trophies the player collected on their travels was created.

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