SMT5: Vengeance Showcases New Locations, Demons, and More

Shin Megami Tensei 5: Vengeance has given fans a sneak peek at some of its new content, including demons, locations, and story bits. Part of the newly released SMT5: Vengeance trailer showed off the content.

Later in February, Atlus and Sega made the official announcement of SMT5: Vengeance. Starting in June, the official version of the fifth numbered SMT entry will be available for purchase.

Besides adding an alternate storyline, some new combat elements, and demons, it will combine the base game with all of its existing DLC.

Some Familiar Demons Are Returning in SMT5: Vengeance

In the second gameplay trailer for the game, which Sega released on April 5, some of that content is now more clearly shown.

Gurulu, Azazel, and Mastema, who have all previously been featured in at least two other entries in the series, will join the RPG’s cast of demons, according to the three-minute video.

New locations are another thing fans can anticipate from SMT5: Vengeance, with its latest trailer showing a few of them. The game appears to give fans more chances to explore normal, non-apocalyptic Tokyo.

At least one demon that is completely new to the series is hinted at in the promotional video. The creature, which goes by the name Amabie and can be seen at 0:54, appears to be based on a Japanese mythical mermaid with the same name and a beak.

The concept art for this creature was shared by Atlus in 2021, months before Shin Megami Tensei 5 was released to critical acclaim.

The artwork, on the other hand, wasn’t meant to be a teaser for the content; it was linked to a message of hope about the COVID-19 pandemic because people in the Edo period thought that amabie could cure sickness.

The protagonist of the game, Nahobino, is seen wearing a new outfit at one point in the second trailer, which reveals another SMT5: Vengeance feature.

This appears to be a completely new version of the character rather than just a costume based on what the video shows.

If that’s true, the new look of the game will probably have something to do with Canon of Vengeance, the game’s alternative story path.

The trailer also offers a new look at Yoko Hiromine, a character the protagonist will meet early in the story.

There is still some confusion about what role she plays in the Canon of Vengeance. SMT5: Vengeance has recently been rescheduled for a June 14 release date, from its original June 21 debut. In late February, you could pre-order the game.

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