27 Sims 4 Shoes Mods & CC

Heels, boots, and shoes aren’t just for the protection of your feet; they are an important part of any outfit. 

You must make the right decision in evaluating them, and if they’re not compatible with the outfit, then you’ll need to start from scratch, right? 

To assist you in your selection, we’ve listed the top footwear modifications we’ve seen in The Sims 4 here. 

Let’s look through the mods!

27. Sims 4 Dainty Sandals with Daisies by Jius-Sims

sims 4 cc shoes flower sandals 1 27 Sims 4 Shoes Mods & CC

Oh my goodness, these Leather Sandals with Flowers are so cute!

I love these and use them myself.

They are small and perfect for summer to show off your nails and add a pop of color.

26. Sims 4 CC Boots by Mysterious Dane

sims 4 cc shoes high heel boots 1 27 Sims 4 Shoes Mods & CC

I love how simple these high-heeled boots are. The person who made them made them in 14 colors and two styles.

Depending on the look you want, you can wear them under or over jeans.

25. Sims 4 Platform Heels by Trillyke

sims 4 cc shoes sandals 1 27 Sims 4 Shoes Mods & CC

You have to have these platform heels in your Sims 4 CC shoe collection. They come in many colors so they can go with any outfit.

Also, I think these sandals with open toes will look great with the Spa Day update so you can show off your new pedicures.

24. Sims 4 Chelsea Boots by christopher67

sims 4 cc shoes chelsea boots 1 27 Sims 4 Shoes Mods & CC

These Chelsea boots will look great with the rest of your sims’ clothes.

They look great with shorts, pants, skirts, and dresses.

There are 12 different color combinations that can go with any outfit your sim is wearing.

23. Sims 4 CC Heels by Jius-Sims

sims 4 cc shoes strappy leather heels 1 27 Sims 4 Shoes Mods & CC

Is your sim going out to spend the night? Then these sims 4 cc heels with straps are just what you need.

The careful attention to detail really brings these heels to life.

If you choose a different color, these heels can match your outfit or be a bright piece that stands out.

22. Sims 4 Rain Boots by Jius-Sims

sims 4 cc shoes tall rain boots 768x593 1 27 Sims 4 Shoes Mods & CC

Did you look at what the weather will be like today?

Well, if it looks like it might rain, get your sims the Hunter-inspired Sims 4 cc boots to keep their feet dry.

One version is for both men and women, and the other is just for men. They come in a wonderful 27-color pack.

21. Sims 4 Wedge Sneakers by DallasGirl

sims 4 cc shoes wedge sneakers 768x768 1 27 Sims 4 Shoes Mods & CC

When it comes to Sims 4 cc sneakers, sometimes you want something that stands out with color.

This is exactly what these High Top Wedge Sneakers have!

They come in 15 different colors and will make your Sims’ outfits stand out.

20. Sims 4 Jolene Mule Shoes by xldkx-cc

sims 4 cc shoes mules 1 27 Sims 4 Shoes Mods & CC

The Jolene mules are based on a real shoe very closely, and the attention to detail really makes them stand out.

These sims 4 cc shoes look great and seem like they’d be very comfortable to wear. They come in five different colors and are great for a cozy-chic look.

19. Madlen Bradford Boots Recolors

Madlen Bradford Boots Recolors 27 Sims 4 Shoes Mods & CC

High-heeled boots are always stylish and they can go with any color they’re offered! 

Every Simmer who loves vibrant and vibrant items must own the CC in his wardrobe! 

It was designed by Annett and you can download it right here.

18. Madlen’s Cute Cosette Shoes

sims 4 madlen salerno shoes 1 27 Sims 4 Shoes Mods & CC

There aren’t many more realistic shoes CC for The Sims 4 out there!

The tremendous popularity of these adorable shoes is evident from the fact that there are over 800,000 downloads that have been made on The Sims Resource. 

A huge thank you goes to Mj95, who developed the mod and made it accessible for download on the site webpage.

17. Madlen Lace-Up Doha Shoes

Madlen Lace Up Doha Shoes 27 Sims 4 Shoes Mods & CC

The irresistible look of the impossible isn’t feasible without these boots that lace up! They’re lined with leather in 9 different shades, but the heel is the thing that is what makes them so powerful! 

We’re thrilled to present this mod that is popular and is available for download on this page. 

Get wild!

16. Madlen’s Modern Eris Boots

Madlens Modern Eris Boots 27 Sims 4 Shoes Mods & CC

For a sleek and modern outfit, we recommend these leather boots! At work or on an evening out, you’ll find your Sim will look great in all the right places. 

Keep it neat in all six variations-you will not be able to miss out on these shoes! We thank the designer, Mj95 at The Sims Resource, and you can download his CC here.

15. Madlen Sleek Febris Shoes

Madlen Sleek Febris Shoes 27 Sims 4 Shoes Mods & CC

The art of recording your love prayers also includes these shoes! The sleek and elegant style is attractive by itself but when combined with the gold touch… Simply stunning! 

Take this CC from this website and you will be able to use it for years to come!

14. Madlen Sexy Gorgias Shoes

Madlen Sexy Gorgias Shoes 27 Sims 4 Shoes Mods & CC

In the series of extremely sensual shoes, take a look at these as well. 

They’re a bit more explicit than previous models, and they’ve already set download records, with nearly 700,000 downloaded on The Sims Resource. 

If you’d like the Sims in your closet, as well, follow the link to download the hyperlink.

13. Madlen Gorgeous Jasmine Shoes

Madlen Gorgeous Jasmine Shoes 27 Sims 4 Shoes Mods & CC

The perfect night isn’t possible without the perfect outfit, isn’t it? However, the perfect outfit can’t exist without these stunning shoes! 

We are in love with them since they show the most, yet they are stylish and classy. 

If you like our style, then download the mod on the following page and experience these for yourself!

12. Madlen ‘Cool And Fresh’ Kelly Shoes

Madlen Cool And Fresh Kelly Shoes 27 Sims 4 Shoes Mods & CC

To give a fresh look, we have these brand new and stylish high-heeled boots. They are available in two options: black and white.

However, no matter the color you pick, you’ll appear cool! 

The designer of this can be identified as Mj95, as you’ll be able to download his Creative Commons here.

11. Madlen Irresistible Makahari Shoes

Madlen Irresistible Makahari Shoes 27 Sims 4 Shoes Mods & CC

Be ready to make yourself irresistible once more. Our belief is that every woman has these in her closet for those special occasions! 

The gorgeous shoes are adored by all, and evidence of this is the half-million downloads available from The Sims Resource! 

To download them for yourself, go to this link.

10. Madlen’s Thigh-High Mitra Boots

Madlens Thigh High Mitra Boots 27 Sims 4 Shoes Mods & CC

The thigh-high boots have been knocking on the door, and they are all glistening! 

The leather texture makes them attractive and appealing when you’re creating an attractive outfit.

They must be on your list! 

The download link for direct download can be found here.

9. Madlen’s Popular Piacenza Boots

Madlens Popular Piacenza Boots 27 Sims 4 Shoes Mods & CC

This entire list could be devoted in honor of Mj95‘s skills in the field of shoes. It is possible that The Sims 4 could really use his work and here’s an example of that! 

This game has over one million downloads on The Sims Resource and screams to be noticed! We highly recommend them which you may download through the following URL.

8. Madlen Enthralling Stella Shoes

Madlen Enthralling Stella Shoes 27 Sims 4 Shoes Mods & CC

When you are on the right track and take the right steps, you’re one step away from taking on the world! 

This is what we can offer you with this amazing fashion. 

The shoes are available in five different colors and are sure to attract any person! To try them, download them at the link below.

7. Madlen ‘Sweet Novara Sandals In 67 Recolors

Madlen Sweet Novara Sandals In 67 Recolors 27 Sims 4 Shoes Mods & CC

Yes, you read it right! We have 67 original color variations for these shoes! 

We absolutely love these gorgeous sandals, and they’re our favorite shoes to wear when we are sending our Sims on vacation. 

Choose your favorite version and download them all. Download them all from this website.

6. Madlen Knee High Paris Boots Recolors

Madlen Knee High Paris Boots Recolors 27 Sims 4 Shoes Mods & CC

From knee to toe and in all the dazzling colors you desire, they’re perfect to have for every Paris boot lover because they can be purchased in a stylish or comfortable version. 

We found this treasure at aveirasims.tumblr.com, but you can use this link to download them quickly. Don’t be averse to them!

5. Madlen High Sneakers Recolors

Madlen High Sneakers Recolors 27 Sims 4 Shoes Mods & CC

If you’re a lover of sneakers with a high-end look, you’re in for a ride to heaven! With a myriad of colors and styles, the sneakers are something you’ll never tire of. 

Each new version is like wearing an entirely new pair of sneakers, which is why they’re a must-have. For more information, go to the following webpage.

4. Neroni Sneakers Recolors For Males

Neroni Sneakers Recolors For Males 27 Sims 4 Shoes Mods & CC

If you loved the previous mod, this is the perfect version for male Sims too. You can now enjoy these new shoes and switch between different designs on a daily basis. 

For more info, you can check aveirasims.tumblr.com, and to download this CC, use this link.

3. Marigold Combat Boots Recolors

Marigold Combat Boots Recolors 27 Sims 4 Shoes Mods & CC

For all the fun-loving Sims We have these fun boots. The design is available in 20 different versions, and we’re certain you’ll find an outfit for each of them. 

We must be thankful to Annett, who is the one responsible for her contribution to the mod that is available for download at this link. 

And if you’d like to be a follower of her to get additional CC, go to their Instagram profile.

2. Marigold Ribbon Wedge Heels Recolors

Marigold Ribbon Wedge Heels Recolors 27 Sims 4 Shoes Mods & CC

Do you have plans to visit Sulani? 

You must get these! The summery feel of these shoes is the reason we like them, but the custom colors that make them a truly unique mod of The Sims 4 are here too! 

To download them in a short time, follow the following hyperlink.

1. Realm Of Magic Boots Recolor

Realm Of Magic Boots Recolor 27 Sims 4 Shoes Mods & CC

There’s something extra special to celebrate the final! If you’re playing Realm of Magic and you love it, then you must get the shoes for you and your doom!

In dark or bright versions, these are truly special shoes that only rare Sims wear. 

The credit goes to the fantastic Annette, who did a fantastic job on the mod! To download this mod, take a look at this direct hyperlink here. Adieu!

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