Top 6 C9’s Sneaky Cosplay

There has been a ton but these are some of our favorites.

Cloud9’s superstar League of Legends ADC Zach “Sneaky” Scuderi is known for two things.

He’s been a top American esports player for Cloud9, helping the team reach multiple World Championship appearances over the past few years.

Over his nearly six year history with the organization, Sneaky has won two NA LCS championship titles, a Rift Rivals title with the NA team, and an IEM title.

But he’s also become famous for his ridiculously good cosplaying, dressing up as various characters from across games and anime.

Sneaky has created over a dozen of different high-end cosplays over the years. Here are the best.

Sneaky Cosplay

Why is C9.Sneaky So Good at Sneaky Cosplay?

Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi is popularly known in the League of Legends community as Cloud 9’s AD carry. He’s considered as one of the players who teams build their teams around – which really tells you about the skill of this guy.

But, as of recent, Sneaky has been showing off some other skill most professional players will never ever have: Gender Bending Cosplay.

The 24-year-old American pro-gamer first start dawned a schoolgirl cosplay on August 2016. Sneaky promised his subscribers he would dawn the school girl cosplay after reaching a donation goal.

Being true to his word, Sneaky treated his Twitch viewers to the show we all now credit as the start of his cosplay greatness:

We gotta say fort hat Sneaky looks incredibly much like a real chick – which confused some of our staff here at GamesBetOnline.

Fortunately, his viewers reacted with delighted surprise that Sneaky actually put on the cosplay. The reaction was so positive that Sneaky took his cosplay further with a maid outfit sent over by a fan.

6. Pizza Delivery Sivir (League of Legends)

We can’t talk about Sneaky and Cosplay without discussing one of his most famous ones— Pizza Delivery Sivir.

Being an ADC, Sneaky had to dress up as an ADC champion sooner or later, so why not one of the best ones around? Sneaky has even gone on to play Sivir with the skin multiple times on the LCS stage.

5. Sneaky’s First Maid Cosplay

Sneaky’s first maid cosplay certainly wasn’t the best. but our boy isn’t going to be remembered for a bland maid cosplay. He later redeemed himself with a proper Tamamo Maid cosplay.

The maid cosplay, despite its simplicity, put Sneaky on a cosplay roll. He decided to be more creative with his next cosplay as a parody version of one of Urgot’s skins. And our boy Sneaky did not disappoint. This guy is a natural cosplayer.

4. Zero Two (Darling in the Franxx)

One of Sneaky’s more recent cosplays had the veteran suit up as Zero Two from Studio Trigger’s anime masterpiece Darling in the Franxx. Sneaky plans to stream with the full getup when he reaches 4,000 subscribers over on Twitch.

Cosplay has come a long way since being easily considered a hobby. The demand for cosplayers has grown so much over the years that the good ones could now have an annual income of 6-figures in US Dollars.

Aside from its obvious commercial value, cosplay represents the passion that the community – especially for competitive e-sports titles like League of Legends (LoL) and Defense of the Ancients 2 (DotA 2).

There’s so much work that goes into cosplay that it’s not surprising anymore to find out that an outstanding costume a fan would see during cosplay competition took months to put together.

3. Bowsette (Super Mario)

When Bowsette became the new hot thing on the internet a few months ago every cosplayer around the world was jumping on the bandwagon— and Sneaky was no exception.

The level of detail that went into both sets of cosplay, including the Super Crown, is pretty stunning.

Sneaky’s move into cosplay world displays both his commercial acumen and his love for the game. It also helps that his girlfriend, Esther Lynn – is a professional cosplayer with a cult following of her own – helps him with his cosplay projects. This Korean-American beauty puts in her two cents with Sneaky’s cosplay projects.

In an interview with Travis Gafford, Sneaky discussed how Esther plays a part in his cosplay choices. He said that they have conversations about what Sneaky will be doing next and how they’ll be approaching it.

Conventional wisdom states that when couples have a shared interest, they tend to have a stronger relationship. But who would’ve thought that interest could be gender-bending cosplay?

2. Star Guardian Soraka (League of Legends)

Star Guardian Soraka was Sneaky’s fourth high-quality and heavily-detailed cosplay, and it raised the bar for all further projects. This was when Sneaky committed to making more in the future, opening his own Patreon page.

We’ve so far discussed what cosplay has turned into and the kind of help Sneaky gets for his cosplay. But no one seems to have yet addressed Sneaky’s biggest cosplay advantage: his soft facial features.

Almost anybody who has the resources and the passion for cosplay can make it in the industry. Cosplay girlfriends are not exactly a niche segment of the female market anymore and plenty of them are willing to gender-bend their boyfriends for the lols.

1. Star Guardian Urgot (League of Legends)

Honestly, it looks like Star Guardian Ahri and Urgot got combined into one horrifying but awesome mess. The Nerf shotgun attached to his leg to emulate Urgot’s firey knees of pain is just one little nice touch that we can’t ignore.

But Sneaky can easily pull-off female cosplaying, and subsequently, confuse onlookers with his natural soft features. All that Sneaky needs is a healthy dose of make-up to make it all seem real enough to make any man forget that they’re getting a hard-on from another man.

Sneaky’s cosplay has already reached a status where every new cosplay can be considered an event to watch out for. It’s a big advantage that his hot girlfriend, Esther Lynn, is a professional cosplayer that does shoots with him. If this doesn’t confuse you dick as a man then we don’t know what will.

Here’s a little bonus treat of latest (and hottest) cosplays

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