Sims 4 Murder Mod Download & How to Use it?

If you’ve ever wanted to transform The Sims 4 into a real-life murder show, you can now. If so, you’re in the right spot! 

In Sims 4, murder isn’t possible without mods, or at the very least it’s not exactly how we’d like it to take place. 

Instead, we’re forced to utilize mods that enable this feature. But, that’s not an issue when you realize how flawless it is!

Naturally, this is this mod, the extremity of violence mod. This is an amazing mod that allows for all sorts of murders to occur within the game

You can drive the Sim over by driving them over or shoot the person using a gun, you could smother the Sim until the point of death… And all the rest in between. 

There are a variety of “fun”, or rather unusual ways to end the life of a Sim. Don’t be afraid to play around and test out some new things.

To download the Sims 4 Murder Mod, follow this link. This mod was created by the sacrificial mods

They have a website that hosts a range of fantastic games with mods. Also, it’s the site where you can find the Extreme Violence murder mod for The Sims 4 has been released and updated. Therefore, make sure to go visit them!

Let’s now look at the mod thoroughly and discover what it can offer.

One Of The Best Murder Mods In The Sims 4-Extreme Violence: An Overview

sims murder mod 1 Sims 4 Murder Mod Download & How to Use it?

Why Do I Need to Use This Murder Mod?

There could be many reasons why you should try playing The Sims 4 with a murder mod. Many simmers choose to do it to improve the quality of the game. 

Death and violence are commonplace in the real world which is why Sims 4 is just a replica of this. 

In addition, murder mods bring a lot of excitement to the game, which is what we are missing from the majority of games.

We want to explain why you should select this mod over all the others. The first thing to mention is that Extreme Violence is the most full-featured murder mod available for The Sims 4, allowing the Sims to be killed by human vampires, humans, or any other type of Sim.

The mod was created with care and precision. It’s loaded with many amazing features. It doesn’t matter if you want to unleash a worldwide swath of chaos or be one day a hitman or James Bond, now you can! Become that serial murderer you’ve been wanting to become!

What Can You Do With This Murder Mod?

In addition to those obvious crimes, the newest version of the Sims 4 murder mod brings numerous exciting features.


sims cops Sims 4 Murder Mod Download & How to Use it?

In the beginning, police officers were part of this program, and they were swarming all over overlooking murderers. 

It is important to be cautious in committing a crime, or you could be placed in prison. The police are very adept and can spot bloodstains, and also gather more information regarding the murder. 

However, you can disable this feature in case you don’t want the police playing in your work.


sims 4 gangs Sims 4 Murder Mod Download & How to Use it?

Gangs are also an integral part of this mod, and you can join a gang to enjoy many advantages. 

A gang can shield you from attacks and kill you on your behalf. Every gang can have its uniforms, and you can alter the look of your gang. 

Additionally, you can engage in an armed gang vs. a gang battle on the streets, if you’ve killed or harassed members of a rival group. 

At the end of the day, you’ll earn fame points when you kill Sim which means you could be a famous person around the world, by ending Sim’s life.


murder sims Sims 4 Murder Mod Download & How to Use it?

In terms of the murder itself, the mod permits you to come up with your own ideas. To help you get an idea, here are a few ways to kill your Sim using extreme violence.

Extreme Violence murder mod for The Sims 4!

  • Slit Throat
  • BASH Head using Axe
  • Slice using Machette
  • “Death from Above”
  • Backstab
  • Open Gun Fire
  • Bat Swings with Bat
  • Spray using the help of a Machine Gun
  • Shotgun with Shotgun
  • Slow-Mo Machete Slashes
  • Shawerma Machete Slices
  • Crack Neck
  • Crash Head using Booty
  • A car is run over by an automobile
  • Throw Helicopter at
  • The Plunge
  • Super Kick
  • Super RKO
  • Tombstone Piledriver
  • Friendly Backstab
  • RIP Heart Out

Final Words

However, the game isn’t just about killing! There are other non-deadly actions too, such as kicking or slapping the Sim. 

In essence, you can engage engaged in a great fight without needing to kill somebody. 

Extreme Violence, with all of its features, is a great mod to play with anyone!

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